“I need our community to be engaged & enraged:” Politicians try to stop the violence

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Some big name politicians meeting to try to find a way to stop the violence -- there's one easy step, start talking about it!

Just days ago we saw the latest incidence of young children caught in the crossfire of gun violence. Now, some of the city's most powerful politicians are pooling ideas on how to make it stop.

Crime scenes and headlines of children caught int he crossfire, are sadly prompting calls like this summer.

"Repeat the chant after me, say I will not let the babies die young," says one attendee.

The city's most powerful are echoing that theme and doing their best to raise the community to its feet, in hopes of stomping out the shootings.

"I'm determined and I'm angry and I need our community to be engaged and enraged whenever there's a homicide of a person in this city," says Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett.

Barrett joined a panel of leaders brought together Saturday, July 26th, by Congresswoman Gwen Moore to talk about the city's violence.

"We are witnessing in real-time the annihilation of young men in our city, the police chief has described it as slow motion mass murder," says Barrett.

Suggestions to stem the violence ranged from capturing illegal guns, to channeling children into productive life paths.

"When kids see too much, and particularly when the support that's not there from moms and dads, and they see certain things, yeah they get dangerous," says Congresswoman Maxine Waters.

While the groups message found an audience with some of Milwaukee's most influential people, it's unlikely any of those actually causing the problems were in attendance. But Moore says this is still a conversation worth having.

"The people in this room have contact with the criminals, criminals come from families, people come from communities, and people come from institutions," says Moore.

Saturday's panel included a couple of out-of-town guests: Congresswoman Maxine Waters of California and Congresswoman Marcia Fudge of Ohio.


  • Kenneth W. Bohn

    If these politicians were sincerce about their calls for “I need our community to be engaged & enraged whenever there’s a homicide”, they would start pooling their political clout to demand that the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office start prosecuting the strongest charges possible with the “committing a crime with a weapon” enhancer included for “every crime commited in Milwaukee County with a weapon. And every one of them would STOP trying to push for laws to take away firearms from law abiding citizens who need them to defend themselves because of the City of Milwaukee Police Department’s historically horrible response times to calls for service.

    The problem with politicians is they talk a big show for votes, but they never deliver any meaningful solutions. And if you don’t have money or money connections, you can never bring solutions to Milwaukee “no matter how good your solutions are”. Milwaukee will never solve their violent crime problems, because their so-called leaders can NOT get out of their BIG BROTHER MENALITY. There are people who were born and raised in Milwaukee who loved that City, and have law enforcement expertise, but didn’t have the big bucks and big politician connections so they gave up and pulled out. But until, the City of Milwaukee wakes up, and brings in people who “truly care” nothing will ever happen except for Milwaukee continuing to be known as one of the most violent cities in the country.

    Stop talking and crying – Start acting and doing. Start DEMANDING the District Attorney’s Office and Circuit Courts DO THEIR JOBS and put the crimes away; and start Demanding the Milwaukee Police Department get out of their big brother attitude and re-evaluate how they do things.

    • Sheila Moyet

      Very well said, and very true. Too often these politicians just like to put on a good act to look as if they are really concerned, while actually they have no intention continuing the work involved on trying to rectify the problems. It’s takes much more than words, it takes real commitment. Give these politicians a couple months and see what they actually do. 9 time out of 10 things will be in the same situation as it is now.

    • GodKnows

      Most of the “hopeless” are not afraid of a million years in jail! It’s better than not eating on the streets….we need jobs, hope, and an equal chance at the pie laid out…we can spend millions, actually billions on road and vertical construction, but can’t create jobs for hope in our community? if we can’t help the poor and hopeless, its going to be hard to protect the good and rich!

  • Kenneth W. Bohn

    Bring me out of retirement – give me the task – I’ll provide the leadership and direction to clean up the city if you give me four years at the head of Milwaukee Police Department

  • Josh Foat

    Politians don’t amount to anything. Government, the court’s, law enforcement, don’t do it either. The constitution (no auto correct on the constitution poped up).. WE THE PEOPLE have to take the stand. We are many. . They are few.

  • Fred Fox

    The Milwaukee Police Department isolated themselves from the community when they went to OpenSky for radio communications.

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