Training camp: Faithful Packers fans travel the distance to catch a glimpse of their favorite players

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GREEN BAY (WITI) -- The Packers faithful -- flocked to Green Bay to get their first look at their favorite players. The length fans are willing to go, may only be matched by how far they expect their team to.

In football, distance separates fans from the field, even as a powerful force pulls them in.

"You ask your wife what time you should go and she says, why are you going already at 7:30? and then you come here and it's already full," says fan Jeff Koth.

In fact, if it weren't for a fence, inevitably, nothing would distinguish players from the public. Yet, a physical barrier remains, keeping Jeff Koth at bay.

"So then you stand here on the outside. But you still get to see them," says Koth.

He's traveled from Lindenhurst, Illinois to get a glimpse. Definitely worth the 350 mile round trip, because there's nothing like getting a closer look.

It only took John Slater 100 miles and a step up. As he stands on a concrete pillar to get a better look at the field, he likes what he sees so far.

"I say pay Jordy Nelson ten million dollars and let's get going with the season," says Slater.

Slater and his son will be back home in Mequon long before the Wolters make to Louisville.

"It's just amazing. The atmosphere is amazing, the players with the kids are awesome," says Wendy Wolter.

Even if distance can be measured in the space between fan and field, or in the separation of time -- from now until February first, there is nothing keeping the dream apart.

"I think we will have a dynomite squad," says Slater. "I'm hoping for the Super Bowl just like everyone else."

There is a willingness for Packers fans to go the distance, knowing full well, their team will try to do the same.