Two classic bands impress fans at Washington Co. fair after ZZ Top cancels show

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WASHINGTON CO. (WITI) -- Big crowds and a lot of happy people. It was a mad scramble to find ZZ Top's replacement. The Guess Who and Blood, Sweat and Tears took the stage in their place, and concert goers are calling it a success.

There is no lack of entertainment at the Washington Co. fair.

"We have as much fun walking around and enjoying the smells and the sights as the sounds," says Tim Thompson, attendee.

Beyond the tilt-w-whirl, games, and slides -- the hum of the rids, drowned out bu the rock on the stage.

"Pleasantly surprised," says Janice Upham.

In a place where people are used to the spins and dips, an unexpected roller-coaster almost took the Washington Co. fair off its tracks.

"There wasn't a whole lot we could do," says Derek Kozlowski, marketing and sales.

Monday, July 21st, ZZ Top cancelled its show because of an unexpected illness.

"They canceled the first 6 or 7 shows of their tour," says Kozlowski.

In just a few days, organizers were able to book two classic acts. It was music to their ears when Blood, Sweat, and Tears and The Guess Who were able to play.

"They were doing a fair in Michigan, they heard of our plight and gave us a call," says Kozlowski.

And in this case, the crowd is not disappointed.

"I think I'll like them a lot better than ZZ Top, to be honest," says Vicki Kollenbroich, attendee.

It's a night that is in tune, hitting the right notes with the crowds.

"They're both great, love them both," says attendee Michael Upham.

For those who were not so happy, the fair is offering refunds for people who bought tickets in advance. The refunds will be given after the fair.