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Wauwatosa police: Missing 32-year-old Kerry Jochen located, returned home safely

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WAUWATOSA (WITI) — Wauwatosa police tell FOX6 News 32-year-old Kerry Jochen — reported missing on Sunday, July 27th in Wauwatosa has been located, and returned home safely.

The news that Jochen has been found came from police just before 7:30 p.m. Sunday.

Kerry Jochen

Kerry Jochen

Earlier Sunday, police said Jochen was last seen on Saturday, July 26th at 7:00 p.m.

Police considered Jochen critically missing because she has been diagnosed with autism, and has seizure disorders.


  • Robin Davis

    Its good to hear a happy ending that she was found. Being a parent with 2 children with autism this worries us alot due to there disability. Our daughter will be 17 in December and our son will be 20 in September. Our son is high functioning and is starting to show some independence but our daughter she worries us alot since she tends to be in her own little world and mimics what she sees and hears around her. She is verbal but she is not aware of her surroundings or strangers or danger that is out in the community. This fall not sending her to public school due to many issues last year and safety concerns that decided to do online school it be a challenge having her home all the time but at least we will be able to keep her safe. High schools have so much drama and violence she doesn’t need to be exposed to this let alone be bullied by others. Our son is very social and is still in high school until he turns 21 and he also just learn how to ride the city by himself which is a big step for him. But we worry when he don’t answer his phone or contact us when he gets to his destination or even send mom a text. He likes his independence but we worry alot more due to there disabilities especially when it is our time to go who will take care of them when we are gone and protect them. Its a hard thing for families who have to keep eye on there adult children who have special needs. But its great to have the support of the community when things like this happens. It means alot to know that no matter how old the missing person is that we can all work together by getting the word out and helping if we can so that the person can be found and get home safely. Glad to hear that is she is found ;)

  • Ashley

    Unfortunately Kerry has not been found yet. I am a close friend of the family and know that she is still missing. Fox six please make sure your information is factual before you post. Please update this article and keep her information and photo moving so we can bring Kerry home safely! Thank you!

  • Ashley

    Kerry has now been found. She is safe and on her way home! Thanks to the community for all their help.

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