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Case dismissed: Wife of Caledonia man charged in “sophisticated marijuana grow operation” not facing charges

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

CALEDONIA (WITI) — The wife of a Caledonia man arrested and charged in connection with a “sophisticated marijuana grow operation” discovered at a home on Highway V in Caledonia back in June of 2013 has had the case against her dropped.

Mary Gullan faced the following charges:

  • manufacture/deliver THC as party to a crime
  • possession with intent to deliver or manufacture THC as party to a crime
  • maintaining a drug trafficking place as party to a crime

The court decided on Monday, July 28th, 2014 to dismiss the case against Mary Gullan because her husband, Raymond Gullan has taken responsibility for all controlled substances found in their home.

45-year-old Raymond Gullan of Caledonia initially faced five charges in the case, including:

  • possession with intent to deliver THC (less than 200 grams) – a felony
  • manufacturing/delivering THC (greater than 2,500 to 10,000 grams) – a felony
  • possession with intent to delivery THC (greater than 200 to 1,000 grams) – a felony
  • maintaining a drug trafficking place – a felony
  • carrying a concealed weapon – a misdemeanor

Gullan pleaded guilty to the felony possession with intent to deliver THC (greater than 200 to 1,000 grams) – a felony charge.

All other charges against him were dismissed, following his guilty plea.

Raymond Gullan was sentenced in April to three years in state prison and three years of extended supervision. That sentence was stayed.

Gullan was ordered to serve probation for three years.

If he violates his probation, he is to serve one year in jail, with Huber release for work.

During a search warrant of Gullan’s home in the 7700 block of County Road V in Caledonia, officials recovered over a pound of marijuana, 42 grams of hashish and what officials call a “sophisticated indoor hydroponics marijuana grow operation,” consisting of 134 marijuana plants.


Officials also recovered an assault rifle, three semi-automatic handguns and ammunition.

grow op

A two-page criminal complaint against Gullan says members of the Racine County Metro Drug Unit set up a controlled buy on Tuesday, June 25th, 2013 at the Renaissance Cinema in Sturtevant using a confidential informant. The complaint says Gullan showed up and was arrested.

grow op1

In Gullan’s car deputies found more than 130 grams of marijuana, a semi-automatic handgun, pepper spray, knives and ammunition. The drug operation was found later in the day at Gullan’s house.

The criminal complaint in the case indicates Mary Gullan was home at the time officers executed a search warrant, and they discovered the basement door was padlocked. The complaint says Gullan initially denied knowledge of the location of the key, but when officers said they would break down the door, Gullan found the key and opened the door.


  • bderk.

    wow , if this was in the inner city everyone the home would been charged, even if the person responsible took the blame. this woman knew her husband was doing all this in the home. she also should been charged just saying!

    • V

      She was charged, but after a year of investigating, there was No evidence to prove she was involved, otherwise the DA would have pushed for trial. From what I understand, it was extremely well hidden & the cops w/dog had a difficult time locating the secret room.

  • American46 (@American46)

    I saw this story on the internet. I don’t know where this place is but I hope someone will tell me so I will never go there. The bullets below pretty much tells the story. Is Caledonia in Texas or south Georgia?

    • possession with intent to deliver THC (less than 200 grams) – a felony
    • carrying a concealed weapon – a misdemeanor

  • V

    Too many inaccuracies in this story to list… The paddle lock story was fabricated by the police, the so-called “assult rifle” is a semi-automatic .223 target rifle-legally purchased & legal to own, he IS serving a yr in jail, and IF this were to take place in Milwaukee county,he would be on the bracelet- its a non-violent crime…

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