Need a NEW reason to like the Green Bay Packers? Check this out!

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GREEN BAY (WITI) — It’s not like most people living in Wisconsin NEED a reason to like or love the Green Bay Packers. But a photo the Packers posted on Facebook on Monday, July 28th offers that new reason.

The team took a snapshot of runningback DuJuan Harris putting a new twist on a training camp tradition. Instead of riding the bicycle of the little girl in the photo, he grabbed the bike, put it under his arm and walked with her — hand in hand. Attaboy DuJuan!


  • Duke

    There are two professional teams in Milwaukee. Let’s blame everything or look to scapegoat everything but the mentality that inner city youth are being raised with and the things that they are being drawn to. The role model starts in the home, with family and friends. It’s pure laziness to even post a remark like that. But I guess when all else fails let’s attribute it to race.

  • chris abitz

    Get together with all area,s Fond Du Lac, Ripon, Eden, Oshkosh, Oakfield, We all support our guy,s. Our kid,s in some love and attention also. Please.

    • chris abitz

      In the city,s above We love All WE see NO color. EVERY ONE ELSE SHOULD GET WITH THE PROGRAM CALLED “””LIVE”””.

  • Pattie

    And we wonder why kids are messed up today. Look at the comments from the adults who are to lead by example. Such a great story ignored to play the pity me and race game.

  • Jeff

    Why does it have to be about race? Look at the big picture here these professional ball players are taking the time to interact with CHILDREN its not about black or white its about being a decent human being period!

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  • Tandy

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