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Police: Woman left child in 140-degree car to get nails done

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East Hartford, CT (WFSB) — A woman from Hartford, Connecticut, was arrested for leaving a child in the car on a hot day while she went to get her nails done.

Rosheenamarie Francis, 28, told police that she forgot the 6-year-old was in the car Friday in front of the Lena’s Nails II on Burnside Avenue in East Hartford.

Police said that the windows were rolled up and that the temperature inside reached 140 degrees. The child was inside for between one and two hours.

“All the windows was up. He was rocking back and forth in the backseat,” said eyewitness My Cao.”He was sweating, drooling, crying, couldn’t really breathe.”

The boy was transported to the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center in Hartford. He was conscious and alert. Police said the child was unhurt.

A witness first called police.

“No emotions, she wasn’t upset,” said Cao, who is an employee at Lena’s Nails II.

Cao was on break when she spotted the child. Cao said she waited briefly and wanted to give the caretaker the benefit of the doubt. After a few minutes, she went back in the packed Lena’s Nails II to make an important announcement.

“I said to everyone, ‘Is that your kid in the car? Before I call police, because I don’t want anyone to get in trouble,'” Cao said. “And she was still bickering about her nails.”

Adrienne Belyeu was a customer in salon at the time and Cao asked her if it was her child.

“She kept asking people here and nobody responded,” Belyeu said.

Cao said she had a funny feeling about Francis.

“He was crying, had liquids all on his face,” Cao said.

Both police and fire departments responded to the scene, according to officers. The Department of Children and Families was also notified.

Francis was charged with risk of injury to a minor.

Eyewitness News tried to talk with Francis, but she hung up when called, and would not answer her door.

It is unclear when Francis will be in court on these charges.


  • Salena

    They should throw away the key. I believe some of these parents are leaving their kids in hot cars purposely. Stop having kids if you don’t want them. Idiot.

  • Kelly Ann Lang

    SHE SHOULD ALSO BE CHARGED WITH NEGLECT! how can a mother leave her kid in a car to get her nails done? not to mention then not claiming the kid when the employee came inside! she should get charged with more as this could’ve killed the child!

  • mh

    Charge her! People can’t keep doing this. Everyone knows about the hot car stuff……. she knew she left that kid in the car. She cared more about her nails than her kid…

    • Sean

      Example of the welfare state? You are ignorant. Some people are horrible parents, does that mean all are? Also how do you know this woman was on welfare? Typical of Fox viewers; baseless accusations devoid of empathy containing no value, expressed or implied, with the point only to instill hatred and drive a wedge between people. You sadden me, that kind of thinking is precisely what vexes our great nation as well as keeps us all from addressing and acknowledging the true problems demographic of our nation. Hint, it’s not poor black people nor homosexuals or even brown skinned people’s.

  • Paul

    So when she asked everyone in the Salon was that their child, did Francis respond? The article indicates police came, did they have to open or break the car window?

  • Not You

    Thanks once again to our fine legal system. How on earth is this not ATTEMPTED MURDER? When you are asked by an employee. I bet if they told her, her lights were on and she might have to walk home she would have gotten up. Thanks to all of you who support the people living like this because they are victims of their environment. Well, until all of you bleeding hearts learn to change the social environment, more and more of this is going to happen.

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