“Don’t make her out to be a monster:” Mother defends daughter, arrested for child neglect following shooting

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- She faces seven charges of child neglect, after city workers condemned her home. She had just regained custody of her children -- after losing them due to child abuse. Two of her children suffered gunshot wounds -- hit by bullets during a gun battle. Now, FOX6 News is speaking with the mother of 25-year-old Octavia Burton. She is now caring for many of Burton's children -- and she is defending her daughter.

City workers were led to the children's home after a shooting in which two of Burton's children suffered gunshot wounds.

They were struck by gunfire during a gun battle one week ago -- on Wednesday, July 23rd in the area of 37th and Hadley.

Police say Burton, her 30-year-old boyfriend and the seven children were inside a van when an altercation occurred between the man in the van and neighbors outside.

Two of the children were driven to the hospital by Burton after they were shot.

Burton is now in jail on seven counts of child neglect.

"Octavia loves her kids. The kids love their mother. Wherever she went to, she took her kids with her," Burton's mother, Geraldine Lucas told FOX6 News.

Burton's boyfriend has been taken into custody by Milwaukee police in connection with the shooting.

"Where's the people who shot these kids? I don't hear anything about them. I'm constantly hearing about Octavia. That's not right," Lucas said.

Burton is in jail after city workers went to the children's home to check it after the shooting.

Police say city workers discovered cockroaches and feces throughout the home.

According to the criminal complaint filed against Burton, upon entering the residence, officers noted a strong odor of dog urine and feces through the entire residence.

The criminal complaint indicates that officers observed insect infestation in every room. Additionally, officials noted that they located a mattress in a closet which was covered in well over 100 insects, including roaches.

Officials also discovered both old and fresh dog feces in a metal crate, a pantry and a stairwell.The complaint indicates the living room floor was covered with ten garbage bags, which were filled with dirty clothes and insects.

Within minutes of entering the residence, a DOC agent terminated the search due to the overpowering smell.

The house was condemned, and the children were placed with Child Protective Services.

The Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Care and Control (MADACC) also responded to the scene and picked up five "malnourished, and insect-infested dogs."

WARNING: You may find the pictures below to be disturbing.

Burton's mother is now caring for many of Burton's children -- including a 10-year-old boy shot in the back. A bullet is lodged in his leg.

"By the praise of the Lord, he's doing fine," Lucas said.

The other shooting victim is an 11-year-old girl.

Lucas says her grandchildren stayed with her often. She says her daughter was looking for a new home -- but had difficulty finding a place to move that would accept seven children.

"People have to stop judging her because they are not God. You know what I'm saying? If they want to do something -- help her. Help her and her children. She don't need to be in jail. She needs to be here with her kids, trying to find a roof over her head for her and her children instead of being locked up," Lucas said.

At the time of the shooting, Burton was on probation following a 2012 child abuse conviction. A criminal complaint says Burton beat her children with an electrical cord.

Lucas says Burton went through parenting classes and was trying to do the right thing for her children.

Lucas says social workers checked up on Burton every week.

"Can you all please help her? She needs help. Don't make her out to be a monster. She's not. She believes in God like I do -- so please help her," Lucas said.

FOX6 News has been in contact with the father of one of the little girls. He is in the military, and is currently serving in Kuwait.

He says he's very concerned about his daughter -- telling FOX6 News via email: "I have worked very hard at trying to provide a better life for my daughter."

Police are still looking for the individual(s) who shot at the van.

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  • Beth

    Take a good look at the pictures of your daughters house! She may not have much..but is there any reason her children had to LIVE in this filth?! Is your daughter disabled to the point that she can’t clean?! Atleast try to make it as nice as possible for her children?! There is no reason for filth like that “grandma”, you should be standing up for your grandchildren that have NO voice, that cannot care for themselves..i don’t feel sorry for your daughter..she is right where she needs to be.

  • An too

    There is no way should anyone stand up for a person like that thAt girl is now in safer home and the mother should be punished for the neglect and filth she was living in no human beige would let a child live that way

  • PH

    Nice job social workers, u really did a nice job checking up on her and the kids?Didn’t notice the 100 or so insects and cock roaches…..?

  • tee

    H mother is right… she loved her babies (vise versa)…. I’ve never been a fan of the Living conditions in the home but I’ve personally witnessed her with those kids on countless occasions and she loves them undeniably and I think it is a bit weird the media has turned its attention on her when her kids are the ones shot so why aren’t they pursuing the four men that shot two young kids? o_O

    • stan

      If she loved her kids why in God’s name would she allow them to be put in the sercimstance she allowed them to be placed in. Love might be “unconditional” but love starts at home and that is no place of loving conditions…look say you dress how you feel, living conditions are the same if your stresses or depressed your living conditions “show” how you feel. I know when ever I’m upset and I clean even just one room at a time and I feel better. I’m sad for her and her children, but God blessed if only…..

  • diane

    You help her grand ma…you dont have seven kids if you cant support them on your own end of story

  • Michelle

    I am waiting foe the investigative story that will reveal the names of the social workers who allegedly met with her regularly…or the name of the social worker who reviewed her residence and signed it off as safe and appropriate before hwr kids were returned. They should be fired. Between stories like this, and the almost unbelievable number of backlogged cases, some of us aren’t byuing the DCFS bs anymore.

    • Jay

      Im sure this was a case of, I’ll have the social workers come over to friends house and pretend it’s mind type of deal.

  • Mick

    Some of the blame must go to the angry Mother… I’m wondering if she ever taught her Daughter about hygiene or even basic house cleaning skills ! These photos show how disgusting the place was… Plus the poor Mother is a monster for putting her kids in the line of fire and almost getting them killed.

  • Milwaukee John

    25 with seven kids, one 11 and one 10 years old. That is the first issue, so she had the 11 year old at 14? Good lord, that should be the first clue of what kind of trash she is. The kids will not be much better off with grandma Im sure if her daughter was having kids while in middle school. I am sure the state will give the kids back to the trashy mom. Do any of the kids have the same dad? I hope she is fixed….. I feel bad for the kids and shame on any one who defends this piece of garbage.

  • Melissa Thomas

    She is a filthy, uneducated, unfit and nasty excuse for a mother and human being. Don’t make her out to be a monster? Uhm, she did that all on her own. Another representative of north side Milwaukee trash. I feel sorry for those kids as chances are, they will grow up to be just like her unless they grow up to make the decision to better themselves..

  • Working Taxpayer

    Amen Melissa. This witch is popping out kids at us TAXPAYERS EXPENSE.She don’t give a rat’s a** about those kids otherwise she would care about their welfare and safety. She only cares about all the money and other freebies our Gov keeps giving her. She should be sterilized asap.

  • Gary Hamilton

    I worry about the children being with the Grandmother if she is standing up for her daughter.

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