Has this ever happened to you? Walmart cashier refuses to sell alcohol to Iowa mother — but why?!

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IOWA (CNN) — Has this ever happened to you?

Over the Fourth of July weekend, an Iowa woman says Walmart refused to sell her alcohol.


Because her underage daughters were with her.

Julie Lauridsen says her 20-year-old twins were with her at the Walmart store as she picked up some things for the holiday weekend — including five cans of an alcoholic beverage called “Straw-ber-rita.”

Lauridsen says her ID was checked, and then the cashier asked for the IDs from her daughters. Lauridsen says she told the cashier they were still minors, and the cashier refused to sell her the alcohol.

“Seriously? So I just kinda started asking her, I’m like, ‘What are you talking about? These aren’t for them; they’re for me,'” Lauridsen said.

Lauridsen says the cashier told her it was policy.

It’s something Walmart’s spokesperson denies. The spokesperson says if this did happen: “That would be wrong, and that would be incorrect.”

Walmart’s spokesperson says there are circumstances when someone purchasing alcohol, who is in their early 20s, with other individuals who are underage — when questions will be asked and the sale of alcohol could be denied.

But the spokesperson says the company, as a rule, doesn’t routinely ID minors who are with adults.

“We specifically don’t have a policy to ID minors, because they are not the ones buying the alcohol. It’s the adults. We have the policy, or course, to ID the adults,” the spokesperson said.

As it turns out, Lauridsen isn’t alone.

Social media has stories from others who share in Lauridsen’s experience — an experience backed up by her daughters, who feel an unfair assumption was made about them.

“It was really awkward, and it kind of hurt me because she was kind of assuming I was going to be drinking them, and I thought it was unfair,” one of Lauridsen’s daughter’s said.

“It all ended with ‘You have a nice Fourth of July.’ I’m like, ‘really? I was planning on it,'” Lauridsen said.


  • wanda Holter

    This almost happened to me, my son was with me, I had the manager called and told them he was my son and he never touched the beer (he put it in the cart because I had just had surgery, but they didn’t need to know that). The manager came over and told them it was ok because you can see he was my son and not just a friend.

  • theresa

    Whoever this spokesperson is, is a bold face LIAR!!! I used to be a cashier at Walmart and they told us that was policy and mandatory to card EVERYONE in the party. Once they forced me to deny a very elderly lady because she didn’t have her Id with here.

    • Scott

      Your correct up untill the elderly lady. I currently work at walmart and the policy is if you look under 40 we have to ID you so unless she looked under 40..

    • Scott

      I work at walmart and the policy is if you appear under 40 you must be IDed. If there are other people with you they must be IDed also. There is nothing saying about parents or not but if they both have the same last name and they are clearly their parents then I will still sell to them.

  • steve

    I agree with the cashier. she was being responsible – which probably is contrary to WalMart policy. salespeople put their integrity, money, and freedom on the line whenever they sell alcohol. if there is any doubt, don’t sell it. just because someone is a parent does not mean they are a responsible guardian. good for the cashier.

    • fkorb

      This is too funny. This same thing happened to me and my daughter at our local Wal-Mart. The cashier however was embarrassed afterwards because she didn’t make the connection that my daughter was my daughter… she thought she was my girlfriend… She was 15 at the time, I was 41… either I look really, really young or may daughter looks a bit older… either way… out is a story we share and laugh about.

    • erin2375

      Oh please. Liberals want restrictions and regulations put on those who don’t agree with them more than any other group! If someone is a vegetarian they don’t eat meat, if a liberal is a vegetarian they want to outlaw meat. Libertarians are the true freedom lovers. As for gay marriage, gays can marry for the most part. Sure there are a few idiots who protest but your average American could really care less if a gay couple want to marry. Anti gay Christian “conservative” bigot types are really few and far between. Just another situation where liberals make issues out of non issues and everyone jumps on board and believes it.

    • ProudLiberal

      You’re mistaken. Liberals want freedom and no intervention for People, like you and I. Conservatives want freedom and limited government for huge multinational corporations who are destroying the environment and refusing to pay taxes!

    • Cheryl

      This is being responsible?? My boyfriend, 38, and I 37 went and bought some alcohol but I had left my purse at home accidentally. He brought up the alcohol, I did not touch it. We both were carded even though he was buying. We were denied the sale. So I went to the car and then he went to a different register and the sale was made.
      This dumb policy does not protect or serve anyone. It’s just a pain in the ass. You just have the minor wait in the car and problem solved. See the policy does not work…it just pisses off people who are making the purchase.

  • LeRoy Bowen

    i really don’t get it when a 20 something cashier at a walmart can’t tell iam over 50 just by looking at my grey hair and all i want to purchase cigarettes and then they id everyone with my group also when they are not purchasing any items its like hey wake up i’m old enough to be your dad or grandfather and you don’t have common sense to see that

    • Realm188

      Yeah, she is the one that doesn’t have any common sense… Many people under have grey hair. Also, many people are dishonest… If you haven’t noticed. I don’t get it. We wanna teach our children not to easily trust others but when it comes to others they better trust us even if we are strangers. It isn’t your butt on the line, so you have no right.

  • Lynn

    This happened with my husband and I also. He was buying alcohol and they made me show my id because we were together, they told us it was their new policy to check everyone who was together. This is a ridiculous policy, if you are concerned that someone may be buying alcohol for someone who is under aged then maybe you should contact law enforcement. As an adult, you have every right to buy alcohol, Wal-mart is going to lose business over their so-called policies!

    • Casey

      You do realize that we can lose our jobs if we sell liquor and it leads to underage consumption. And it could lead to stores losing liquor licenses. So the policy is just covering us. Quit complaining about people doing their jobs.

      • CME

        You cashiers can tell when someone is over 21 when people are 50, 60, or even 70 years old. I do not know of any 50 year old that looks under 21. Here is what the law says about selling alcohol and age.
        If there is any DOUBT about a person’s age you must check identification before you sell, serve, and/or deliver alcoholic beverages.
        If a licensee, the licensee’s agent or employee believes or has reason to believe that a sale or delivery of any alcoholic beverage is prohibited because of the NON-AGE of the prospective recipient, they shall, before making the sale or delivery, demand presentation of some form of positive identification, containing proof of age, issued by a public officer in the performance of official duties.
        In other words, if it is very obvious, say someone in their 50s, 60s, etc, is wanting to buy alcohol, there is no logically reason or need to ask for ID.
        I believe it is Walmart demanding their cashiers to ID everyone. Walmart is in the wrong. I do almost no shopping at Walmart anymore. It is so rare for me to do any shopping there. Only when I am traveling and the small town we are visiting has no other option, will I shop at Walmart. Kroger and Walgreens are so much better.

      • ProudLiberal

        Did you know that if you are married, you can legally drink in the company of your spouse? Also, in most states, even if you are a minor, you can legally drink if you are in the company of your parents. Shows how uneducated YOU are. Jesus.

    • Thomas

      It’s just like a liquor store, if you take you’re kids in their and they under the age of 12 no one really going to bat an eye, if you’re “child” looks under the age of 18 an id is asked and if the person is under 21 the sale can’t be made. It’s a law you have to be 21 to buy liquor, same thing with cigarettes you have to be 18 years of age if you have a child with that you can clearly tell is super young and calling their parents mommy and daddy the chances of getting I.d. Are slim now like I said before if they look near the age of 18 they have to ask for an id regardless of anything. It don’t fall back on you, it falls back on the store and the employee who sold them.. Regardless of anything its their job, you want it you should follows the rules. They have signs posted saying they ask for id.. Before you even get in the line.

  • Julie

    Happens to me EVERY time I buy beer at Walmart both in Illinois and Wisconsin. Both my partner and I are of legal drinking age so it’s not a problem but, I can see how frustrating it could be.

  • Casey

    I’m 29 years old and had my ID with me and was denied my purchase of alcohol at WalMart because the cashier had seen me walk in the door with my 35 year old husband earlier in the day. He was already long gone by the time I checked out, but she told me unless I get him to come back with an ID I wouldn’t be able to buy it. Similarly once at PicknSave I was with my mom (in her 40’s) while she was buying alcohol. I was 22 and very pregnant, so I was NOT drinking, but they wouldn’t let my mom make her purchase since I didn’t have an ID.

    • Realm188

      Even some pregnant people drink. Just because it doesn’t make sense doesn’t mean that it won’t happen.

  • Tami Krempel

    It happened to me also and I was buying alcohol for a recipe and was with my 24 year old daughter who forgot her ID I went to the manager who said it was there policy so I had to go some place else

  • Paul Dengel

    If its such a problem stop selling it WalMart. Second story I’ve seen like this this week.

  • Bonnie

    Lies. I was with my 50 year old boyfriend when i tried to purchase beer, i showed my id, he did not have his with him so i was not allowed to purchase the beer

      • CME

        Yes, it is possible for a 50 year old to look under 40, but not for a 50 year old to look under 21. People need to start using common sense. Legal age is 21. Even if I “look” 40, that is still way over 21. Bottom line. That’s all that matters.

      • Realm188

        To CME, it’s not your butt that is on the line so of course that is all that matters to you, I suppose.. Also, that is possible. Rare, but possible.

  • Karin

    I have worked in retail most of my life and for far to long I’ve seen people buying beer or with the intent to drink It with minors…yes the majority are people either shopping for themselves alone or even with their kids…just because someone cards you doesn’t mean they are singling you out it because they are doing they’re job…and some times they have to ask questions…it’s not personal…t’s their job…and no I don’t work for Walmart…

  • james hilgen

    I was with my daughter and was told that I couldn’t the alcohal because she was with me and she was under age. I talked to the manager and she even backed her up. I was buying it for my wife but right does a 18 yr old cashier when I’m in my 50’s and my word isn’t good enough. we even ent as far and called their office and they even backed up their cashier so where is the this policy they say does work

    • Dori

      Time to stop shopping at Walmart altogether…cheaply made merchandise, rude employees…I haven’t shopped there in about 8 years now…

      • Realm188

        Maybe it’s just time to start being responsible and think of the other people that actually want to shop at Walmart.

  • Dennis Boettcher

    I work now at the service desk, but when I was a cashier, I had a few times when I asked myself, “Are they really his/her/their childI(ren), or is it an adult consenting to buy alcohol for minors, and making themselves out to be parents/children?” If alcohol is sold to minors, in whatever situation (other than the parent-child situation), the cashier is fined, and if somethine serious happens to the minor (car accident, alcohol poisioning, death), it could lead to termination of the cashier, the store being fined and possibly losing their liquor license. Good cashiers take alcohol sales seriously. Their jobs and their store’s liquor license are on the line when they sell alcohol to a customer (or customers).

    • Emily

      If you are selling to the parent, or adult, then you are not selling to minors. So how can you be held liable for selling alcohol to a legal adult?

    • Dori

      explain this then…
      “But the spokesperson says the company, as a rule, doesn’t routinely ID minors who are with adults.

      “We specifically don’t have a policy to ID minors, because they are not the ones buying the alcohol. It’s the adults. We have the policy, or course, to ID the adults,” the spokesperson said.”

      if the spokesperson says there is no policy to check minors in the party’s ID…why is it being done???

      • Realm188

        As they said before, that spokesperson is not accurate. On Facebook, I saw how one gas station employee said that they were terminated because a minor lied about his age. My point, it isn’t the fact that the minor got some alcohol. It’s the fact that they lied about it. It is true that there are mystery shoppers out there that make sure that you do your job and that you do it right. Even some adults lie and that employee that was terminated, I’m sure that her reason for being terminated will come back to haunt her. I would rather have a job. I would rather be able to shop at a store that I want to and can shop at. Just like you and everybody else. I feel bad for those employees that worked in those Walmarts that have actually closed down. Not everyone has the same luxury as me or you.

  • Stephanie

    This happens all the time. Maybe wal-mart needs to stop selling alcohol because I am almost 40 and they card me then in turn ask my husband who is also old enough to drink for his ID.. This is just wrong. But if you go to anyother grocery store they only card the person purchasing the groceries!! Wal-mart just likes to try and interpret what the public can do.

    • Realm188

      Some people. They just like to over complicate things. All they are doing is asking for your ID, not your life…

  • wisill

    There was a similar story reported yesterrday on Facebook involving a Guy who’s 14 year old daughter was with him and they refused to sell him alcohol as well. The store he ran into the problem was ALSO IN IOWA! Wonder if it was the same store, or something they are trying out in just Iowa?

  • Kathleen Long

    This happened here in wi. A greenbay walmart I’d me I am 39 and my married daughter 20 was I’d the clerk was having trouble figuring out her age when I stated she is my daughter and she is 20. Snd I was told it was policy to check her I’d.

  • Karah Anderson

    It happened to my 43 year old brother in Plattville WI Two months ago because his 37 year old wife didn’t have her ID. They refused him to purchase any alcohol. Very frustrating policy.

  • christy

    Happened to me in Jefferson Wi. I had my 14 yr old foster daughter with me (she is tall for her age). Cashier asked if she was my daughter and I told her it was none of her business. She asked for her age. Again told her it was none of her business. I didn’t understand why she was asking & it’s confidential. I was purchasing $100 in groceries and 2 small drinks in a bag you freeze.
    They also told me it was their policy. I’m 37 years old…. No where near in my 20s.

  • Samantha

    This happened to me not at Walmart but at Walgreen’s in Waukesha last summer… I was with my grandma picking up some wine to enjoy with dinner that night. First of all the cashier wasn’t even 18 so she had to call “Code 21” to bring her manager up to the front to card my grandma. Second of all when the manager did come up, she wanted to see my ID as well (thankfully, I’d just turned 21). Now if I have to buy alcohol, I just do it alone so I don’t run the risk of having everybody carded.

  • Kathryn

    I work at walmart and I’m a cashier. I’m not suppose to give alcohol to minors and I don’t if they are with friends and they are t minors. But if a parent is buying the alcohol and the have children that are underage I have to sell them the alcohol bcs they are family. Friends is not ok. Family is as long as the adult is of age.

    • Ryan

      Way late to this, but this comment isn’t true for all WalMart cashiers. When I was 20, my brother was 16. WalMart refused to sell me a can of chew because he was with me. When I was 23, my brother was 20. Same deal, but with alcohol. Neither time was the product for my brother. I learned my lesson. Leave him in the car while I go buy my “adult products” because WalMart will automatically assume I’m a criminal if I bring a minor in with me.

  • Wendy

    First of all, the cashier did the right thing. It is Walmart policy to check everyone in the party’s ID if they look 40 or under. If you don’t like it, either shop for alcohol by yourself or go somewhere else.

    • Emily

      Funny, how are you going to ask an 8 year old for his id? If your policy is to card EVERYONE in the party, then that includes children, too, right? And isn’t it interesting that another Wal-Mart employee commented just before you, saying if it’s the parents, then they have to sell to them. Which to me, actually kind of makes sense. What am I supposed to do, leave my 8 year old disabled son home alone so I don’t break one of Wal-Mart’s invasive policies? Give me a break. I’m an adult, I have a legal right to purchase alcohol for myself, regardless of who happens to be standing next to me when I purchase it!

    • Dori

      explain this then…
      “But the spokesperson says the company, as a rule, doesn’t routinely ID minors who are with adults.

      “We specifically don’t have a policy to ID minors, because they are not the ones buying the alcohol. It’s the adults. We have the policy, or course, to ID the adults,” the spokesperson said.”

      if the spokesperson says there is no policy to check minors in the party’s ID…why is it being done???

  • chandel

    People do the most to get on t.v. the alcohol was probably for them anyways especially 4 of July weekend I used to work at Walmart I would have carded them to get over it and go to the liquor store…

  • kat

    Just happened to me & my husband this evening (we are both in our 40;s) My husband was at the register paying & I was called over & told I had to show my ID, I asked why, since he was making the purchase, not me. This is not the first time this has happened & after today I am done shopping at Walmart (the one in Germantown in particular)

  • Vicki Fisher

    That happened to me also. I. Was with my daughter (28) my son (20) refused to sell me my purchase. I knew the front end manager and she let me buy it. I was pissed. I did tell them how I felt. Not posting that lol. I won’t buy alcohol their anymore. Glad to hear I wasn’t the only one.

  • Antonio

    I went to walmart one time with my friends and they didn’t have their id with them and the cashier refused to sell me the alcohol. I told them to go back to the car and I went back into Walmart and went to a different cashier.

  • Vicki Mitchell

    Um, If this was a person buying alcohol for an underage person, I am pretty sure the underage person would NOT come in and wait in line with the adult making the purchase! They would wait outside or in the car! Duh!

  • Liz

    Happened to me in Walgreens and WalMart. It’s annoying because the purchase was for me and them assuming that I’m going to give it to the minor is idiotic. Plus, is this policy really going to stop minors from getting their hands on alcohol? All it did for me is not wanting to shop at those places.

  • Monica R

    This just happened to me today! I’m 26 years old ( at the time dressed in my business casual attire from work) and a Temporary Guardian for a 15 year old female. I was grocery shopping at Walmart and happen to purchase alcohol (a six pack of beer for cooking). Then the cashier goes to ask for a picture ID, once that accomplished she turns to the minor accompanying me and asks for her ID, REALLY??? Why does she need and ID I asked?, well she is with you and you are purchasing alcohol she replied. The cashier went to call a supervisor to review the situation and she stated ” Did she touch the bags or the beer itself? the cashier replied no; she then went to say that this time she will make an exception and in the future to make sure to bring an ID for her; also don’t let her touch the alcohol because they can get in trouble. It is really insulting that the will stereotype me and label me as and irresponsible person just because of my age, I felt embarrassed and humiliated, everyone turned and looked at me like I was doing something wrong, even the cashier and the “supervisor” made the situation very uncomfortable; like they are really doing me a favor by selling me BEER because a 15 year old was present at the time of purchase. That is complete nonsense since their liquor policy states that only the person purchasing the alcohol that looks under the age of 40 needs to have a Government issued picture ID. SHAME ON YOU WALMART! ;(

  • Anna

    It’s happend to me also ,I was with my Husband ,he showed the id ,and cashier ask my id ,my id was in car,I went to the car for id,than I said that I never herd about that it’s happend to me in 1st time,cashier said that’s rules Florida ,not only Walmart,that’s rediculas …it’s been only in Walmart

  • Lucio

    My friend, who is 64 years of age was denied the purchase of an 18-pack of beer, despite him offering proper ID. The reason offered was that since I was carrying the beer, I also had to have an ID. Sounds reasonable maybe, but here’s the rub, my friend is a DISABLED American suffering from debilitating back pain. The Federal government recognizes his disability. However RiteAid refused to sell us the beer. In retrospect, I recognize that I could have stayed in the car while my friend asked for special help from an employee and had the employee deliver the beer to the car, but why must we subject my friend to the humility of asking for special help. Lastly, I offer this info, I am 47 years old. It is absolutely unreasonable to confuse me with a child.

  • Jane Samson

    FYI. It’s NOT the cashiers fault thy can’t sell it to you. It’s their BOSS/MANAGERS because they can get in trouble if they don’t follow the rules. So don’t be rude to the cashier for something that’s out of their control =)

  • sarah

    I recently was denied a purchase of a bottle of beer at a 7 eleven because I was accompanied by my younger sister. Then the cashier sold a beer to a man that was with his kids that were younger than my sister. So because my sister is a teenager I was denied my alcohol beverage but if she was a child I would be allowed to buy it??

  • Ben

    This haopened to me at Circle K, I was buying a pack of cigarettes and my friend who is actually a year older than me had to get his ID checked also in order for me to buy a pack.

  • carrie

    I am over 40. I was at Walmart in ft. Dodge with my husband and an old classmate of mine 2 yrs ago. We were refused alcohol because my friend who is my age didn’t have her I’d with her. Ridiculous at our age and me and my hubby had our id’s and we buying 4 pk wine coolers

  • Jasmine

    They’ve never checked my ID when I’m with my boyfriend and I look like I’m 16… Maybe it depends on the store or something.

  • Leeann Chandler

    I just had this happen to me last night at a village pantry in Bloomington, Indiana on Winslow road. I had just got off a bad nights work and picked up my 17 year old son. We went in to get pops for the both of us and so I could buy cigarettes for myself. The cashier first told me 8 dollars before he ever rang me up which I thought was strange. Then he rang me up and carded me and my son. I said, “excuse me?” He said excise rules and if he was with me he had to be carded because I could be giving them to my son. I was so upset for the assumption!! I would never give my son cigarettes! I said so I can not buy cigarettes if my kids are with me? He said no and I left not purchasing anything. I was laughing mad!! I called him after I left to get his name so i could call the corporate office. I have never heard of such a thing and as a criminal justice student I came home to study the “Excise Rules” and have not found any rule pertaining to this. If someone knows otherwise please let me know. This is the dumbest thing I have ever heard of.
    Needless to say I just went to Marathon down the road. They said they have heard similar complaints regarding the Winslow Village Pantry Store. All I can say is they are sending business to Marathon instead. Smooth move exlax (Village Pantry).

    • Leeann Chandler

      ps To note I am 38 years old and was dressed in my HHA work scrubs. Not like I even look like I am too young to purchase cigaretts. I understand carding me but my son??? Get real. I am still mad.

  • Adam

    buying alcohol is not a right it is a privilege. No, I dont believe in prohibition. Just making a point. people are always talking about guns and ownership of guns is actually you’re right. and they are trying to ban a certain subclass of rifles that is related to less than 100 deaths per year. even though firearms are used to save far more lives than they are ever used to take, we don’t hear the positive about guns and we don’t hear about the thousands of alcohol related deaths every year. the media is always sensationalizing the few deaths related to the so-called assault rifles. we hear about that constantly even though it’s not even on the top 10 of citizens concerns

    • Ann

      i don’t understand why some people find this story disturbing. The cashier was doing her job. If anyone has underage people with them at the time they purchase alcohol they should except them to be ID as well. If you want to buy alcohol buy it alone. No one else needs to be held liable if you decide to distribute to minors. And as far as the lady that has made such a big deal out all this. As far as I’m concerned you probably were buying it for them. Your just angry because you got caught.

  • CME

    I am 52 and I was buying a bottle of wine. No one was with me. I was totally alone. The cashier asked for my ID. Seriously, the register is asking if I look under 40. Haven’t looked under 40 in about 5 years. Still even if I look under 40, it is so very obvious I am way over 21. I refused to show my ID. Needless to say, they refused to sell me the alcohol. The cashier and CSM sad they card everyone. No matter if they are 80 and look 100. I’ll be so glad to get out of Missouri and back to Texas where I have my other stores to shop at. I hate Walmart stores.

  • Sara

    I had this happen to me on Friday, but it wasn’t in Walmart. It was in the grocery store located on the UW Madison campus. My fiance had gone in to get some groceries, and he had a bottle of wine with him. They asked him for his ID at the register, and although we’re both over 21 they refused to sell him alcohol because they had saw me with him in the store on other occasions, even though I was not in the store at the time. It’s ridiculous and frustrating. They are not the police so if the purchaser is 21 years or older there shouldn’t be a problem. The cashier cannot get in trouble if a purchaser chooses to share with a minor, but the purchaser can get in trouble, so doing this doesn’t make sense. I understand if it’s a group of people together at the same time that look to be underage, but not this.

  • Stanley Jerome Relinski Jr

    I’m 48 years old and I have patronized the neighborhood walmart for years, God only knows how much money my family and I have spent there over the years,,, I tried to purchase some beer with my 39 year old wife (of whom does not drink) they (the sucklings working there asked for both my wife and I ID’s,,, my wife didn’t have hers with,,, so my wife was going to leave the store, she could have walked home,,, nonetheless the suckling wouldn’t sell the beer to me,,, I don’t appreciate being treated like that at a place I’m trying to spend my hard earned money… walmart is a major suckler to the beast (rfdi) I need say know more, except that they can kiss My Sweet *** Oh one more thing to the people who are just doing their job: Nuremberg!!!

  • char

    So , I just had a similar situation happen to me today. Just got off the phone with the manager 5 minutes ago and he said IT IS WALMART POLICY !!! to do this , and other things if you are accompanied by minors . Even with cigarettes , and you only have to be 18 to buy those. So which is it walmart ? Because im seriously considering filing a lawsuit.

  • abraham

    This just happened to me in a walmart in Moore Oklahoma. I am 32 and was buying some beer for myself while my fiancee who is 20 waited in line with me. It was so unbelievable, especially since she doesn’t drink, I was buying it for me AND we have shopped numerous times there before and it wasn’t an issue

  • Reza

    Just last night I was at Walmart in Hilo, Hawaii with my Girlfriend. Iʻm 39 with a grey hairs in my beard, sheʻs 27 and had her ID in hand, 2 six packs of beer and some cat collars/toys. I did not have my ID on me, and was not purchasing anything. They carded her, then carded me. I was calm and honest, I didnʻt have ID on me and it wasnʻt in the car. First one manager, then another told me they could not sell to her because I was with her and I had no ID. I spoke with 2 managers. The managers, manager, Jose was likely in his 20s, he wouldnʻt supply his full name and said he was making a judgement call, and that if I didnʻt leave he would call the cops. I was treated like a criminal and aghast that not one of the 3 people could make a rational judgement call to determine that I was indeed older then 21 years of age. My experience was a sad reminder of our drift into fascism. The employees might as well be robots given their complete inability use common sense. I actually made the argument that they sell to adults accompanied by minors ALL THE TIME. Most parents cannot provide ID for their children and I guarantee most donʻt have trouble buying alcohol at walmart.

  • julia

    I was at a Winn-Dixie liquor store with my boyfriend buying beer or something, we were both 21 at the time with IDs but they refused to sell to me because his ID had expired a few days earlier on his 21st bday.

  • Thomas

    I work at walmart and it is policy to check the id of the person buying it and the members of the party that is with, we are able to refuse sale if not every member can show I.d. It can come back to the store and employee who sold it and major actions would be token. If their daughters looked older than 18 I would card them no matter what. If the kid is obviously younger than 15 and calling their parents mommy and daddy I don’t even batt an eye. Our registers have a message that pops up when any product has an age restriction on it & everyone in that party must show I.d. Point blank period.

  • Stephanie

    A similar situation happened to me, I was 19 and I went to Walmart with my 14 year old sister to pick some movies up and while we were in the movie section I decided to get Magic Mike( I had no intention of letting her watch it with me but it was cheap so I grabbed it for my friends and I). We got to the checkout and the cashier asks for my sisters ID (I look younger than I am and my sister looks older than she is so we often get mixed up) thinking it was one of those mistakes I offers the cashier and told her that she was younger than me. The cashier checked my ID but then asked for my sister’s ID and since she doesn’t have one I was unable to buy the movie. It’s ridiculous because parents are allowed to take their children to see rated R movies in theaters yet I can’t buy a rated R movie because my sister is with me. The cashier told me it was like buying alcohol. I’m sorry a movie is completely different from buying alcohol.

  • Cjdove

    Yes, this is Walmart policy. Happened to me. Of course they wait until they ring up your entire $250 order THEN pull this bs. I clarified what and why, told them I disagreed with their policy and to put it all back as I was going to take my business to Target. MUCH nicer store and really fast registers.

  • Lauren

    This happened to me last night! The cashier said the same thing, it was their policy. I was in shock…it’s ridiculous.

  • Marcel

    If you get a hard time like that, take your stuff, send your party out the door and walk to another register out of sight. I.e: lawn and garden, jewelery or electronics. Yeah yeah they will tell you that you can’t do that either. But they can’t follow you around and by the time they called someone and find you. You’re probably already in the car and on your way home. Happened to me last time a friend’s sibling drove me to the store because we had been drinking and needed a bit more. He didn’t bring his ID and I was refused the sale. Told him to walk out the front and pick me up at lawn and garden where I made my purchase. I wasn’t even ID’ed back there. Guess my looks changed from 29 to 40+ by the time I walked from the front of the store to lawn and garden. lol

  • Teresa

    I never go to Wal-Mart and this just validates that I should continue to stay away. I too was recently carded, though I had no idea the kid at the register was serious. He was somewhat a smart aleck with the previous customer – joking with her and yacking it up – so when he said that he would need to see my license as he was checking through other items, I ignored him thinking he was just being overly friendly and jesting, and very loud. Meanwhile I am thinking this is close to sexual harassment (because I did not know Walmart carded everyone under 40). So when my husband returned to the checkout line, the kid said again that he needed to check my ID because I look under 40 – even though my husband was paying for the items. Confusion: because I normally don’t shop Walmart and because the drinking age is 21, and over and because I certainly look AT LEAST 21. It is the dumbest policy I have ever heard of! I am 57 years old. I should be flattered that some kid thinks I’m under 40. It’s basically an insult to be carded when I am no longer in my twenties! I have no idea what Walmart pays their employees, but I’ll bet it’s nothing. You get what you pay for – in this case, NO COMMON SENSE! Sam would be rolling over in his grave.

    • Teresa

      P.S. Hey, to the powers that be at Walmart: How about the same restrictions on guns and anything else you sell that can harm another life??? That is your billion dollar question for the day.

  • John B.

    So let me get this straight! So you’re telling me that just because someone is with me and they don’t have an ID that I can’t purchase alcohol because you can get fined or in trouble and lose your job because I could be buying for someone under age? Well if you are selling to an adult that shows you an ID then you are selling to a legal adult aren’t you? I mean if someone is going to buy beer for an under age kid then you wouldn’t know about it anyway. So how can you or the store be held accountable for something that happens after you leave the store? It would be a different story if we were drinking at the store like you would at a bar or a club! That would be like saying if you go to buy a firearm, they only card the person purchasing the gun with a FOID card. They don’t know if you are going to go let a kid use the gun or even worse kill someone with it. How can they be held accountable for your actions once the purchase is made? Same can go with buying a car. Are they held responsible once you drive off the lot and get in an accident or let a driver with no license drive the car?

  • Polly Keegan

    I am a newly hired employee at the Palmyra Walmart and have just finished the training videos. The policy is that if you think a person is under 40 card them. If you suspect they are buying for another underage person who is with them then card them also. You would need to see something like the underage person handling or picking out the alcohol to make you suspicious. In the training video an example is given of a minor who the cashier sees approach an older person passing them money and then walk outside:) Then the person tries to buy alcohol giving her a suspicion. If any question or doubt in the cashiers mind they need to refuse bc they will be held accountable if an underage person gets a hold of alcohol. If you are buying alcohol legally just make sure you dont have a minor help you pick it out or touch the alcohol. Most cashiers are looking to keep everyone safe and just trying to earn a paycheck without getting themselves in trouble.

  • Tina

    That is exactly what happened to me as well! I stopped buying groceries at Wal mart and now shop at Kroger! They lost a customer because of it!

  • Emily

    My husband and I just bought super glue, they checked his ID then said because I was with him they had to check mine. I was like we both work, I’m pregnant, we are married, and have nice things…pretty sure we are not kids.

  • Bradley Dove

    I am 38 and my Friend she is 52, we were at a Walmart in VA yesterday and they refused me and her from purchasing alcohol because i had a voided ID. If this is not a form of age discrimination then correct me please

  • Jake Barnes

    This happened to me and my wife (both 30+) with our two young children. We had a four pack of angry orchard and the cashier wouldn’t sell to us because my wife didn’t have her ID. She stated it was store policy. Very frustrating and quite ridiculous considering it was four drinks. She wasn’t selling to a minor, I am of legal age, if I turn around and give that booze to a kid it’s my rear end in trouble, not Wal mart!

  • Jim

    Walmart’s Policy on not selling Beer or Wine to a Person when another adult is present and if they are unther the drinking age is Walmart’s Way of saying you are automatically guilty because they believe you are buying the beer or wine for the person who is with you who is under the drinking legal age, they just automatically judge everyone and believe they are getting alcholol for a minor. But i can go in the Gun department with a friend of mine who is under 21 and buy bullets for a gun and Walmart doesn’t think you will give someone bullets so you can purchase those. So #1 your policy doesn’t work because if the person was going to buy beer or wine for someone who was under the legal drinking age all they have to do is just sit in the Walmart Parking lot in the vehicle let the Person who can buy it go in the store buy it and then they can give it to them so Walmarts Policy is the most stupid policy i have ever seen.

  • Corey G.

    This happened to me on 3 occassions at walmart. one when I was 18 with my 40+ year old uncle. Another with my mom. Then another when I was 22 with my 21 year old girlfriend.

  • Kasey Elder

    I live in Las Vegas and I have been visiting a store for 6 yrs because its minutes from my home. Multiple times I have been buying $200-300 in items and I am stopped from buying alcohol if my teenage children are with me. I always have to put it back and buy from another store- but when I ask why others with smaller children can purchase alcohol they say mine is a third party sale. I don’t understand that! I am almost 40 and my 15 and 19 year old is not here to buy alcohol- they are here to help with groceries and I can buy what I want, how is that third party?
    Tonight my 30 year old niece was turned down because my 15 year old daughter was with her. When I went back to the store to try to explain I was told that since I have now identified myself as my the mother I am not allowed to purchase alcohol ANYTIME they come in with me. My children don’t drink, what type of crazy is this? The manager Deleena even threatened to call the police on me because I was upset and I was told none of us can come back for 24hrs. I truly don’t understand this “policy”!!!

  • Katina

    This happened ed to my husband and I. He showed his ID and then she asked for mine. I didn’t have it so she refused to sell us the wine. I’m 29, it’s not even like I look underage. She said it was their policy, and a manager said the same. We went to the liquor store and bought what we needed with no issue.

  • Kyle (@standrkm)

    Had this happen to me while in my 30’s with a friend in his 40’s and I didn’t have ID on me at the time HE was purchasing a 12 pack and she denied to sell to us HAHAHAHA. But even though I felt offended I didn’t argue (wouldn’t help anyway) because I know how sucky her life must be having to deal with wal-mart’s b.s. and so many crazy customers.

    • Kyle (@standrkm)

      I just want to add that this policy solves nothing. No 21 year old is bringing his underage friends with him to the checkout to buy alcohol. And if denied they’ll just buy at a corner store. They’re not catching minors, they’re telling minors to wait in the car. All this policy does is persuade people to shop elsewhere or drink a little less alcohol….not that alcoholics who drink and drive will drink less because of this.

  • Dia

    I too was a victim of this same ignorance, though I was alone. 2 years ago I went to Walmart, entirely against my will but I desperately needed cold medicine. I barely had the energy to walk in because I was sick with the flu, but I needed some relief from my symptoms and I couldn’t sleep. At 1230am they only leave one register open… And after standing in line for 20 minutes I got to the clerk and she asked for my ID in a very sweet voice. I told her “I don’t have it” still in shock that I was being IDd for cold medicine?!? So she said she couldn’t sell it to me. Now, here I was 27 years old, barely able to make noise with my voice, dripping snot… And after 20 minutes in line she didn’t want to sell me one bottle of cold medicine? :::Piss off lady… Go get your manager… Let’s see if she’s as dumb as you?::: the manager looked at her and was like “seriously?” Thankfully someone in management realized I’d been legal to buy cold medicine for a decade.

  • rebekah

    Yep, just happened to my in FL too. Was buying groceries with my husband who was driving and paying. My ID was in the car. Wee’re both mid-twenties, responsible, employed, married engineers and they refused our sale because I couldn’t show an ID. Kinda ridiculous.

  • Ed W79

    Why do people feel the need to go to social medial/press over such petty stuff. Obviously the training that the particular store was shortsighted. If it was such a problem why couldn’t the customer ask for a manager regarding the dispute. Instead she chose to invest all this energy whining to the public and gaining recognition. WTH is wrong with this society. There are so many bigger problems.

    I’ve had worse happen to me in multiple stores… who cares. Poor customer service, let me go to the public and cry about it.

  • Jen

    Why do people get so offended? Cashier’s are the ones facing fines and prison time if they sell to a minor. Personally, I am not about to count wrinkles and grey hairs to judge if one is old enough. Truth is, people lie. About their age, who it’s for and even how much they have already had. So get mad at the liars instead of the cashier who is just trying to keep their job.

  • Mona

    TABC, Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission, anyone purchasing who looks under 40 are to be carded. If anyone who is underage with the person purchasing, must also be carded. I was a waitress for the Hyatt and a cashier for Exxon, Shell and Walmart. I needed a TABC license to sell alcohol. If I didn’t comply with the rules, I’d lose my job and get fined. So the next time you want to buy, have your ID. They are just doing their job.

  • shaunte gruver

    This happened to me w my boyfriend they i.d. me and I am 37 he is 32 he was buying smokes I was not when I called the walmart manager about this she stated it was a state law to I.d. all in the party that is w the one purchasing smokes i asked what if i had my kids w me she said its diff w kids so shes saying she can tell a 17 year old from an 18 year old but not a 18 year old from a 37 year old? This is all bunk not shopping this walmart again its harassment and in further inspection discrimination as well.

  • Alexis

    This just happened to my husband last night. He wasn’t even just buying alcohol he had a full weeks groceries! After she rung up everything she then asked my 18 year old grandson for ID!! My husband left without buying the groceries! How can they get away with this?

  • Brittany

    Yes! This just happened to me as well. We called the manager and she said that its not policy and the cashier was wrong.

  • Alfredo Cisneros

    This actually happend to my wife and turned into a mess at THE COLONY, TX WALMART the cashier called the manager and they were all yelling at her shes 23 presented ID but since my younger brother (19) was with her they refused and it got outta hand.

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