Not guilty: 17-year-old Demetrius Brown makes plea in robbery of Walgreens store on Good Hope Road

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MILWAUKEE COUNTY (WITI) — During his initial court appearance — his lawyer took issue with FOX6’s cameras being in the courtroom. Now, 17-year-old Demetrius Brown’s lawyer has chosen to withdraw his motion to remove cameras from the courtroom.

Brown is charged in connection with a burglary that occurred at the Walgreens store at 90th and Good Hope Road.

Shortly after the June 30th burglary, the Walgreens store at 90th and Good Hope Road was open for business, but partially boarded up.

According to a criminal complaint filed against Brown, Walgreens surveillance video showed a stolen Toyota Camry back into the store’s front doors.

Then, the video shows four people heading into the store — and approximately one minute later, all four are seen leaving with merchandise.

The complaint says a fingerprint was left behind — belonging to Brown.

When he was arrested a few days later, he admitted to “throwing a gun into the grass when he saw police.”

On Wednesday, July 23rd, Brown was supposed to appear in adult court for his preliminary hearing — but his lawyer took exception to FOX6’s cameras being there.

“Mr. Brown is in custody. He is available, however, I have asked specifically that he not be produced. The court rules state that we are to have three days notice and a petition from any cameras that are going to be in courtrooms. The court did bring up that that’s discretionary. I then responded with the fact that my client being 17, I think adds to the sensitive nature,” Brown’s lawyer, Christian Eichenlaub said.

“It is discretionary under the Supreme Court ruling and at this point I don’t see anything inherently sensitive with having the cameras here. They do have a right to be here, and based on this case I don’t think the three days was necessary, and again, there’s only the one camera,” Court Commissioner Maria Dorsey said.

Eichenlaub, Brown’s lawyer requested the trial judge review the Court Commissioner’s opinion.

During a hearing one week later — on Wednesday, July 30th, Brown’s lawyer withdrew his motion to have cameras removed from the courtroom.

Brown waived his preliminary hearing on Wednesday — and was bound over for trial. His lawyer entered a not guilty plea on his behalf.

The state and defense argued over bail — but the bail issue was tabled for now because the state says there could be a new charge filed against Brown.

As for the alleged crime, the criminal complaint says Brown admitted to officers his “involvement in the burglary at Walgreens” that he “took a cash register and cigarettes” and that he “did it for the money.”

Walgreens sustained more than $25,000 worth of damage from the burglary, and about $2,000 worth of merchandise was taken.

Brown faces four felony charges — including burglary and possession of a firearm as an “adjudged delinquent.”

The criminal complaint says Brown has a juvenile record that includes three felony burglary offenses.


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