“OMG! I think I am being kidnapped!” 14-year-old girl, murdered in Michigan, sends that text to her boyfriend

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MICHIGAN (WITI) — A 14-year-old girl sent an ominous text message to her boyfriend — just moments before she was killed while she was out walking her dog.

April Millsap

April Millsap

Michigan Live reports police have confirmed that the text message was sent from April Millsap’s phone to her boyfriend’s phone on the night she was murdered.

The text read: “OMG…I think I am being kidnapped!”

Millsap was killed on July 24th.

A couple came across her body when they were out for a jog.

Michigan Live reports they noticed her dog pacing back and forth — guarding her body.

Her body was discovered in a drainage ditch near a trail.

Police have ruled out Millsap’s family members and boyfriend as suspects — and they are circulating a sketch of a man considered a “person of interest” in this case.


Police have declined to say how Millsap died — only saying she was not shot, nor stabbed.

Millsap graduated from middle school this spring — and was set to start high school in the fall.

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  • aseleener

    You guys write the worst news articles I’ve ever read in my life. You don’t tell us what city this happened in. Michigan is a big state! And also, the source you got this info from is not “Michigan Live”, it’s MLive.

  • Botswana Jones

    Hey Fox 6. You still need an editor and proofreader. I still need a job. Been published, have samples, trained in journalism with a focus on narrative non-fiction. You have the email, use it.

  • HarleyGirl05

    I want to know why did a jogger have to find her body HOURS later if she had text the boyfriend obviously hours prior to tell him she was being kidnapped ? Did he not believe her or was he involved ? Someone doesn’t sound right there. They admitted in another article that she walked her dog along the same trail all the time, when they noticed the dog was gone….why wasn’t that the first place they looked. RIP Sweet child !

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