Heard of the “Ice Water Challenge?” There’s a great story behind it

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Maybe you heard of it -- people getting a bucket or cooler of ice water dumped on them. It’s being called the ice water challenge. Once you are nominated, by a friend, co-worker or family member, you have 24 hours to either have someone dump a bucket of freezing water on you, or pay $100 to AWMF, the Andrew Wszelaki Memorial Foundation.

It started as dare between friends a few weeks ago in South Milwaukee. Andrew’s brother was challenged and accepted. Since then, it just took off.

“I knew I had crazy friends, and that they were going to do it. I just didn`t know how many people were going to do it and how fast. Pretty amazing,” said Nick Wszelaki, Andrew's brother.

“He was an amazing kid. He really was. He touched a lot of lives,” said Wally Wszelaki of his son Andrew.

Andrew passed away in 2007 from cancer. His family has since been working to fulfill his dying wish of helping others.

“Towards the end before he passed, he’s like mom help people with cancer. We are doing it through Make-A-Wish,” said Heidi Wszelaki, Andrew's mom.

The Andrew Wszelaki Memorial Foundation has raised more than $20,000 for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Just through this ice water challenge, they've already raised an additional $2,000 in donations.

“What’s awesome about it is people are donating money too. I mean their doing the challenge but also donating money,” said Luke Wszelaki, Andrew's brother.

“It’s just been a lot of fun watching it because everybody does something a little different,” said Nick.

And it has definitely gotten different. As Luke puts it, many people try to “one-up each other” using slides, forklifts and even trees to complete the challenge.

“We all know drew is smiling down watching all these ridiculous videos,” said Matt Danek, the Vice President of AWMF.

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