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Doctors: Morgan Geyser believes she has mind control abilities, can speak to Voldemort

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WAUKESHA (WITI) -- She told two doctors she could communicate telepathically with a multitude of fictional characters. Now, 12-year-old Morgan Geyser is found not competent to stand trial. Geyser and 12-year-old Anissa Weier are accused of luring a friend to the woods after a sleepover -- and stabbing her 19 times to please Slenderman, a fictional online horror character.

In court on Friday, Geyser sat hunched in a chair, silent, her hair covering her face. Two doctors who completed separate mental competency exams took the stand.

Morgan Geyser

Morgan Geyser

The first doctor to testify was court-appointed -- Dr. Brooke Lundbohm. She told the court that Geyser believes she has Vulcan mind control abilities, can speak to Voldemort and believes in unicorns.

"She once regressed into ramblings about a student in her class being a Pegasus," said Dr. Lundbohm.

When referring to Slenderman, Dr. Lundbohm said of Geyser, "It's a person who she has a strong bond with.  That she idolizes and believes to be real."

Dr. Lundbohm said Geyser repeatedly laughed inappropriately and squatted in a chair during her competency interview. The doctor told the court she believes Geyser is not competent but likely to become competent. Dr. Lundbohm said, "She needs to grow up" and recommended medication.

A second doctor, Dr. Kenneth Robbins, testified that Geyser "looked happy, almost giddy" during his mental exam of her. Dr. Robbins said Geyser believes she can communicate with Slenderman and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Geyser apparently told Dr. Robbins that Vulcan mind control will make herself feel and believe whatever she likes; that she's not concern about a long prison sentence.

Anissa Weier

Anissa Weier

Both Geyser and Weier are being tried as adults. Dr. Lundbohm says Geyser spoke very little of Slenderman because Geyser fears doing so will prompt Slenderman to hurt her or her family.  But doctors say school records and conversations with Geyser's parents indicate she had no visible signs of alarming behavior prior to the alleged incident.

"It's been going on since her arrest, apparently.  Maybe even before that.  It's very clear that she has some belief there are these fantasy characters -- and that they are real and exist," said Anthony Cotton, Geyser's attorney

Both doctors told the court Geyser is not faking -- and the judge agreed. He declared her incompetent. Geyser will now be committed for treatment.

"We've got to let the doctors see her and treat her and give us their conclusions," said Cotton

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    • Jimmmy

      Agreed….I also don’t agree with they “didn’t know what they where doing”. It doesn’t matter you still did it.

      • Ben

        I guess someone erased my comment. Well anways if anyone is not a jerk or violent manipulative relgious loon they can conclude that these girls dont deserve prision sentences. For everybody that says they will do it again you are using unscientific logic. It is simply your opinion not scientific fact. I could explain forever but let me say this you dont lock up little kids that have an innacurate sense of reality because their nuerochemistry is compromised. The new thing for the masses seems to say she is faking. My question why for what motive?

      • Violet

        To receive a less harsher punishment and to increase the possibility of going into a treatment center as opposed to jail where she will be exposed to other inmates who would want to take justice into their own hands.

      • A'Len

        So, tell me Ben, how exactly is your own conclusion ‘scientific’? You have not backed up your assertions with anything even remotely resembling fact; you merely stated your — misguided in my OPINION — opinions, then had the audacity, the sheer arrogance, to try and pass those opinions off as facts without doing anything whatsoever to back them up. Fail.

        What proof do you have that BOTH of these girls have a neurochemical imbalance? They planned out this crime months in advance, then carried it out. That is not indicative of someone with a chemical imbalance. How many children have to commit violent, ghastly crimes in order for you bleeding hearts to get it through your thick skulls? They are not ‘unaware’ of the consequences of their behavior, they are not mentally unstable, they are not misunderstood and they are not suffering from any sort of chemical imbalance. They’re two brats who chose to believe in the Slender Man and, instead of being put off by such a horrific figure, they were enthralled by it wished to emulate it. That was their CHOICE.

        You ask why this girl would fake the behavior detailed in the article? Is that a joke? Or are you intentionally being think? Many people have faked mental illness to escape justice. Many people have pretended to be mentally unsound for the sole purpose of gaining a lighter sentence. “Why and for what motive,” indeed. That is easily the most absurd question I have heard in months.

  • Scott

    Is she for real? Sounds like a bit of trickery to me. So first she wanted to appease Slinderman with a friends murder. Now she thinks she can talk to the villain from Harry Potter. What’s next? Will she tell the jailers that she went on a quest with her dwarf friends to slay a dragon and steal his gold, then back to lock up before anyone noticed? Please. Don’t believe the hype.

  • Raymond Butler

    This 12 year old is faking it. They planned this crime. Don’t worry, when they get out after 25 years old, they’ll start a nice serial killing spree.

  • Doreen

    Before you are quick to blame the doctors, please do a little research into mental health disorders. They are very complex and often over looked in adolescence because people tend to believe its “just a phase”. Yes these girls need to face punishment for their crime but it also needs to be fair and just. Locking them up in prison may not be the smartest thing if they are mentally ill. That needs to be treated first and foremost.

    • David Wendler

      Don’t be so naive! Really Doreen? Both of them have disorders? This was premeditated, planned out and they are doing it again because they don’t want to step up and take responsibility for their actions. The only thing that these kids got going for them right now is that they are kids, but they will be tried as adults. If we continue slapping kids on the hands for adult crimes, when will these crimes ever slow down, because we all know, these kind of crimes will never stop until swift justice gets served. Enough sympathy and more prosecution!

  • Terri

    Seriously, these girls are great at manipulation. I cannot believe that our adult court systems are that gullible to believe such BS. Seriously, they are only setting themselves up (the courts) for even more failures, and another Jeffrey Dahmer….

  • Monique Conley

    Question….whether she is mentally competent or not…how did her parents have no clue?! She is not normal. Were her parents that irresponsible or too busy with their own lives? 12 years old is still a child, not a mini-adult, parents need to be monitoring their online activities, check their homework/grades, know who their friends are, know what their interests are such as books and music. No, the parents did not try to kill the victim, however, they are responsible for the mental wellbeing of their child.

  • stan

    hopefully they get maximum or as close to it as possible, because I fear for the young victim if these two are freed the fact that they show no remorse for what they have done or “only feel a little bad” scares me to the bone!!! But being our justice system they will probably be freed in 5 years so they don’t have to be reavaulate as adults.

  • The right thing

    This childs parents never noticed any of this? Any of these signs? Did they even pay attention to her?! Mom and dad should be getting some of this blame…

    • Kris

      There was a news story on one of the little psychos dad. It’s not a surprise something like this happened.



  • Chaos78

    The day when ” sociaty” decided it was no longer to punish your kids was the day your kids went straight to hell. Theses two just show it!

  • bsue

    It simply amazes me . some people will go to any length to get what they want. No matter who or how many they hurt doing it. When you have someone putting things in your head you eventally start to believe it . someone you love and who you believe loves you. They want what’s vest for you don’t they?? How can you stop doing something you’re not doing? U guess what I’m trying to say is never judge someone for what they may do. You don’t know just what that person is going through. You don’t know what goes on behind closed doors. Who’s to say you wouldn’t do the same thing.

    • BloodyMuffin

      He talks to her because she’s not a muggle. This girl has a lot of powers, even more than a normal witch, the Dark Lord had choosen her because of something, I don’t know why but I’d wish. Morgan is somehow special for him and for Slenderman. She could be a death eater in the future when he returns, I think one of his favourite ones, what she did is amazing.

  • Elizabeth

    The really sad thing is “Slenderman” was never actually a spotted thing, it started as a Photoshop photo…like read wiki. And outside of serious birth defects in humans or animals, there are no such things as unicorns, mermaids, griffins…etc…Where were the parents during all of this. Im ashamed to live in WI

  • Irving

    Common these lawyers are doing anything now to declare her mentally insane. This monster needs to rot in jail

  • Jane Smith

    Does no one read? She is not going to be released any time soon. She will be treated in a locked mental health facility UNTIL she is competent to stand trial and THEN she will be tried and can be sentenced to jail.

    • zan

      People from Milwaukee don’t read. They’re too lazy. Although, they all seem to be experts on the justice system, child rearing, and mental illness. IDIOTS

  • Brandon

    It’s discouraging to read the comments on here and see how few (well, it looks like none) of you understand how schizophrenia works.

    • mlg4035

      Where does it say she has been diagnosed with schizophrenia? Oh, that’s right: no where. You are assuming too much…

      • Bryan Eller

        The doctors are NOT here to diagnosis anything. I think they should be diagnosis by a professional because they definitely have a disorder.

  • John Doe

    Seriously?? This article states that the court appointed Dr., Dr. Lundbolm, “said of Geyser, ‘she needs to grow up’ and recommended medication.”

    So?? The court appointed Dr. Suggests the girl be drugged and to age a bit more before/for prosecution.

    Oh my! This young girl is not the only one who’s sick.

  • sugahunny

    This is a sad situation all the way around. My initial thought say’s throw these girls in jail and throw away the key! As a Mother, Aunt and Grandmother, I say put them in a mental hospital and evaluate them at 18. Kids this age can’t understand the full magnitude of their actions…it’s been scientifically proven. I also believe the parents should be evaluated or held partially responsible too…how could you not even catch a glimpse of what they were planning? You have to be downright nosy when you’re raising kids (they rarely tell us everything). I think she’s faking it and most definitely being coached by her attorney…even more damage to her…not facing the consequences of her actions. The only real victim is the young lady who was attacked by these girls. She will undoubtedly suffer for the rest of her life because of this.

    • Bryan Eller

      First I would like to say your first initial thought is unconstitutional, you can not sentence any child under the age of 17 to a LIFE sentence by law. Also even if they kids planned the event doesn’t mean they’re faking it. It’s clearly obvious they’re considered to be temporarily insane because of their mental disabilities. Also I don’t believe you know how evaluations work, the attorney is not allowed to be in the evaluation room during both separate evaluations by separate doctors to prevent any coaching. Nor would they have the capability to be coached during both sessions to the extent of each evaluation. And they’re several sessions with each doctor. It’s clearly impossible to be coached. I don’t believe they’re faking it. You contradict yourself when you said ” Kids this age can’t understand the full magnitude of their actions…it’s been scientifically proven” but then say their defense is “I think she’s faking it and most definitely being coached by her attorney…even more damage to her…not facing the consequences of her actions.” I believe you’re a complete idiot if you don’t see your argument contradicts your statements. If a child isn’t capable of understanding their actions to the full magnitude then it’s considered to be that the child is not competent to stand trial. Like I said they’re considered to be temporarily insane because they don’t understand their actions from right and wrong. Please don’t post ignorant comments that contradicts yourself. Thank you

  • Jage

    They believe in non-reality. But their reality of murder has caught up with them. Luring someone and then killing them is not made up. They knew what they were doing. Faking is fashionable. And a teen is dead. So awful.

  • Chris

    A violent crime of this type perpetrated by a young women is exceptionally rare. No objective tests exist to test for mental illness, so by their nature such disorders are defined by: symptom clusters; a negative impact on the person’s/or others live; and deviation from the norm. It appears that at all stages of this crime the perpetrators fitted these criteria and it is likely that biological vulnerabilities interacted with aspects of their experiences and upbringing to explain their actions. Increasing evidence shows that those who have been exposed to childhood abuse, trauma, or neurological injury are particularly vulnerable to psychosis. Is this turned out to be the case, would this alter peoples perception I wonder?

    The question is what is now helpful to society. To brand them “monsters” and “evil” offers no explanation of why they did it, how likely they are to do it in the future, or prevent other similar crimes. Also, when did they become this way; at conception, at birth, at puberty? We have all become sceptical of legal tactics and understandably many feel that they deserve to be punished, that they are irredeemable, and that society should be protected by them being locked away for life. Among other things this may be due to an “eye for an eye mentality,” unsurprising fear and revulsion at their crime, a belief in the distinction between good and evil, or the view that strong sentences act as a deterrent. But young women who have committed similar crimes have gone on to lead productive lives and effective treatments exist for range of conditions that distort peoples perception of reality. I would argue that the majority of us believe that people are worthy of forgiveness, or at the very least the opportunity to make amends for their past behaviour. Even those who may not, perhaps would question whether there is any human who understands enough to make such ajudgement. Either way a period of assessment by professionals seems like a sensible option to me!

  • Arya

    I think their mental evaluations are dancing around to what will likely be the REAL diagnosis, antisocial personality disorder. Of course, nobody’s diagnosed with that before the age of 18, but considering the nature of this case, and how perturbed one would be in handling it – they’re going to circumvent diagnosing Morgan Geyser as a sociopath as long as they can. She was the initial brains behind the operation, and had that kind of influence and manipulation over her accomplice. Not saying Anissa Weier is any less responsible, or reprehensible – their motives fed off each other, but Anissa has shown SOME signs of having a conscience in there somewhere. My prediction is if given the opportunity, Anissa testifies against Geyser in exchange for a reduced sentence.

    • Bryan Eller

      I don’t believe any of the two girls would be considered found guilty, that being if they do sustain mental capability within the year prior to the evaluation. More than likely they would be found NOT Guilty due to temporary insane because of their mental disorders like you believe they have. A mental disorder is a reason to be found not guilty because at that time they were insane and could not tell right from wrong.

  • Bryan Eller

    I believe most of everyone’s “faking it” comments are ignorant and should definitely not try to be a doctor. As a law student, after reviewing dozens of cases the girls are more likely to become mentally ill to returned to trial. After a year of the mental detention center, they would be considered not capable to ever stand trial. And if they do, more than likely the attorneys will be able to easily claim temporary insane. I definitely don’t want to see anybody to ever know the horrible life of prison forever. I believe these girls need mental help and get a serious diagnosis. They should NOT be trial as an adult at such a young age. Nor should they face a ADULT prison at 12 years old. In many countries it is ILLEGAL to prosecuted a child under the age of 12 due to that very same reason, NO CHILD is capable to understand anything. If a child isn’t capable to consent to medical, sexual, alcoholic beverages, and military service; then a child is definitely not capable to stand trial. I really do hope for the best for everyone in this event.

  • Ardith Richter

    I have worked in Child Protection and it will break your heart as to what is happening to the Kids out a Mom and Blue Star and Cub Scout Parent I have seen alot of children and parents.. Iam sorry but these two planned laid out the day and time and completed the action.. at 12 there are children that give birth in America today that are given the child and the welfare . and they just .. well people .. just.. its to much.. maybe we need to go back to short stores of Grandma and baking and cleaning and take this tech from the children under 15 years of age.. to much is just to much.. They need to be shown this is the answer to what you did.. and playing at your not well is not going to work.. her hair needs to be trimmed or pulled back she needs to face the real world as she will be living in a tiny room forever.. and the parents of the two need to be viewed as they allowed the problem to grow and be.. Parents time to look at your children hard and long.. nosey parent I am to this day.. and know what my kids love the fact Iam.. and they in turn take care of me.. Families Faith Honor and Respect.. to few of us have that for the base of the Family today …. prayers to you all and hopes that this shows you have to have a different life… miss my 3 as little ones for they are now in their 40’s and my daughter is in London England working hard and helping to clean some of the problems of the world a little bit at a time.. sorry just this is so sad. ..

  • Cara

    Thank you, I’ve just been searching for info aapproximately this topic for a while and yours is the best I’ve
    came upon till now. But, what in regards to the bottom line?
    Arre you positive aout the supply?

  • BloodyMuffin

    I love Morgan. She is one of the bravest little girls I’ve ever seen, so jealous of her, I wish I could talk to him too. Slenderman is so lucky to have fangirls like her, I would do it too but it’s illegal and I’m too scared of prisons. Most adults don’t even have the courage to do something like this for someone that society thinks is fictional, can you believe that a 12 year old girl almost became a killer for a creepypasta? it is not a horrible act, it is just wonderful, I admire her. Don’t listen to the hateful comments of that muggles. You are special, Morgan, you have great powers and if you really can do everything that you said, then it is for a reason, everything happens for a reason. The Dark Lord and Slenderman don’t speak to any regular muggles or even witches. Stay strong, young lady. You’re very inspirational in a world where all the faith in creepy things has been gone.

  • shanti9

    I smell a real rat – she’s delusional to some significant degree but I think she may be enough sane to construct a fantasy of herslef being insane enough to avoid a criminal sentence. And treatment? If she’s playing them, she’s also sane enough to fake her rehabilitation and then be released even if it’s after 20 years or so.

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