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More gun violence: Milwaukee police investigate two separate shooting incidents

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) — Milwaukee police are investigating two separate shooting incidents that occurred early Friday morning, August 1st.

Milwaukee police are investigating a homicide that occurred near 41st and Burleigh at approximately 1 a.m.

According to police,  24-year-old man, identified as Antonio Edwards , was shot after engaging in an argument with unknown suspects.

Police are also investigating a shooting that occurred in the 5000 block of N. 50th Street at approximately 1:45 a.m.

The victim, a 15-year-old male, sustained a non-life threatening injury and is being treated at an area hospital.

Officials say the shooting appears to be robbery-related.

There are no suspects in custody at this time.



  • Bill Watts

    It’s one of the problems why this is happening, people keep pumping out kids for the welfare, and could care less about them. Then they get shot and everyone wants to be on TV.

    • steven

      Ok u r right numbers don’t lie. 99.9999 percent of the violence in this city occurs on the ghetto side of town, the african side of town, not the euro or mexican side.

  • Hooptie Pete

    I am glad the violence happens in the ghetto and not where I live. Nothing good happens after midnight, especially in Milwaukee.

    Tiffany are you mildly retarded? No auto correct on the Obama phone? Classy example of why the inner city is eroding.

  • Lone ranger

    Exactly she said bring you blank down here and see what happens to you in our hood! There you go it’s like what would happen to me if I went out in the wild jungle with the lions and tigers. That is the inner city mentality were black your white will shoot ya down here we even shoot our own people because someone said something we didn’t like. Oh I don’t see any hope for the inner city when you have people that have this mindset. The solution is to build a wall around the inner city and let the inner content self destruct and humans stay on the outside of the wall.

  • Jay

    Unfortunately it’s sad that these things seem to get racially charged every-time there is a shooting here in Milwaukee. Don’t get me wrong, being an african american I won’t even go in some of these neighborhoods because it’s just too risky. However, it bothers me that the news doesn’t cover much on these stories of all these caucasions killing innocent people and children by DUI. White lady kills a guy by vehicular homocide a few months back and only gets 3 years probation. That alone tells me that there isn’t anything being done by the State of Wisconsin to decrease these situations in the inner-city. They’d rather ignore homocides by non-aftrica american’s but do hours of coverage of shootings in the “hood” but yet don’t do anything to stop it. There’s no way I’ll ever believe that all these young black men are getting these guns legally. Which means the “white man” provides them directly to the source to promote the genocide. Everyone knows the jail industry is a billion dollar business and who would be better to fill them up with first, no brainer. No excuse for these young black men though, these laws were not created for the minorities so even thinking about doing a crime isn’t worth it.

    White woman murders guy by DUI- 3 years probation
    Black teenager, first offense gets caught with a few grams of crack- 5 years in 5 years probation.
    I’ll never understand this but hey, those in power that allow this will be judged differently by the man above when it’s all said and done, and that’s not a good thing.

  • Michele

    My family came here from Detroit about 25 years ago. Yesterday, my mother said “They have lost their mind here In Milwaukee”~ I said ” I thought it was bad In Detroit? her reply- not as bad as this!”.

    I’m a female of African origin, college educated and have resided on the Northside most of my life. After this year – no more. Despite a decent job with MPS as a teacher. I’ve decided to relocate to another state~ luckily I found someone to offer full price on my home. Some of these people are RIGHT it’s like a jungle, they have no sense of life, moral or goals. Just drive from~The Southside 27th\ to the Northside of 27th…..You will truly see Animals in their natural habitat. To conclude, an African American said that, in which they always say the truth hurts…….

    • Ubiquitous King

      Please leave Milwaukee and do not attempt to assimilate our children into becoming a product of the house. Your comments are indicative of a self hate psychological disorder. Why is it that assimilated conformed house folk always throw the acquisition of euro credentials out front to precede their boule rant about how “African Americans aren’t doing this or doing that,” what are you separate from your people? “Educated woman” you are an African and no matter how much you hate yourself they hate you more, so get over it. Society is glad someone bought you out so you can expeditiously remove yourself from Mil-Town, we do not need no more “go along to get along negros” in our presence.

  • Ubiquitous King

    Unfortunately Bill your comment exposes the fact that you are another victim of stupidity. Once again let an African teach you dumb rhetoric disseminators about how to make validated claims and how to prevent exposing yourself as the dummy you are. At the end of 2013 government stats showed a population total of 316,128,839 of the total 78% were euro, 13.2% African. This means that 246,580,494 persons were euro and 41,729,006 persons were African. Estimates for welfare recipients from the government stated that 4% of euros were on welfare compared to 12% of Africans. So Bill lets do basic arithmetic and see who number ends up being higher. 246,580,494* .04 = 9,863,219 persons that are euros on welfare. 41,729,006*.12= 5,007,480 persons of African descent are on welfare. The difference between euros on welfare and Africans on welfare = 4, 855,738 more euros on welfare than there is Africans even though the percentage comparable to population of African people in America on welfare is 3xs higher than that of the euro, you people have almost 5 million more people on welfare than African people do based on your government’s statistical information. That number almost equals the total number of Africans on welfare and you attempt to make this an African problem? That is the problem with you idiots you are to stupid to make sure you’re even close to the truth before you run off at the mouth. See Bill numbers do not lie, people who can not count do. Looks to me that euros need to stop mooching off the system and you ought to be shamed as a euro to be euro in America, a country that silver spoon feeds you jokers and still need to be on welfare. Un-flagged Botswana Jones, who is triplea?

  • brandy

    why do these always have to go from black to white I don’t understand what I do know are people are dying everyday by guns that I am assuming are bought illegally whether its a white man African man or Mexican someone is losing a father/mother sister/brother or a child this is getting ridiculous when will the gun violence stop and why do we not have more police I cannot express how horrible it is to not be able to let my child go walk around I live in a suburb and the crime is everywhere it needs to stop instead of belittling everyone we need to come together and stand united these racially motivated comments need to stop you people are the reason why races hate one another so when do you grow up!!

  • Von

    You guys have to think before you speak, one day this violence has to stop. I’m so sad I lost a friend and a protector (Antonio Edwards *Rico*). Yall wouldnt know the half it dont matter where you come from or the area you live in. Violence happen anywhere at any giving moment. I just wish that everyone can come together nomatter you ethnic culture or area you from. A city divided will never prosper. God said honor thy neighbor.

  • vette85

    frist of all he was his morther only child she never depend on w-2 or food stamp to take care of him. she would get up and walk to work and walk to the store to make sure she had what it took to make sure her son had what he needed in life. not what he want! this is sad that you can point a finger and say thing thats not true about people that you dont even know. this woman has be a good morther to here son. if you knew anything you would know that you can not take care of a famliy with just w-2 or food stamps. do you math before you open your trap to say things about someone. thats whats wrong with the world today.

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