Too hot for the highway: Strip club billboard to be replaced

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WALWORTH CO. (WITI) — A billboard deemed “too hot for the highway” by some Walworth County mothers is coming down.

The strip club ad along I-43 prompted an outcry from two parents.

A spokesperson for “Show Palace” says it will be replaced with the ad you see below within weeks. They say it’s being replaced because “Show Palace” is involved with community affairs — and it never wants to offend anyone.


CLICK HERE to view the original story on the billboard in question.


  • Mikki Davis

    this is ridiculous…. these “women” should find something better to do with their time. Their children see teens and women in less clothing than this at the beach , and probably in their own home. For all those “moms” that are worried, then please make sure that you never buy that cute little “tiny” bikini for your little girl or your teenage daughter that has it all hanging out, and keep her in a one piece suit

  • dancing in the ruins

    i never even heard of this place until the fat ugly moms made a stink about this billboard. now i’m going to go there and i’ll buy their husbands a lap dance!

  • keeper of the sausage

    Meanwhile, their kids are all sending naked selfies to their friends – unbeknownst to the overly concerned mother pigs.

  • Taxi Up

    While at the public pool. “Hey fat neighbor mom, look at that 25 year old lifeguard, what a hunk.” ” Wait, let me drop my sunglasses down a bit to get a peak, oh yeah, yum. If I were only 20 years younger and 150 pounds lighter I’d let him spread my hedges”

  • PH

    Because of 2 yes just 2 women. They decided to back down. Really? They didnt want to offend anyone… U are a strip club! Duh u are bound to offend. Idiots.

  • KYM

    The uber mature comments about two women you people have never met show the whole world what compromising integrity results in. Our children deserve to be accountable to high morals, values and expectations. Because if any of my children at any age spoke the way these comments read, they’d have some major explaining to do.

    • dancing in the ruins

      when your sheltered kids finally experience the real world they will grow up to be crack smoking, low wage earning, porn performers. i look forward to seeing them on the internet.

  • Cynthia

    Thank God that these comments don’t represent all men. Ive nevwr seen souch anger about a tiny little successful protest. Good grief, some of you must have been REALLY attached to the picture onthis billboard. Look, guys, Iif you really want to see scantily clad females these days, you don’t have to rely on strip club billboards. Theres a little thing called the internet…js.

  • Cynthia

    Also, I sincerely doubt that Show Palace really cares, since they have now gotten a TON of free marketing as a result of this story. I meqn, seriously, did anyone really know anything about this place before this issue?

  • pleased

    would it not be great if these women have daughters, and when they go to collage they work for a good wage at one of these strip clubs to help pay for collage. be careful lady`s

  • Chaos78

    It is great that this place respected the community , but turn on almost any tv station at 7 o’clock and you’ll see this or worse

  • Ubiquitous King

    Good take that skinny filth down, straight up and down flat backsided creature. Only in this country is the body degraded to such lowly levels to appease a bunch of freakish hypocrites. All good to you find out the truth about your daughter or your wife. For any man to consider this a respectful career, I hope it wasn’t your daughters I seen at the last bachelor party I attended because you might want to get them their own set of dishes cause them euro girls did strange things for change. I think they were all putting themselves through college. Lol

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