The Milwaukee Health Department is calling a new study an embarrassment, but why?

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- The Milwaukee Health Department is calling a new study an embarrassment. The findings show black residents don't live as long as white residents in Wisconsin -- and the racial gap is improving everywhere but here.

The study published in the Health Affairs Journal says in 2010, white men in Wisconsin lived an average of seven years longer than black men. White women in Wisconsin lived four to six years longer than black women.

Public Health Commissioner Bevan Baker says along with community health events, more needs to be done.

"I'm concerned that some of the policies and some of the investments in the public health system haven't kept par with other states, and we really should be concerned if we really want everyone to have equal opportunity to be healthy," said Baker.

Nicole Barnes happened upon the "I Have a Dream" wellness event Tuesday, August 5th. She says she has concerns about her own health.

"Being healthy, you know, we need to get there. Especially in communities that are low-income, predominantly African-American. We have a lot of health issues in our communities so we make sure we address those issues in a fun, proactive way," said Barnes.

The study shows Wisconsin is not alone in the standings. Other than Illinois, none of the Midwest states showed much progress for women. Overall, New York showed the most improvement, shaving almost six years off the gap between white and black women.


  • diane

    Personal responsibility. the key. ..put your hands to work instead of holding them out. ..big brother owes no one a thing…if you do the crime..dont whine…everyone is born naked…a blank slate a clean slate…parents dont breed and have kids if you cant be responsible..personally..and financially…take control of your own destiny. ..go to school. .work hard be a good person. unto others as you would have them do unto you..dont covet your neughbors wealth or possession’ s..honor your mother and your father. shall not shall not kill…you know the ten commandments. ..the African american..clergy should go back to the basics….just an idea

  • Shannon

    These studies do more to deepen the racial divide more than anything. As a black person, why do I even care who’s living longer than me? I’m responsible for my life just as the next person. But articles like this one definitely bring out the internet bigots and closet racists. May all live long and prosper, survival of the fittest and all that jazz

  • Milwaukeehater

    I have lived in a lot of places and I have never seen so much racism anywhere else as much as I’ve seen here in Wisconsin’s black communities. Sorry.

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