Teacher arrested after showing up for work drunk and not wearing pants

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WAGONER, Okla. (CNN) — A new teacher is missing her first week on the job after police say she showed up to school drunk.

Lorie Hill was arrested Monday — the first day back at school for teachers at Wagoner High School in Oklahoma.

Police say two other teachers found Hill in a classroom — intoxicated and not wearing any pants.

“When our officers interviewed her she did admit to having some vodka yesterday morning before she came to school.”

Hill is facing a public intoxication charge.


  • dancing in the ruins

    good thing the teachers union will save her job. it would be tragic if a fine upstanding teacher like this lost her job because of something so trivial as showing up to school drunk and pantsless. i couldn’t begin to count how many times everyone does that in the private sector.

    • Marie

      I in a union and we would not represent that teacher. Not all unions will represent something that bad.

      • Marie

        Correction: I am in a union and we would not represent that teacher. Not all unions will represent something that bad.

      • dancing in the ruins

        really? like the teacher in madison who was busted for watching p0rn at school on a school computer and the union not only got him his job back but got him back pay too? justify that one.

    • Skandalous G

      The teacher’s union is not as strong as people want to believe. Last year we didn’t even have dental at the school I worked at! Does your union get you dental? And no, our union wouldn’t have backed this character up.

  • RedHot

    “missing her first week of school”????
    How about “lost her job”?
    She certainly does not show the good judgment I want in someone to whom children are entrusted!
    1 – drunk; 2 – undressed; 3 – no self-control (drinking or weight); 4 – no self-respect (drinking, weight)

  • shel

    The union and tenure are definitely not as strong as most think. I have tenure and belong to the union and I just got fired for leaving 5 high schoolers for 7 minutes to make a copy about 50 feet away, go figure. Not to mention I had a perfect record and it is not specified anywhere in policy or otherwise that we are not allowed to leave the room for 5 minutes.

  • Reagan 84

    I bet those students who seen her pantsless are scared for life. Where’s Al Bundy,was she wearing shoes?

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