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With days to go until the primary, hotly-contested Milwaukee Co. Sheriff’s race focused on immigration

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Voters take to the polls next Tuesday, August 12th for the primary election, and perhaps the most hotly contested race in our area pits the outspoken Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke against Milwaukee Police Lieutenant Chris Moews. The race has been rocked by accusations of back-room deals and misrepresentation over a hot button issue: Immigration.

Both candidates for Milwaukee County Sheriff agree the biggest issue in the race is violent crime in the city of Milwaukee -- but less than a week before the primary election, the candidates are talking about immigration.

"Immigration is a very hot topic right now at the federal level, and they're trying to capitalize on that at the local level," Moews said.

Sheriff David Clarke, in a campaign press release says his opponent in the Democratic primary "sold his soul to a radical group" -- the immigration rights activists at Voces de la Frontera. He points to a Facebook post on the group's website that says Moews "vowed not to cooperate" with federal officials. Moews says there's one problem: He never uttered those words.

"It's a complete fabrication and a lie.  They're losing this race.  It's six days before a primary. They're putting out  press releases and making a lot of commentary that just is not true," Moews said.

Moews says he would fully comply with the law in all immigration cases -- but Clarke says any relationship with the group is suspect.

"I think it's dangerous for a sheriff to get in bed with outside political interests.  I've remained independent.  I keep the political class at an arm's length for a reason, so that when I make decisions, they're independent decisions. They're in the best interests of the people -- not somebody who bought and paid for me," Clarke said.

Voces de la Frontera will not be sending out organizers to help elect Moews, but Moews says there was no quid pro quo on immigration.

"They're not doing that because they think my opponent is a nice guy.  They want influence in this office," Clarke said.

"That just is not true, and they are doing that because they don't want to focus on the real issues here in Milwaukee County -- that being Milwaukee is the 10th most violent city in America per capita.  The sheriff is on pace to be over budget and he doesn't work well with anybody, so he's incapable of doing the job of sheriff because of his management style," Moews said.

"I'm supposed to be on the side of law-abiding people, not interest groups who are representing some other interest," Clarke said.

Many observers believe this primary will essentially decide the race in heavily-Democratic Milwaukee County.

The primary winner will face an independent candidate -- Angela Walker, who was a former lobbyist, in the November general election.

The following is Chris Moews' biography, as posted on his website:

Chris Moews (pronounced “Mays”) is a lieutenant with the Milwaukee Police Department. Currently he is the Executive Officer to the Captain at District 7. Prior to that he supervised a team of detectives in the North Investigations Division, investigating, solving and working to prevent violent crime. Under his leadership, his team had one of the highest crime-solving rates in the city.

Chris Moews

Chris Moews

Moews has been a police officer for 20 years, and has earned numerous awards and recognition. He is a sought-after instructor, and commands a major incident response team. Moews currently serves as a board member of the Wisconsin Association of Homicide Investigators and previously served on the board of the Milwaukee Police Association.

Lt. Chris Moews is a lifelong resident of Milwaukee County. He and his wife, also a police officer, and their two children live in Milwaukee’s Jackson Park neighborhood. Moews graduated from Marquette University High School and holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Criminal Justice from UW-Milwaukee. The Moews family attends St. Alphonsus in Greendale, where Chris previously taught confirmation classes.

The following is Moews' message to voters as posted on his website:

"I’m a lieutenant with the Milwaukee Police Department and I am running to be the next sheriff of Milwaukee County.

We need to have a professional law enforcement official that focuses on public safety, not politics.

The incumbent unfortunately has failed as a law enforcement officer, a steward of public dollars and a community role model.

We need a sheriff who is focused on countywide law enforcement issues. In addition to the ongoing task of managing the jail the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office provides courtroom security, community safety in parks and other public places, and executes our highway patrol. There are also a number of responsibilities that used to fall to the sheriff but have been lost in recent years.

The sheriff must play a productive role in witness protection, coordination of a smart, effective drug-interdiction strategy, and promotion of public policy that enhances smart policing.

Most importantly, as an elected official, the sheriff should conduct himself with the utmost dignity, and help facilitate cooperation between our urban and suburban law enforcement partners. And the sheriff should respect deputies, treating them as partners, not adversaries.

The incumbent has engaged in theatrics and grandstanding, chasing headlines and putting his own needs over the needs of the citizens he swore to protect. He’s bullied his officers. And he’s pushed an extreme political agenda instead of prioritizing public safety, alienating most Milwaukee County residents.

We need new leadership in the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office. We need a smarter approach to today’s challenges. We need a new sheriff in Milwaukee County, and as concerned citizens I hope you will join with me in making Milwaukee County safer.

I hope to earn your support on August 12, 2014. Thank you."

The following is Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke's biography -- as posted on the Sheriff's Office's website

Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr., is a lifelong resident of the City of Milwaukee. A Marquette University High School graduate, he was a member of the varsity basketball team that won the state private school championship in 1973.

Sheriff David Clarke

Sheriff David Clarke

His 35-plus years as a law enforcement professional began in 1978, at the Milwaukee Police Department (MPD), where he served 24 distinguished years and acquired a broad range of experience. During his 11 years as a Patrol Officer, he received meritorious citations for felony arrests. He was promoted to Detective in 1989, and just nine months later was selected for the specialized Homicide Division, where he was part of a team that investigated more than 400 homicides in a four-year period. MPD made arrests in more than 80 percent of homicides, well above the national average of 60%.

Clarke was promoted in 1992, to Lieutenant of Detectives and was assigned to the Criminal Investigation Bureau as Shift Commander of the Crimes Against Property Division, the Violent Crimes Unit, and again to the Homicide Division. In 1996, he was promoted to MPD’s command staff as Captain of Police, and soon became Commander of the Department's First District, located in Milwaukee’s business and entertainment center. Clarke’s goal was to provide a safe environment for the district’s employees, tourists, and patrons of the arts, dining and nightlife.

In 1999, Clarke became Commanding Officer of MPD’s Intelligence Division. The Division was responsible for producing and sharing intelligence, and for providing dignitary protection in conjunction with the Secret Service, the Department of State, and other federal agencies. Clarke also served as the Department's liaison with the United States Attorney as coordinator of the CEASEFIRE violent crime reduction program, and with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Customs Service, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, the Immigration and Naturalization Service, and the Wisconsin Department of Criminal Investigation.

In March 2002, Clarke was appointed Sheriff by Governor Scott McCallum, and eight months later was elected to his first four-year term, earning 64%of the vote. Sheriff Clarke is now in his third term, having been re-elected in November 2006 and 2010, increasing his victory margins to 73% and 74%.

Clarke graduated summa cum laude from Concordia University Wisconsin with a degree in Criminal Justice Management, and in May 2003, Concordia honored him with their Alumnus of the Year Award. Sheriff Clarke also is a graduate of the FBI National Academy in Quantico, Virginia. This prestigious school trains law enforcement executives from all over the world, and provides management and leadership instruction. In July 2004, he completed the intensive three-week Program for Senior Executives in State and Local Government, at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.

In October 2004, Sheriff Clarke participated in the 80-hour Executive Development Program of the National Sheriffs’ Institute, sponsored by the National Sheriffs’ Association and the National Institute of Corrections in Colorado. Clarke returned to Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government in April 2005, to complete the week-long executive education program entitled, “Driving Government Performance: Leadership Strategies That Produce Results.”

In 2005, Sheriff Clarke was nominated to the FBI’s 28th Annual National Executive Institute, a world-renowned leadership development forum for law enforcement executives conducted by recognized experts in leadership, media, ethics, international policies, intelligence-led policing, homeland security, and social, political and economic trends. The forums were conducted in weeklong cycles in Quantico, Ottawa and Gettysburg.

Sheriff Clarke traveled to Los Angeles in 2009, to meet with Police Chief William Bratton and Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca, and to study their operations. Of special concentration were LAPD’s CompStat system, a crime control and analysis model, and LASD’s detention services, large jail management, and emergency management operations.

In October 2009, Sheriff Clarke was honored to receive the Americanism Award from the Milwaukee County War Memorial Veterans Board of Directors at their annual awards ceremony. The board, consisting of 22 veterans organizations, historically has awarded civic leaders and community volunteers, and not elected officials. However, board members said they chose to recognize Sheriff Clarke in “appreciation for his version of law and order.”

In April 2011, Sheriff Clarke, along with a dozen American police chiefs and sheriffs, traveled to Israel on a weeklong law enforcement executive training mission sponsored by the American Israel Education Foundation. There they exchanged best practices in areas including airport security, intelligence analysis and sharing, public spaces security, bomb disposal, border security, incident and media management, the psychology of terror, and terror financing.

Sheriff Clarke was honored in May 2013, with the Sheriff of the Year Award from the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association for, “demonstrating true leadership and courage. . . staying true to his oath, true to his badge, and true to the people he has promised to serve and protect.”

In September 2013, after completing a rigorous master’s degree program, Sheriff Clarke received an M.A. in Security Studies from the Naval Postgraduate School, Center for Homeland Defense and Security, in Monterey, California. The competitive 18-month program included 12 weeks of in-residence study, course work, on-line study and the completion of a thesis. As a postgraduate student, Clarke collaborated with national security officials on current policy, strategy and organizational design challenges in security studies, homeland security and defense. He wrote his thesis on striking a balance between domestic intelligence operations, and protecting privacy and civil liberties.

Sheriff Clarke is a member of several professional organizations, including the American Jail Association, International Association of Chiefs of Police, Major County Sheriffs’ Association, Badger State Sheriff’s Association, Milwaukee County Law Enforcement Executives Association, National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives, and the National Sheriffs’ Association, serving on its Legal Affairs Committee.

He is an Honorary Chair of the Milwaukee Fellowship Open, and a past board member of the Three Harbors Council Boy Scouts of America, Milwaukee Tennis & Education Foundation, Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Milwaukee, and the American Red Cross in Southeastern Wisconsin.

Sheriff Clarke and his wife Julie Clarke, a Realtor, live in the home they built on the northwest side of Milwaukee.


    • Gary C. Malachowski

      Bloomberg Anti-Gun PAC Funds $150,000 Ad Campaign Against Vocal Black Conservative Sheriff David Clark
      osted by Gateway Guest Blogger on Sunday, August 10, 2014, 8:30 PM

      Whenever conservatives object to the policies of a candidate, Liberals, supported by the Liberal media, cry out in unison that conservatives are racist. Well — what’s good for the goose is also good for the gander. Isn’t it about time that conservatives start pointing the race card finger back onto those Liberals who truly judge everything through the prism of skin color?
      Now apply the same Liberal skin color prism spotlight on Bloomberg’s PAC—a PAC which is funding a $150,000 ad campaign targeting the defeat of a black constitutional Sheriff—in favor of replacing with a white Sheriff. Isn’t that racist? Where’s the media and Liberal outrage?
      Bloomberg supported anti-gun candidate, Chris Moews (left) is attempting to defeat pro-constitutionalist Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke (right).
      Many might remember David Clarke from a famous Public Safety Ad urging citizens to arm themselves in the battle against crime and thus partnering with the Sheriff’s office to help lower the crime rate. A strategy that has also proven to work in dropping crime rates for Detroit via armed citizens.

      JSOnline reports the following (via GSL):
      Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s political action committee, Independence USA, has purchased $150,833 in television ads in an effort to defeat Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. and support his opponent, Milwaukee police Lt. Chris Moews.
      In response to the news of Bloomberg’s ads, Clarke said in a statement: “I trust the voters. The voters can’t be bought.”
      The ad buys by Bloomberg’s PAC come on top of $400,000 in media ads purchased by the Greater Wisconsin Committee to try to beat Clarke, who is seeking his fourth term in Tuesday’s Democratic primary election.

      Also on Friday, Citizens for Responsible Government — a local conservative group — paid for $55,238 in airtime on five Milwaukee-area stations to air TV spots supporting the sheriff.
      Clarke has drawn strong support from the National Rifle Association, which has sent out a fundraising appeal asking for members to contribute.
      “Make no mistake: Sheriff Clarke is fighting the re-election battle of his life right now because he dared to stand on principle by standing up for you, me and the NRA,” wrote Chris Cox, executive director of the NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action.
      Campaign finance reports show Clarke has received a large number of contributions from out of state.
      There are no Republicans running, so the winner of Tuesday’s primary will likely be elected. Independent candidate Angela Walker is the only challenger on the November ballot.
      Meanwhile another group, Citizens for Urban Justice, has purchased radio ads at three stations in support of Clarke. […]

      Moews said it is “unreasonable and inappropriate” to link him to cases that may have cast the Milwaukee Police Department in a bad light, he said.
      Bloomberg formed Independence USA to support local, state and federal candidates in races across the country in which gun laws, education policy and marriage equality are issues, according to its website.
      On the website, Bloomberg says: “This new effort will support candidates and causes that will help protect Americans from the scourge of gun violence, improve our schools and advance our freedom.” […]

  • HN

    I think we all know why Dave is running under the Democratic ticket…yes, the black vote. For a guy to dismantle his dept. Then have the nerve to whine about not getting staff….really Dave? Does the name Contessa Brewer ring a bell Dave? Where is the CCAP entries involving Dave? Can you imagine what Dave’s brother in law Charley Sikes(sp) would say if a Democrat ran under the Republican ticket?

  • David John Francis

    As I understand it a legislature can check the President’s policy-making power. Congress can overturn an executive order or agreement with the vote of two-thirds of both the Senate and House of Representatives. Since most members of Congress will vote along party lines, however, it is extremely tricky to overturn a Presidential policy. The Supreme Court of the United States may also overturn a Presidential policy if it is found to violate the Constitution or conflict with an existing law. The Supreme Court’s right of judicial review of executive policies is not stated in the Constitution. Instead, it originated from the Court’s own landmark decision, Marbury v. Madison, 5 U.S. 137 (1803)

    To me this is very significant and John Boehner Speaker of the House of Representatives should stand strongly with the American people against the regression policies of the Obama Administration. Blasted on the TV, radio, Internet and news media we have been told that President Obama is going to sign an executive order to legitimize some 5 to 8 million illegal aliens. He has already used his pen to overreach immigration laws by giving men and women to the age of 30, the Daca Act deferring deportation as long as these people go to school or join armed forces. Sometime prior to this Obama used his presidential directive called the “Catch and Release” program, slyly hidden away from public eyes that the majority of people caught at the border, usually detained into custody. That once the US Border agents have processed each illegal individual, then forwarded into the hands of ICE, then released back onto the streets.


    Last week two illegal aliens shot and killed an off-duty US border Patrol man out with his family fishing. These two murdering thugs had been deported from the United States FOUR TIMES, but had returned time after time. If we had an honest “Justice” system some might be calling for the indictment of Barack Obama for allowing known criminals to stay in this country and commit crimes. A few days ago, a “Dreamer” allowed to stay in this country illegally by Obama were part of a team that murdered a USC student. How many Americans and visitors need to be killed before the American public demands the laws is enforced? So far Obama gave amnesty to 36,000 convicted and jailed illegal aliens. He has allowed hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens to stay in this country. Obama gave work permits to 520,000 illegal aliens waiting to be deported—the permits are good for TWO years.

    Death is an everyday occurrence along the Southwest border, with the bodies of children left by criminal cartel members. Zeroing in to the Texas is a hive of murders and mayhem that haunt ranchers and property owners, who are at risk every day from drug traffickers and coyotes bring more and more, individuals from Middle Eastern countries, who not here for the best on intentions. But Obama’s orders to the border Patrol supervisors has eliminated any chance of sending people back. I hope it’s not conjecture that the American people realize that this Liberal Socialist refuses to seal the border and stop incursions into THE PEOPLES nation.

    Obama has undermined the separation of powers, which is most certainly a violation of the Rule of Law and the U.S. Constitution. His government that includes holder, Pelosi, Feinstein and that old reprobate Sen. Harry Reid has affected every taxpayer’s lives. Reid has held back deliberately on any House bills, so less prudent people think the Congress have done anything worthwhile in this session. House Bills unread, unreported sitting on Reid’s desk or hidden out of sight. Obama’s Executive Order Czar, John Podesta made a mockery of America and our Founding Fathers when he told us that Obama’s just is getting warmed up. When he believes “he has the authority” to “make progress” without action by Congress, he’ll do it, Podesta boasted.

    If President Obama signs an executive order giving amnesty, all hell will break loose. We have an ascending US deficit of 17 Trillion dollars, with over 7 Trillion accountable to the White House; unknown dollars being consumed by foreigners. Taxpayers are already catering to the welfare of the 11-20 million plus foreigners who have illegally settled in programs that were once prohibited to law breakers. The Pew organization says there an estimated 11.3 million illegal aliens on our soil, but this is based on the Census every ten years. However, how can you count people who hide in the background, in the shadows of legal families in many cases?

    It’s just another cleverly composed lie, which seems to be well established in this present government. Everybody who has a pulse in the US, under Obamas Imperial reign can collect Food Stamps, Child care payments and other public assistance. But this is just not illegal aliens that are involved in the abuse and corruptions. Part of our own society thinks that their states and the federal government owe them a living. The freeloaders are there for what they can get for free, without working for a living. This nation has become a “Nanny” state; even worse under Obama. He plans to abuse executive orders to blow by Congress and the Constitution to carry out his socialistic agenda.

    Everything we’ve worked for—and what our military has gallantly fought for and DIED FOR—over the course of history is at stake: our sovereignty, our freedom, our military power and our right to liberty and justice. We cannot even speak out, without the “politically Correct” critics having something to say about any anti-government facts.

    Only candidates of the National TEA PARTY, moderate Conservatism will enforce immigration laws and follow the dictates of the Rule of Law, the Federal Registry and the US Constitution. We need National TEA PARTY candidates who will abide by the oath of allegiance, our sovereignty to respect the Rule of Law and the vision of our founders, the US Constitution. Rough your politicians up—verbally and introduce them to a pink slip, if they don’t follow the will of the people. Check this site that has the phone Numbers and Mailing Addresses of Members of Congress at: http://www.contactingthecongress/ to demand an end to illegal immigration and the dismantling of our laws, sovereignty and military, which is protection against our enemies. This is the number for the central switchboard for Congress to address your grievances at 800-224-3121.

    We must obstruct amnesty for illegal aliens, which is entirely up to us—grassroots America—the little vulnerable populace. Don’t bother to watch the rhetoric and propaganda the Alphabet Television who are subjects of big business; same with the National press. And be assured that in the coming midterm elections, specifically in Blue states with lax identity requirements. Illegal aliens will be voting as they did in the presidential election—under the sinister ACORN organization that has reformed again under different names. Read the facts for fair and honest voting at www. You can also get alternative—NO SPIN– news about issues at One-America cable TV News http:/ and You might also like to try (AliPac) Take time to read facts the

    A RED FLAG WARNING: Why didn’t the DOD drones wipe out the convoys of trucks and vehicles of ISIS, when they had the chance to save the Syrian border and Iraq from being overrun? Hundreds of thousands of people are fleeing to a sacred mountain and have no food and water. America needs to intervene and eradicating a deadly human virus of terrorist animals that beheaded soldiers and civilians and stuck the bloody heads on poles? This government is being beheld as weak, so that the Russians, Hamas and other toxic countries look upon us as easy prey while this President pink slips our military.

  • Lone ranger

    Clark has ten times the experience compared to this other guy! Many more degree’s and awards plus he is a sheriff for the people and stands for our rights as citizens! vote sheriff Clark for sheriff we need more people like him running this failing city!

  • scott

    These commercials trying to sling mud on Clark are laughable. It claims that Clark wasted money on flat screen TV’s. Perhaps they are to stupid to realize that everybody had to change TV’s to flat screen after the recent conversion by the government.

    It claims Clark is wasting money on deputies that sit at the courthouse and baby sit security guards. Well these security guards don’t have the power to arrest or detain so there has to be a deputy at the COUNTY courthouse.

    It talks about how Clark said don’t wait for 911 to help you, get a gun and protect yourself. IMO that actually helps Clark not hurt him.

    It talks about how the Sherriff’s department doesn’t investigate murders. That is the job of the city police. The ones that Moews runs.

  • scott

    In addition, The ad talks about how Clark bough exorcise equipment. Wouldn’t you want you deputies to be fit enough to catch a suspect? As for the deputies at the courthouse…. The guards cannot carry weapons so the sheriff has to be on hand. They talk about too much gun violence in the city…. Isn’t that what the Milwaukee Police department should be handling? Which is, by the way, the department that Moews is currently a supervisor of. If he can’t do his own job right, how does he expect us to have faith that he can handle the job of someone else?

  • XTO

    A big pecentage of those degree’s and awards i’m sorry HUGE! percentage are paid for by OUR TAX DOLLARS! all that travel and expence,do you really think he pulled out his visa! Oh yes, and do not forget about the $45,000 truck to pull his horse around town!

  • Ubiquitous King

    We need a African candidate because neither one of these white folk will do. Clarke tried to cover up a crime that will soon cost tax payers money, and the other white dude is a ranking officer in a criminal ridden police department full of molesters and uncharged criminal servants. We need a African candidate, I vote Paul Mooney for sheriff.

  • NH

    I it true Dave must be saluted by his staff? Is it true Dave requires pictures on walls/desks of himself? Jeez Dave, get over yourself…..

  • bloomberg defeated

    Great to see a puppet of a billionaire amnesty advocate and gun banner like Bloomberg was defeated yet again! He sure seems to be the kiss of death when he spends money supporting someone! Bloomberg supporting this clown probably cost him at least three or four points in the race. It reminds me of the Colorado recalls, which still haunt and humiliate Banner Bloomberg to this day! He thinks he can buy elections, but he can’t!

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