What is inside Governor Scott Walker’s “War Room?” Documents from initial “John Doe” investigation released

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MADISON (WITI) -- What is inside Governor Scott Walker's "War Room?" On Friday morning, August 8th, thousands of documents were released as part of the now-closed first of two John Doe investigations involving Governor Walker. The documents are shedding light into how then-County Executive Scott Walker managed his office.

The documents spell out Walker's agenda, issues and key contacts when he was Milwaukee County's Executive.

The document that came from Walker's county computer was originally collected as part of a now-closed John Doe investigation.

The "War Room" document is part of 14 gigabytes of data released by Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele in response to a judge's order from May to make the information public.

The "War Room" file plots out issues he wanted to highlight, groups he wanted to target, places he planned to visit and targeted media.

In a file dated October, 2006 -- Walker outlines a firm initiative while he was Milwaukee's County Executive -- calling for contacts to be established in each aldermanic ward -- neighborhoods, religious and minority groups. The documents say visits to local businesses should encourage others to support the agenda of the County Executive.

Appearances at special events are marked with questions within the documents. "Is there a practical official reason for the County Executive to attend? Does it fit the message of the day, week and/or month?"

Under "Issues" Walker noted the need to lobby state lawmakers on park issues and "work on new board member" on county pensions.

"Those (documents) were part of the original John Doe investigation that resulted in six individuals being charged," Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm said.

Chisholm says this is just the beginning.

"'It`s my understanding that this is just the first release.  They are still working on a body of other material that I anticipate will come out in the coming week," Chisholm said.

According to Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele's office, a team of attorneys and IT staff have been working full-time since the end of June to format, sort and process the documents. Any non-public material like social security numbers or personal medical information was redacted.

In the documents, Chisholm is referenced several times -- including in a memo written by Walker's Chief of Staff Tom Nardelli: "Why now, after all the information my office has shared with you, must this be done in secret? Is there a motive you've not shared with us?"

Friday's release of documents represents just a small percentage of what is expected to come. We're told it's "terabytes" of information.

Chisholm says the information will likely come at a cost to taxpayers -- but couldn't say how much the sorting and sifting of the documents will cost.

The documents released on Friday, August 8th are part of the first John Doe investigation launched against Governor Scott Walker.

That investigation focused on Walker's aides and associates when he was Milwaukee's County Executive -- and whether they were doing campaign work on county time.

The second John Doe investigation connected to Walker explored whether he illegally coordinated fundraising with outside conservative groups during his 2012 recall election.

CLICK HERE for a complete collection of coverage on both John Doe investigations -- via FOX6Now.com.


    • WHAT!

      He never turned on trek he’s just running against burke (maybe) Burke turned on trek twice do some research because she never had anything to do with treks success she was in school and then new york, she didn’t join trek until after her father made it succeed. She’s a lying spin doctor and dofsn’t have the money to hide her past like snobama did.

      • M

        Your hero is and has been nothing but a waste of time and money for our state. And how many successful businesses has he headed up? Zero, last I checked. He can’t go away soon enough, and good riddance to this tea party spin doctor.

    • glacier1

      In 2011, On Milwaukee interviewed Treks public relations manager, Eric Bjorling. Three of several questions that were asked:
      On Milwaukee:
      How many Trek bicycles are made in Wisconsin?
      Eric B:
      First of all, Trek produces more bikes in the United States than any other company. And how many we produce really depends on demand, on what season it is. It’s almost impossible to give a number. It’s somewhere in the 10,000 range, but again, it just really depends on the year.
      I will say this, right now we are manufacturing exclusively carbon fiber bikes in Wisconsin. The models we produce here are higher end.

      These high end models that are being talked about are for the most part out of the reach of your average bicyclist. In my research I have seen them from $1000 to over $6000. So if you own a Trek and paid only a few hundred, there is a good chance it was made overseas.

      On Milwaukee:
      So the majority of Trek’s bicycles are manufactured overseas?
      Eric B:
      Yes. We work with Hartmansdorf, Germany, and we also manufacture in China and Taiwan, as well.

      On Milwaukee:
      How many bikes are manufactured in these locations?
      Eric B:
      Again, it’s tough to say. We do sell roughly 1.5 million bikes every year, so that gives you an idea.

      So, based on the numbers above, Walkers claim that 99% of the bikes are manufactured overseas is very accurate.

      Call what you will, but there is plenty of information available online that backs Walker’s claim – 10,000 in the US vs 1,500.000 overseas equals 99.33%. The math does not lie.

      • Jenna

        It makes sense to make them in China and the Netherlands, when a vital source of transportation in those countries is… wait for it… BICYCLES!

  • Allen

    How about we back up Walkers claim that if he didn’t create 250,000 jobs by the end of his first term he is a failure?

    • Jenna

      All politics aside, there still aren’t many FAMILY SUPPORTING JOBS, and we are still waiting for that jobs bill to get drawn up. He did promise a jobs bill, remember? Probably not. Most of the blue haired folks that vote Republican are so old and near senile, the only thing they remember is what time “Wheel” comes on.

  • Patrick Doyle

    The people of Wisconsin are tired of hearing Walker’s well-rehearsed answers to predictable softball questions about his failure to make good on his promises. Other than ambition, what does Walker bring to the table? The one and only ‘new’ idea he ever had – WEDC – is a complete and utter failure and he can’t blame Doyle, Obama, or Burke.

    As far as potential criminal activity, ask yourselves: Who cheats? It’s people who feel that they aren’t good enough to compete fairly. That should give insight into Walker and his talent selection process. He’s not interested in high-performers, he wants to win, and doesn’t care how he does it or who gets hurt – a trait he shares with other narcissistic personalities. In fact, Walker’s approach to governing is like Ted Bundy’s approach to dating.

    Ambition without ability is worse than worthless, and Walker’s already dirtier than Nixon was when he was forced OUT of office. http://goo.gl/4GsSrh

  • Ted

    Mary Burke never was a high ranking officer at Trek when all the growth was going on. Her brother John has been running thing for the last 12-15 years.

  • wilsonee (@wilsonee)

    John Chisholm is a REAL SCUMBAG! After failing (big time) to convince 2 judges Walker committed a crime, he releases thousands of meaningless documents at the people’s expense.just to embarrass Walker. Meanwhile, Chismholm’s is busy pleading down violent offenders!

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