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The HPV vaccine, causing deaths? Why getting compensation in these cases isn’t easy

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WAUKESHA (WITI) -- Vaccines are supposed to keep you healthy -- but what if they don't? Late last month, a 12-year-old Waukesha girl died, and her parents believe an HPV shot may be to blame. Now, FOX6 News has learned the path to getting compensation for those who believe they've been injured by vaccines isn't easy, standard or well-known.

The story of 12-year-old Meredith Prohaska's death got a lot of attention from FOX6 viewers.

The little girl died just hours after receiving the HPV vaccine.

"Make sure you know all the side affects and make sure you're hugging them all the time," Prohaska's mother, Rebecca Prohaska said.

One week before Meredith Prohaska received the vaccine, a 19-year-old in Greenfield suffered a serious reaction.

"He kept saying 'Ashley, you got to stay with us.' She's just completely out of it," the girl's mother, Jill Swanson said.

Milwaukee attorney Jerry Konkel says he is one of the few lawyers in Wisconsin certified to file a complaint for those who feel they've been injured by vaccines. The process is different from most legal cases.

In 1988, a special fund was created: The federal government's "Vaccine Injury Compensation Fund" designed to help what Konkel calls the "one in a million" injured by vaccines.

"There are known complications, and then there are complications that are less known. The pharmaceutical industry and the government believe that vaccines are a very good thing and they are generally safe, but they also recognize that people can have adverse reactions and that's why the system was set up," Konkel said.

Vaccines go through trials and tests before they are approved by the Federal Drug Administration.

Legally then, to sue one of the pharmaceutical companies, the standard is whether the vaccine is unreasonably dangerous -- something that's difficult to show.

With some local families questioning whether their loved one suffered a rare side effect from a vaccine, Konkel has the same concern.

Two of his children have autism.

While Konkel says in most cases, there is not a clear scientific link to vaccinations and autism, his interest in the issue is both professional and personal.

"As you know, anything you can do to help your kid," Konkel said.

Konkel says there are caps to government compensation:

  • $250,000 for pain and suffering
  • $250,000 for death
  • No caps for people who end up needing life-long care

A person has three years from the date of the vaccination to make a claim.

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  • reissd

    This article is problematic on the facts and wrong on the law. In Meredith’s case, there’s no evidence it was the vaccine. She was sick going in, and the autopsy shows no such things, and the description is not that of an allergic reaction. Presenting it this way is misleading.

    And no, you do not use the unavoidably safe standard here to determine if to sue manufacturers. That is simply wrong. And misuse of the term.
    For vaccine injuries, plaintiffs have to go to NVICP, a special administrative program. The program is more plaintiff-friendly than the regular courts: the requirements are easier. You do not have to show a design defect, the standard for causation is similar, and the evidential standards much lower. It’s easier to win a case in NVICP.

    But there is no medical or scientific evidence showing the HPV vaccine is related to any deaths. That’s why it’s very hard to win such a case. There is, however, a lot of evidence that HPV infections kill.

    This article is grossly inaccurate.

    • Maurine Meleck

      This article is truly accurate. and they will be told to get another and another and yet another.It’s rare that we see the truth in the media. There will be those that refute it all, even some in the legal field who are always turning words around to suit their own needs.
      Finally we get a glimpse of what can really happen from a dangerous vaccine-the HPV vaccine. This one is truly the most questionable of all the many, many vaccines that children are told to get.
      for females, simple pap smears when they get older are much better and will detect any signs of pre-cancer. If one does a HPV vaccine early, no doubt it will war off anyway and they will be told to get more and more of them. This shot is way too risky. Please educate before you vaccinate

      • reissd

        As pointed above, this article ignores the fact that there is no evidence the grip’s death was caused by the vaccine and is wrong on the law. Please point out which part of it you think is accurate.

      • Kay


    • Heather

      Dorit knows everyone, she knows of the injuries and of the deaths, she has been sent all the info, she has heard from the families. One simple needs to go to VAERS or truthaboutgardasil or or the many facebook groups set up for the parents who lost a child or are trying to deal with a sick child. But honestly Dorit (if she wanted to be honest) would tell you all this. I for one watched my daughter fight for her life after this worthless vaccine. FYI Dorit 90 % of people clear HPV in 2 years without any problem, and cervical cancer is very treatable. oh thats right you already knew that, you have had this discussion with 1000s already. What I find a shame is your total lack of concern for children who have died, not only is it a shame it is criminal, all I can say is …How do you sleep at night? hmmm no conscience must be easy for you, Your a RAT!

      • Cynthia Parker

        I completely agree with you, Heather! The professional commenters we see comments from here just recite their party line, and I also do not know how they can sleep at night. Dr. Diane Harper on Katie Couric’s show on girls damaged or killed by the HPV vaccine (Gardasil here), said that the new protocol of regular Pap testing combined with a DNA test to look for the presence of the virus would result in a 100% detection rate, permitting early treatment and cure of dangerous HPV lesions. Non-invasive, completely safe, girls still are supposed to get Pap testing anyway, as the vaccine doesn’t prevent infections by the many other potentially cancer-causing HPV serotypes, so it’s not even like it’s saving them from having to do that. Most dangerous infections are linked to smoking, alcoholism, or vitamin deficiencies, which must be present as well as the contact with the virus, which is not always through sexual contact. Dr. Harper said that 10% is through non-sexual contact, and those who get the vaccine are at increased danger of developing dangerous lesions, and yet girls are not routinely tested for previous exposure before being given this extremely dangerous vaccine.

    • Cathy

      There are more vaccine injured children and young adults than are reported to the VAERS System. Largely because we are erroneously led to believe that all vaccines are good for everyone. My daughter was injured by Gardasil. A pap smear has never killed anyone, Gardasil has and will continue to kill and injure

    • Cynthia Parker

      India took the HPV vaccine off the market when it killed several tribal girls there. Spain put a moratorium on its use when it caused seizures in a number of girls there. I have read reports on many girls in Australia and the UK, as well as the US, permanently disabled or killed by Gardasil or Cervarix. Literally hundreds of parents described their daughters’ injuries and even deaths shortly after getting Gardasil on Katie Couric’s blog after her show on it last November. And how curious that hundreds of comments were removed from the site.

      • reissd

        These are interesting claims. Can you support them? A look at the European CDC immunization schedule shows the HPV is still recommended in Spain for general use. While there was concern in India when girls died following vaccination, although there was no evidence the vaccine caused the death, I saw no evidence it was taken off the market outside unreliable anti-vaccine sites like Mercola. Do you have evidence on that from a reliable source?

        There are people who claim injuries from the vaccine. Over 157 million doses have been administered world wide, and some injuries right after are inevitable – and the believe of those affected that it was the vaccine very natural. But the increasing body of scientific and medical evidence shows this vaccine to be very, very safe.

        And are you suggesting any of us can control the Couric comments? If so, why would we leave so many anti-vaccine comments up? Again, it’s an interesting – if somewhat fanciful – conspiracy theory. But some evidence would be nice.

  • Kathy Pflaumer

    This journalist appears to be on a campaign against the HPV vaccine. The first story was one thing, and my heart goes out to the parents of that child. Still, even the first story had no conclusive evidence about the vaccine causing any harm. This is now the third story by the same journalist, and it includes an advertisement for a lawyer. Setting aside the fact that much of the information in this story is wrong, why is this journalist on a campaign to frighten parents away from a vaccine that prevents cancer? What is her agenda?

    • Maurine Meleck

      If you check out VAERS (vaccine injury reports) on the internet you can see the dozens of girls that have died following their HPV vaccines and the many hundreds who have been injured from it. How many more young people have to die before they realize that the HPV vaccine is probably the most dangerous one on the market. ? How long are these dangerous vaccine pushers going to say that correlation doesn’t prove causation? When a million young girls and boys are dead?

      • reissd

        VAERS report do not show causation, and an investigation shows most of those reports were not actually caused by the vaccine. The only side effect routinely connected to the vaccine – besides local reactions – is fainting on the day of.

      • Twyla

        re: “The only side effect routinely connected to the vaccine – besides local reactions – is fainting on the day of.”

        Right. Fainting is harmless, and more serious effects on the brain are just a coincidence.

        Just like we are told that febrile seizures can be caused by vaccines but are harmless, and more serious seizure disorders are just a coincidence.

        Inflammation at the injections site is harmless, but any chronic disorders involving inflammation are a coincidence.

        Got it.

      • reissd

        “Fainting is harmless, and more serious effects on the brain are just a coincidence.

        Just like we are told that febrile seizures can be caused by vaccines but are harmless, and more serious seizure disorders are just a coincidence.”

        The question which side effects vaccines do or do not cause is an empirical question. It’s not a matter of guess work. Studies look and ask. We need to follow the evidence. The evidence is that yes, HPV vaccines cause fainting on the day of – with no indication of sequel; but there is no evidence they cause other serious harms, and studies did look. Governments are looking. The evidence is that vaccines cause febrile seizure, and that’s openly published. The evidence is that they do not cause seizure disorder. That’s a good thing: it’s reassuring that vaccines do not cause seizure disorder, we don’t want them to cause it.

        The evidence is that rotavirus vaccines cause intussusception rarely, and that H1n1 vaccines used in Europe caused narcolepsy.

        When the evidence is there that vaccines cause harm, it’s openly acknowledged. The problem starts when you attribute to vaccines things that the evidence shows they do not cause.

    • Maurine Meleck

      all parents should be extremely frightened about this vaccine. It’s one of the most dangerous and completely unnecessary. However, it is a big money maker for the drug companies.

      • reissd

        This vaccine has been studied in numerous large scale studies in hundreds of thousands of young girls in several countries:

        No serious problems were found. The only evidence against it are stories based on a temporal connection – sometimes, like here, with evidence of a possible other cause (in this case, the poor child was already sick).

        Attacking this vaccine against the evidence can lead to parents not protecting their children against this infection. Some of these children will get cancer and/or die from it. If you’re going to argue for leaving children at risk of cancer, you should at least have good evidence. There’s none against this vaccine.

  • Maurine Meleck

    This is a terrible story and my heart goes out to the family. Tens of thousands of children have been vaccine injured all over the country. It is so very difficult to get compensation in vaccine court. It’s a court made up of government officials-and the government also mandates vaccines so the conflicts of interest are great. Unlike other dangerous drugs on the market, families of vaccine injured children cannot sue the drug maker of vaccines or the doctors who give the shots. A great book on this ery subject will be out Sept. 1–Vaccine Court(the dark side) by Wayne Rohde and can be ordered on Amazon now.
    Maurine Meleck, SC
    grandmother to 2 vaccine injured children who suffered encephalopathy following their vaccinations

    • thirdwarning

      Since compensation for an actual vaccine injury is easier to get through the NVICP, what would be the point of suing manufacturers? Why would it make sense to go through a civil court where your standard of evidence would be more stringent? As for suing doctors, for what? Following good medical practice? Practicing preventive medicine?
      The federal government does not mandate vaccines. Your claim of conflict of interest requires some evidence beyond your mere statement.

      • Twyla

        Federal agencies such as the CDC and FDA are responsible for overseeing vaccine development, approving vaccines, and monitoring vaccine safety. The federal Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) determines which vaccines are recommended for the CDC vaccine schedule. That schedule is the basis for most states’ vaccine mandates.

  • Lisa Bloomquist

    Are the defenders of this absurd vaccine thinking that 12 year olds suddenly die for no apparent reason? What universe do you live in? That’s insane!

    The justification for the HPV vaccines is flawed. HPV is one of many causes of cervical cancer. Cervical, and many other types of cancer, are caused by mitochondrial damage and oxidative stress. The HPV vaccines have been shown to induce mitochondrial damage and oxidative stress. They will cause more cancer deaths than they will prevent.

    Not one life has been saved by the HPV vaccine. Not one.

    • Kelly M. Bray

      12 year olds do die from many causes. Multiple studies have shown no difference in the numbers of deaths and morbidity between the vaccinated and unvaccinated group during clinical trials and post release.

      • Maurine Meleck

        could you please expound on some of the causes for a 12 year old girl to die literally overnight or in a week, having had no previously known medical condition. I have never heard of this before. Also please post links of those trial vaxed vs unvaxed . I have never seen them

      • reissd

        There are quite a few viral or bacterial illnesses that can kill quickly. To remind you, the girl went to the doctor because she was sick.

      • Twyla

        For years, parents of toddlers who regressed into autism after adverse reactions to vaccines were told that this would have happened anyways – even though their children’s reactions were constant with known vaccine sequelae such as encephalitis and encephalopathy. Now parents of dead or disabled preteens, teenagers, and young women are being told this would have happened anyways, even when prior to the vaccine the girl/woman lived a healthy active life for many years. This denial is deplorable.

      • reissd

        The question which harms vaccine cause is an empirical question. The evidence shows that vaccines do not cause autism. The evidence shows that most of the alleged harms against HPV were not from the vaccine. This evidence is based on large scale studies that took the question very seriously. Millions of dollars and countless research hours were spent trying to answer it. In both cases, the claims are unsupported.

        Accepting claims that vaccines cause harms when the evidence shows they do not has a cost: people may not protect their children against dangerous infection because of it. Children or adults may suffer and die. It is simply unconscionable not to point out that these claims have no evidence behind them, however unpleasant hearing that is for those who believe in the unsupported claims.

        Large scale studies show HPV vaccines are extremely safe.

      • Achsel

        Those studies compared girls vaccinated with Gardasil to girls vaccinated with “other” vaccines. There was of course NO placebo group because they can never allow that! Maurine…..this is the new “Sudden Teenage Death Syndrome” and some people are buying it.

      • reissd

        When you’re trying to figure out what harms the HPV vaccines got, the right comparison is girls that got the HPV vaccine and girls that did not. The fact that a girl got other vaccines – not alleged to cause these problems – is not an issue. In fact, if girls in both groups got the same vaccines besides the HPV vaccine, that’s very appropriate.

    • cia parker

      I believe that nearly all cases of cervical cancer are caused by the HPV virus, which is currently known to have at least a hundred variants, with more found every time they look. Gardasil prevents only two of the at least twenty viruses that can cause cancer: at this time, these are the two that cause most of the cases, but the others will doubtless fill in the gap. I am against the HPV vaccine, it is much more dangerous than it is worth, but I believe that it will usually prevent most cases of lesions caused by the included serotypes of HPV, for an unknown length of time in those without pre-exposure to the virus. It increases risk in those with pre-exposure to the virus, which can occur from infancy on. It causes myriad adverse reactions in many of those who get it, including death. Pap/DNA testing is a better, safer way to go, as well as avoidance of smoking and getting enough vitamins: taking B vitamins has been known to correct some precancerous HPV lesions.

  • Kay

    A FEW KIDS DIED DURING THE CLINICAL TRIALS FOR THIS VACCINE. In fact, one country stopped their trials after 6 of their girls died. However, the drug company Merck refused to report these deaths and other side effects. Then after this vaccine was approved and there were more reports of deaths and serious reactions, Merck said that those deaths and other serious adverse effects would have been caused by something other than the vaccine.

    Also, Dr. Diane Harper, who was was the lead scientific researcher who helped create this vaccine, said that although this vaccine is safe for most people, it is not safe for everyone. She also said that patients and parents should be informed of the risks before receiving this vaccine.

    Also, cervical cancer is a rare, slow-developing, and preventable cancer here in America, thanks to the big success of our Pap-smear test.

    • reissd

      Actually, 40 people died during the clinical trials. Some in the vaccine group, some in the placebo. None of them died from the vaccine, though, as the insert explained. Some died in car accidents, some from drug overdose, some from cancers, and so on.

      Diane Harper can say what she wants, but studies in hundreds of thousands of girls found no serious problems.

      And thousands die each year from HPV related cancers.

      • Maurine Meleck

        Nonsense. The average number of deaths from cervical cancer is about 3,000 per year-the lowest of any known cancer. Furthermore, they are not 12 year old girls, but women and often over 45. The ones that do die generally do not get routine pap smears which are recommended and can readily spot pre-cancerous cells.

      • MomInstinct

        Could it be that the car accidents were possibly caused by “fainting on the day of,” as your earlier post concedes as a “side effect routinely connected to the vaccine”?
        THIS vaccine had caused my daughter and many other girls to suffer severe health consequences.

      • reissd

        I’m not sure whether you are claiming 3000 deaths are not high enough to worry about, or that older women or women that miss a pap smear deserve to die. At any case, I disagree with all of the above. HPV infections cause thousands of deaths each year and tens of thousands of cancers. People deserve protection against that – and there’s exactly zero medical or scientific evidence connecting it to any deaths.

        The car accidents in the trials were not from fainting. And they were among the placebo group, too. Large scale studies of hundreds of thousands of girls found no difference in the rates of problems between those that got the vaccine and those that didn’t.

        With millions of girls vaccinated, it’s inevitable for some problems to appear right after vaccinating just by chance. The timing does not show a connection – and the studies point the other way: no connection.

      • Cindy

        You cannot say with accuracy that the car deaths in the HPV trials were not from fainting. That is because the researchers don’t know whether the women who died in those accidents fainted or not. And the reason they don’t know is because they never asked who was driving in the accidents. I personally asked Dr. Harper how many of the clinical trial victims in the accidents were driving. Her answer: “We never thought to ask.” So until someone does ask, and does determine who was the driver in each of these accidents, and can say definitively that the drivers were clinical trial subjects who did or did not faint, the postulation that they fainted while driving is still a possibility.

      • Cindy

        I’m not hypothesizing that any of the car accidents was due to fainting because there is no evidence that any of them were. But there’s also no evidence that any of them were not, including the placebo victims. I would like to hypothesize that the reason the car accidents were about equal between vaccine recipients and placebo recipients is because the aluminum adjuvant that was in both the vaccine and placebo was the actual fainting trigger, but I have no evidence to base that on, so I’m not alleging it. I’m simply pointing out that you cannot unequivocally say that the women in the car accidents did not faint, whether they were the drivers or not.

      • reissd

        What we have right now is the fact that during the clinical trials, some girls died in car accidents. Both in the vaccine group and the placebo group, the ones that did not get the vaccine. The number was not bigger than the number of deaths from car accidents in the general population, absent the clinical trials. Connecting this in any way to the vaccine is unsupported. It really does require a combination of unusual circumstances, and we have no evidence that they occurred: accident shortly after the vaccine, girl driving, girl fainting.

        And if you’re going to hypothesize that a health teen age girl or woman would faint because she got 0.5 ml – tenth of a teaspoon – of a solution containing tiny amounts of aluminum salts – a substance she gets more substantial amounts of from her diet and that is smaller than the amounts infants get without fainting, you need to provide some evidence of that. Because otherwise, that’s a very implausible hypothesis.
        To remind you, the reason syncope is associated with the vaccine – part of the vaccine’s warning – is because it’s more common in those that get the vaccine – not the placebo – than those that did not.


    No money can replace a child. This system is pathetic. If you have a cold and die after a car crash the cause is the car crash not the cold. How sick that people are still trying to make excuses when there are so many deaths and injuries after vaccines. So many parent’s become “anti-vax” only after vaccines hurt their children. Parents need to be pro active and know the dangers before your children suffer. Here is a memorial site for girls who have died from the HPV vaccine

    • reissd

      No money can replace a child. This child’s death is a tragedy. There’s no evidence the HPV vaccine caused it. Nor is there medical or scientific evidence connecting the vaccine to any other death.
      In contrast, HPV infections kill thousands a year. No money can replace those people. And there’s no compensation for those deaths anyway.

  • Tracy

    my daughter almost dies after getting gardasil. 8 solid months hospitalized having to be poked and prodded and tested. 7 years later she suffers 24/7 This vaccine is poison! pure poison!

  • sherry

    Everybody’s body’s are different and everyone takes side affects to shots, medicine, whatever differently so how could anyone even say that they no this shot didn’t kill her you don’t no and apparently nobody does so hmm perfectly healty girl goes in for a shot and lil while later dies yea seems kinda like the shot had something 2 do with it

      • Maurine Meleck

        REISSD Your comment and statements are totally made up. No idea where you get them. The large majority of HPV viruses clear up on their own. Tens of thousands in the US get cervical cancer>> Totally made up. You twist everyone’s statement until they suit you. We are on to you for a long time.

      • Sabrina

        Then the doctor is the one who should be held accountable. My doctor will not do any vaccines if my child is sick.

      • Twyla

        Sabrina makes a good point about vaccinating while sick.

        And there is no evidence she died from her mild illness – a sore throat as I recall. People do not generally suddenly drop dead from a sore throat.

        In addition, there seems to be a belief among vaccine defenders that if the person who suffers the vaccine reaction were perfect the reaction would not have happened, therefore it was not caused by the vaccine. The fact is, we are all imperfect. We may have allergies, a family history of autoimmunity, mitochondrial disorder, impaired detoxification ability. Vaccines are given to mere mortals, and need to be safe for mere mortals. If there are susceptibility factors for vaccine injury these need to be studied. If those who suffer from alleged vaccine injuries were studied, instead of their injuries being summarily dismissed as coincidence, maybe we would by now have a better understanding of why these injuries occur and to whom.

        As I have said before, if we studied deaths due to chicken pox the same way as deaths due to vaccines are studied, we would have to conclude that nobody ever dies from chicken pox because:
        – Before the CP vaccine millions of people came down with CP, and only about 100 with CP died per year.
        – Most people who died were not infected with CP.
        – Most of the people who died while infected with CP had other health issues such as immunodeficiency or being on chemo for cancer.
        Therefore, one would conclude, CP never causes death.
        But simply crunching a few numbers isn’t enough. Chicken pox deaths are studied with more than statistical analysis. For vaccines, we need to understand mechanisms of injury, what evidence to look for to determine whether the injury was caused by the vaccine, and much more.

      • reissd

        A. As to the first part, I disagree. There are illnesses that start with a sore throat that can certainly kill you.
        B. But for the second part, in theory, you’re right. A preexisting illness can combine with a vaccine and lead to a bad result. But there’s no evidence here that that was the case in any way, shape or form.
        HPV vaccines include four single proteins from HPV viruses – viruses that do not work by causing vomiting. And that are not related to sore throat. Nothing to do with each other. They also include liquid and small amounts of other ingredients. In theory, you could have an allergic reaction to this, but this girl had an autopsy done, and there’s no evidence of that. The autopsy also did not find anything else implicating the vaccine. You do need a mechanism by which the vaccine could aggregate the problem.

        For what’s its worth, the Vaccine Information Sheet says it’s fine to vaccinate with a mild illness – and you have to conclude that the doctor and mother thought this is the case – but you shouldn’t with a moderate or severe illness. Dr. Paul Offit, in response to a question, explained that the reason we don’t vaccinate people who are moderately ill is not so much because the vaccine may aggrevate the illness, but because you want to be able to tell which reactions were caused by vaccines and which by illness.

        I agree it would have been better not to vaccinate the girl – to prevent confusion if there was a problem later. By hey, hind sight’s perfect. The doctor and the mother were making the decision in real time.

        Frankly, it really looks like the girl was simply more ill than it seems. It’s tragic. It’s horrible. But there’s no evidence it was the vaccine except the timing. There was an autopsy.

  • bobbymartin76

    i agree with those who blame the vaccine they know even if there is no medical proof,we who have been effected or ‘Infected” SURELY KNOW WHAT caused OUR ILLNESS. WE KNOW OUR BODY BETTER THAN ANYONE .We also know all information if it may hurt Sales will not be published we are JUST the HERD.Bob Martin GBS Vaccine survivor.

  • the truth

    israel is the nation with the lowest number of mandatory vaccinations compared to organized nations . Paul Offit, Drorit Reiss, Baron Cohen know this. Their position is inconsistent with they actually do for themselves and their group.

  • Twyla

    “The Truth”, your comment is anti-Semitic. This dispute is not about religion. Dorit Reiss is not against freedom of choice and speech for Christians. I disagree with everything she says, but she is simply voicing her opinions on vaccines, not engaged in any kind of religious crusade.

    • MomInstinct

      How do you know what Dorit Reiss “is not against freedom of choice and speech for Christians”?

      And gotta luv this post by Dorit Reiss:
      “@ Lawrence: right you are. There are those too. Sigh.”
      The “sigh” cracked me up. Like Dorit Reiss has a heart? Bahhahaaa

  • Shawn Siegel

    Just as surely as there is indeed no definitive evidence that the vaccine caused the death, there is none that it didn’t. The point’s moot. Science is simply incapable of following the vaccine ingredients into the capillary beds of the muscles, and from there as they’re absorbed into the bloodstream, all the while triggering thousands of biochemical and metabolic reactions. We do know, however, that sodium borate, for instance, an ingredient in Gardasil, is listed as an irritant, and hazardous when ingested, but when ingested, the digestive process and the liver both detoxify the chemical before it can enter the bloodstream, while intramuscular injection bypasses those circulatory system safeguards. Gardasil contains several other known toxins, as well as yeast protein, recognized by the body as a food protein, and food proteins are broken down to their constituent amino acids in the gastrointestinal tract before they’re allowed to enter the bloodstream. When undigested proteins enter the bloodstream it can cause allergy, chronic systemic ailments, anyaphylactic shock and death.

    Truly, it’s foolish to expect vaccinations to cause no harm, from slight to catastrophic.

    • reissd

      Scientists do actually look at vaccine ingredients. To remind you, the whole vaccine is tested. But in this case, specifically, there was an autopsy. if the tiny amounts of ingredients could cause an irritation, it would be seen.

      To remind you, the vaccine virus is grown in yeast cells, but there’s no yeast in the vaccine itself, though there might be traces of it. If you have any evidence that these traces are more of an issue than what gets into the blood stream after digestion, please provide it. It’s an empirical, not theoretical, question.

      Overstating the difference between ingestion and injection is problematic. In both cases, ingredients end up in the blood stream.

      • Twyla

        “We are so constituted that we can never receive other proteins into the blood than those that have been modified by digestive juices. Every time alien protein penetrates by effraction, the organism suffers and becomes resistant. This resistance lies in increased sensitivity, a sort of revolt against the second parenteral injection which would be fatal. At the first injection, the organism was taken by surprise and did not resist. At the second injection, the organism mans its defences and answers by the anaphylactic shock. Seen in these terms, anaphylaxis is an universal defence mechanism against the penetration of heterogenous substances in the blood, whence they can not be eliminated.”

      • reissd

        If we couldn’t handle things being injected, rose thorns and mosquito bites would have claimed a lot more victims.

        Not to mention that diabetics, dependent on insulin injections, would have a serious problem.

  • Cynthia Parker

    There have been thousands of cases of permanent disability and death caused by the HPV vaccine. It has the dubious honor of having had the most reports filed with the VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) as having been caused by it, overtaking the prevous placeholder, the hep-B vaccine which my newborn daughter reacted to with vaccine encephalitis and autism. In 1987, a law was passed to protect vaccine manufacturers from liability for serious damage caused by their vaccines: Vaccine Court was started, originally to provide a no-fault venue for compensating vaccine-damaged families. To everyone’s surprise, there were so many thousands of vaccine-damaged families bringing action, that they had to radically change it to make it virtually impossible for anyone to prevail. A congressional hearing was scheduled last November to discuss the abuses of Vaccine Court and its complete failure to accomplish its mission, but vaccine interests got it cancelled. Those who google it will be interested to find who was instrumental in getting it cancelled. It comes down to the question of whether we would rather cause autism, seizure disorders, brain damage of other kinds, autoimmune disease of every variety, and/or death in thousands of those who get the recommended or required vaccines and just ignore them, or whether we are willing to bankrupt our society in order to give each the millions of dollars he would get if he were damaged by spilling hot coffee at McDonald’s on himself. Or take an honest look at vaccines.

    • reissd

      A. VAERs reports do not show causation. A 2009 investigation into them showed that most are not caused by the HPV vaccine and most were minor. Here are some examples of VAERS reports of deaths connected with the HPV vaccine. Note: there’s another cause in each of these cases, showing you that those report are not a good source for assessing the vaccine’s dangers:
      275428-1: Got three vaccines on the same day: Vaqta, Gardasil and Varivax. Patient died of myocarditis: “patient had been taken to ER on day of death for abdominal pain w/fever & was dx w/gastroenteritis. CXR at that time revealed cardiomegaly. No EKG or cultures were done. Was d/c to home & continued to not feel well. Parent found patient in bathroom unresponsive at approx 2AM & was transported to a second ER where she expired. ME states patient had approx 2 week hx of cough & runny nose prior to death.”
      Those symptoms of an infection were present for a week BEFORE any vaccines were given.

      275438-1: “Given Gardasil vaccine dose #1 3/12/07. No adverse reactionreported. Collapsed and died on 3/26/07″…”COD is sudden cardiac death and pulmonary embolism. Echocardiogram revealed very enlarged right ventricle & small left ventricle as well as large blood clots within both the right atrium & right ventricle. 6/25/07 Received Autopsy Report which reveals following anatomic diagnosis: 1. Pulmonary embolism, occlusive a. pulmonary trunk, left hilar & peripheral vessels b. acute cor pulmonale (by echocardiogram) 2. Pulmonary congestion & edema, bilatera a. no evidence of anomalous coronary artery distribution b. no evidence of ventricular dysplasia”
      Patient was on hormonal birth control pills, a known risk factor for embolisms.

      278865-1: “Reportedly had been in good health until 3/1/07 when she developed sore throat, nasal congestion, rhinnorhea & low grade fever. COntinued to worsen & developed myalgias, chest pain & nonproductive cough w/higher fever.” and “6/1/07 Received Death Certificate from epidemiologist which reveals COD asmultiorgan system failure and influenza B viral sepsis with contributing cause of staphyloccoccal secondary infection.”
      Note she was vaccinated a day AFTER the onset of her symptoms. Possibly an unwise move, but there’s just no way a Gardasil vaccine can give you influenza type B or staphylococcus infections.

      282372-1 had dental surgery the day before she died (on the day of vaccination). No medical information given other than ‘sudden death’.

      287888-1 died two days after vaccination. The cause of death was unknown, but “Toxicology survey findings:urine positive for methadone, benzodiazepines, benzoylecgonine (from cocaine), cannabinoids, nicotine, diphenhydramine and naproxen.”
      Still gonna blame the vaccine for that?

      291804-1 died two months after her second shot. “Reviewed autopsy reportwhich reveals COD as diabetic ketoacidosis & manner of death as natural. Patient had been found by parent unresponsive at home. History of severe diabetes mellitus.”
      Gardasil doesn’t give you severe diabetes in four months. Her dad had diabetes.

      • Cynthia Parker

        Some reactions reported to VAERS may be mistaken. I would add that doctors who see a vaccine reaction and do not recognize it as such may also be mistaken, or may for political reasons refuse to recognize it. Many parents see vaccine reactions and do not recognize them as such, and then later have no idea where the autism, learning disabilities, seizure disorders, asthma, allergies, or GI disease came from, not recognizing that they were caused by vaccines. However, anyone who looks at even a handful of VAERS reports, all accessible to the public, will be amazed at how many thousands of times it has been reported: Healthy child gets vaccine, starts vomiting and diarrhea same day, goes into seizures, dies same day, or next day. Some police reports are not honestly made: there are many rancorous or mentally ill people who file false reports. This does not, however, mean that all or even most of the reports made to the police of burglary or murder are bogus: they should certainly all be investigated, as, in the world of physical violence or theft, every person is considered valuable. It is only in Vaccine World that the one in six seriously damaged by routine vaccines is considered a necessary sacrifice for the good of the larger group and dismissed, his injury denied.

      • Lawrence McNamara

        @Dorit – that doesn’t include a number of VAERS entries on Gardisil that consist of “responder reported seeing a story on the Internet that a girl died of the HPV vaccine.” And it also notes that the same person made multiple, similar reports….not exactly what I would call “accurate reporting.”

      • reissd

        Actually, every study that looked at it suggested that most VAERS reports are not caused by the vaccine. And of those that were connected to the vaccine most were minor.

        The harms attributed to HPV vaccines actually vary a lot – which is surprising, since there are online community devoted to promoting the claim that the vaccines causes specific harm, and they try to suggest commonalities.

        Since the evidence is that vaccines do not cause “autism, learning disabilities, seizure disorders, asthma, allergies” parents who do not think they do are, in fact, right. Here are some examples for allergies:
        P. A. Offit & C. J. Hackett. (2003). Addressing parents’ concerns: Do vaccines cause allergic or autoimmune diseases? Pediatrics, 111(3), 653-660. doi:10.1542/peds.111.3.653.
        H. P. Roost et al. (2004). Influence of MMR-vaccinations and diseases on atopic sensitization and allergic symptoms in Swiss schoolchildren. Pediatric Allergy and Immunology, 15(5), 401-407.

        McKeever TM, Lewis SA, Smith C, Hubbard R. Vaccination and allergic disease: a birth cohort study. Am J Public Health. 2004 Jun;94(6):985-9.

        Similar studies exist for each of the others. The tragedy is that some parents believe, against the evidence, that these problems are caused by vaccines. Not vaccinating a child will not protect a child from these unrelated problems: just leave the child at risk of preventable diseases that can harm or kill the child.

    • reissd

      B. Encephalitis is not one of the adverse reactions to the Hepatitis B vaccine, as examining the vaccine information sheet and the Pink Book can show. Encephalitis is a medical emergency with serious immediate consequences. Since we’ve had this discussion before, we both know there was no doctor diagnosis of encephalitis and your own story does not mention immediate consequences.

      C. The standards in NVICP are actually more lax than in the courts. Evidentiary standards are easier, Daubert does not apply, you do not need to show a design defect. For some vaccines, the rate of win there is over 50% – and the rate generally is higher than that for product liability claims that are not asbestos.
      If someone cannot win in NVICP, with its easier system, they simply don’t have a case: there’s no proof of causation.

      • Cynthia Parker

        But the package inserts of the hep-B vaccines list encephalitis as a (frequently) reported side effect. The casual googler can quickly learn the facts about this devastatingly dangerous vaccine, which has caused autism in so many thousands of our children (anyone interested might start, but certainly not finish, with Judy Converse’s book When Your Doctor is Wrong: the Hep-B Vaccine and Autism).

      • reissd

        To remind you, the package insert itself states that the events listed under adverse events do not show causation. The lawyers writing the insert list everything reported, caused by the vaccine or not. Some inserts also mention deaths by car accidents or drowning.

        To learn facts about a vaccine I would not start with an anti-vaccine book or with a random google search (research shows that if you look for vaccines, about 60% of sites that come up are anti-vaccine sites, known for their lack of reliability), but go to a reliable source of information – for example, the CDC’s Pink Book has abundant detail about each vaccine and disease, as does the Vaccine Education Center of the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

        [response to: “But the package inserts of the hep-B vaccines list encephalitis as a (frequently) reported side effect. The casual googler can quickly learn the facts about this devastatingly dangerous vaccine, which has caused autism in so many thousands of our children (anyone interested might start, but certainly not finish, with Judy Converse’s book When Your Doctor is Wrong: the Hep-B Vaccine and Autism).”]

    • Boris Ogon (@BorisOgon)

      There have been thousands of cases of permanent disability and death caused by the HPV vaccine. It has the dubious honor of having had the most reports filed with the VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) as having been caused by it, overtaking the prevous placeholder, the hep-B vaccine

      Trivially false on all counts, Cynthia.

  • Cynthia Parker

    And I wholeheartedly agree with Twyla. I have been reading Honest Reporting and Israelisoldiermothers blogspot every day, and am appalled both at the frequently pro-Hamas reporting seen in mainstream media, and the increase in anti-Semitic comments and even violence in many places. In France and Germany the police are warning Jews not to appear in public with anything identifying them as Jews, as violence against them has been increasing. We may be seeing something which will eventually become as dangerous as Nazism in the thirties, and it is important for decent people to take a stand against it now. I would like to see the media giving a more historical overview of the situation in the Middle East, including the purchase of land by Jews from absentee landlords, the UN mandate founding a Jewish state in 1947, Israel winning many wars started by Arabs, and the rights held by Arabs living in Israel as equal citizens (except for military service). The coverage I have seen of the current situation has been inaccurate and unfair, and I am angry, not just at the media, but at our society, allowing itselft to be manipulated at the whim of powerful interests.

    • Cynthia Parker

      The media should also report the field hospitals staffed by Israeli medical personnel to treat the wounded in Gaza and in Syria. The fact that Israel supplies electricity tand wate to Gaza, supplies food and permits the entry of enough donated food and other supplies to feed every person there many times over. The IDF drops warning leaflets, phones and texts every person in Gaza with messages warning of impending attacks starting days beforehand, to try to minimize civilian casualties, hard to do when Hamas puts rocket launchers and weapons in schools, hospitals, churches and mosques, and UN buildings. Hamas tells them to stay in their homes, even threatens them. How many have seen the Hamas children’s television programming and online children’s magazine, teaching children to hate and kill Jews? What society could tolerate missiles being shot at them by the thousands? The tunnels were scheduled to be used in a Sept. 24 massacre, they hoped it would be 10,000 Jews, with bombs placed under kindergartens? Who would tolerate that? And yet I have seen no mainstream coverage of that.

      • Cynthia Parker

        And I agree with Twyla that I deplore Dorit’s stance on vaccines, question whether she herself believes what she says about their safety, and question the independence of her opinions. But this is a completely different issue from anti-Semitism.

      • Cynthia Parker

        The mainstream media should take a look on Youtube of the Hamas song 2014, Kum asseh bigouim, Everyone go commit terrorist attacks! And then look up Israeli parodies of it, Israelis pushing it back, making fun of the song translated to Hebrew and released this summer in an attempt to terrorize them. The Teletubbies dancing to it was great!

  • Achsel

    Despite what Dorit Reiss gets paid to say, no vaccine court case is easy to win and certainly far harder than it would be in a civil court. The truth is that most VAERS reports are never investigated besides a cursory glance or perhaps a written inquiry to a reporting doctor and they are assumed false or unrelated. And many autopsies state the cause of death as “inconclusive” and that is somehow interpreted as proof that the vaccine(s) were not the cause. VAERS reports are just that reports and not connected with whether an actual suit is filed and goes to trial. We also know that thousands of cases are marked as cause of death “SIDS” even though the child was not asleep at any point leading to the death and by definition should only be used when no other logical explanation for a sudden death can be found. .

    • reissd

      Taking these one by one:
      1. It’s certainly hard to win a court case if you cannot prove causation. That’s just as true in the civil court. The standard is the same in both civil courts and vaccine court – but in civil court your experts would have to meet the Daubert test, which they don’t in vaccine court, more kinds of evidence would be excluded, and you’d have to prove a design defect. You don’t in vaccine court.
      Oh, and in vaccine court you get your lawyer’s fees and costs covered. Even if you lose.

      2. All serious VAERS reports are investigated, according to the site. And again: studies suggest most are not caused by vaccines.

      3. The vaccinated have less SIDS. See:

      Vennemann MM, Höffgen M, Bajanowski T, Hense HW, Mitchell EA. Do immunisations reduce the risk for SIDS? A meta-analysis. Vaccine. Volume 25, Issue 26, 21 June 2007, Pages 4875-4879.

      Vennemann MM, Butterfass-Bahloul T, Jorch G, Brinkmann B, Findeisen M, Sauerland C, Bajanowski T, Mitchell EA. Sudden infant death syndrome: No increased risk after immunisation. Vaccine. Volume 25, Issue 2, 4 January 2007, Pages 336–340.

      Kuhnert R, Schlaud M, Poethko-Müller C, Vennemann M, Fleming P, Blair PS, Mitchell E, Thompson J, Hecker H. Reanalyses of case-control studies examining the temporal association between sudden infant death syndrome and vaccination. Vaccine. 2012 Mar 16;30(13):2349-56.

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