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Fatal hit-and-run: Judge sentences man for crash that killed toddler

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Thomas Walker

MILWAUKEE (WITI) — A Milwaukee County judge sentenced Thomas Walker on Thursday, August 14th to three years in prison plus another five years of extended supervision for his conviction related to a fatal hit-and-run on the city’s south side in November 2013.

25-year-old Thomas Walker III pleaded guilty to two felony charges in July. Those charges include homicide by negligent operation of a vehicle and knowingly operating a vehicle while suspended (causing death).

The crash in this case occurred near S. 6th Street at W. Hayes on November 27th. 18-month-old Erieanna Matousek died as a result of injuries suffered in the crash.

Officials say Matousek and her 21-year-old mother were both struck by a rental truck driven by Walker. Police say the toddler was in her mother’s arms at the time of the accident. The two were walking westbound across S. 6th Street in a cross walk when a rental truck turned southbound onto S. 6th Street from Hayes, striking the mother and child.

Walker fled the scene. But Milwaukee police found Walker in the crawl space of a home on Milwaukee’s north side late on November 28th.

According to the criminal complaint, Walker told police he was unaware that he hit anyone, claiming he didn’t hear or feel anything collide with the rental truck — even though a man who followed him told him he had caused an accident.

Walker’s mother spoke in court during his sentencing hearing on Thursday.

“It was an accident. I’m not asking for the full eight years. I’m asking for five or six because it’s reasonable for him to think about what he did and possibly make the right choices in the future,” Cheyenne Jackson said.

The judge also ordered Walker to pay $16,000 in restitution to Erieanna’s mother. He’s also expected to do at least six hours of community service every May 27th — the victim’s birthday, while he’s under extended supervision.

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  • Jay

    But a white woman killed a man 2 months ago and was originally sentenced to 3yrs in and 4 probation but the judge stayed that sentence and gave her only 3 years probation. Zero comments under that article smh.

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      Which one had the criminal record before. (rhetorical) He’s got 5 just on the first page. She has this only. Nice try though, racist.

    • 2econd

      doesn’t really matter, both should have gotten more! that’s the point, liberal judges not doing their da mn jobs and just slapping people on the wrist!

  • Stephen

    wow…typical BS, some white cracker gets 9 years for evading police. this ahole kills a child and gets 3 years !!!! wow…where are sharpton and his crew now?

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    I believe God is the ultimate judge and man looks at the outer appearance but GOD knows the intent of the heart1! I don’t believe he meant to do it.

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