“I don’t know who my opponent is:” Uncertainty as no winner declared in 6th Congressional District race

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- The heated contest for Congress north of the Milwaukee area is still up in the air. Just over 200 votes separate the two Republican candidates -- Joe Leibham and Glenn Grothman.

On Tuesday night, August 12th, it appeared Glenn Grothman was the winner in the 6th Congressional District race. The race was even called in his favor, but late results from Leibham's home county of Sheboygan increased his total significantly.

As it stands, Grothman has 23,241 votes and Leibham has 23,027 -- a difference of just 214 votes. That number represents only three-tenths of a percent of all votes cast.

Neither Grothman, nor Leibham were available for interviews, but in a statement, Grothman said: "I'm confident the lead we have today will hold strong."

Leibham said: "We need to allow the election officials to finish counting and double-checking all of the votes."

The 6th Congressional District spans 11 counties, and there are some 1,500 absentee ballots still to be tallied.

Candidates can request a free recount if the difference is a half percent or less, but candidates have to wait until boards of canvassers in every county finalize the results. Those boards have until August 22nd.

On the Democratic side, candidate Mark Harris is waiting and watching -- just like everyone else, even delaying his own campaign decisions.

"I don't know who my opponent is. It's kind of mixed. We actually had two different pieces of literature planned to send to the printer and we were going to make the final decision based on the outcome of the primary. We obviously have to wait to find out who the opponent is going to be," Harris said.

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