No varsity football this season at Nicolet High School — but why?

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Nicolet High School

GLENDALE (WITI) — Nicolet High School’s Athletic Director says the high school will not have varsity football this season. Why? Because the school doesn’t have enough football players.

Kirk Krychowiak, Athletic Director for Nicolet High School, issued the following statement regarding the school’s varsity football team:

“Nicolet High School has always considered excellence in athletics to be a key component of the quality education we provide to our students. The success we have achieved in our athletic programs is a direct result of the enthusiasm of our coaches, students and the community. 

Due to an insufficient number of student athletes at the varsity football level, the district administration has decided not to field a varsity football team for the 2014 season. Nicolet will have Junior Varsity and Freshmen programs and we are making arrangements for senior athletes to play this season. 

We have started efforts to improve our football program moving forward to ensure that students will have the opportunity to play in the future. Plans are already in place to upgrade the school’s athletic facilities, for football in particular, which is sorely needed to improve the quality of the program and student participation.”

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  • YoungTeach2

    This totally screws over their opponents, especially week 1 opponent Waukesha South who had planned to open their brand new turf facility with a game against Nicolet. Why cancel so late?

  • Mike

    Exactly. This is extremely disappointing to students who have worked long and hard to participate competitively this season, only to have the game pulled barely a week prior to playing it? How long has Nicolet been practicing for this season? It just leaves a very sour taste.

  • disappointed parent

    Nicolet was beat something like 350 to 7 last season total. They never addressed the problem so not enough players returned for another brutal season of butt whooping.

  • Paul Ruggieri

    Maybe a Tax break this year for us on the north shore area………… Oh………. and the quarterly magazine can be dropped too……….. waste of taxpayer money……..

  • Mike

    Many programs have had “down years” for seniors and juniors. They find a way to play on. The biggest disappointment here is the ripple effect this decision has on many communities, schools, families, students and athletes. Many many things are planned around team schedules — many things beyond just “the game.” Although there may be some good reasons to “cancel” a season, there are many more, and better, reasons to find a way to get beyond cowardice and play your best with what you have. Many programs have learned many valuable life lessons by not folding. I just don’t agree with this decision by Nicolet. And to do it a week before opening game? When grandparents and relatives and others make travel plans to “be there” for games? This simply isn’t right.

  • dwatson

    From a coaching standpoint, canceling the season at the varsity level is the BEST way to rebuild that program. Allow sophomores and juniors that are not yet ready for varsity competition to play and have some successes on the J.V. level. Recruit and build up the lower levels of the program so that in a year or two the school has a solid nucleus to out into competition rather than butt-thumping each week.

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