Robbed on their wedding day! Can you help police find the wedding crasher thief?

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MADISON (CNN) — A wedding crasher is wanted in connection to thefts at Saint Bernard Church off Atwood Avenue. It is the second time thieves have struck in the last year. First it was a funeral, and now a wedding.

Madison police reported a card box stolen from a funeral back in December and are investigating if this most recent incident is connected.

Police want to know if you recognize a wedding crasher.


Photos show you the joy and the love on Amanda and Ryan Kartos’ wedding day, memories they’ll keep forever.

“All of a sudden you’re up at the altar and you’re ready to get married,” said Ryan Kartos.

They made it down the aisle and to the altar at Saint Bernard Church on July 26th. But what was happening during the ceremony in the basement of the church, they’d rather forget.

“I know a couple people talked about setting purses aside, but you just forget about it. We felt comfortable, it was all our friends and family, it was a church,” said Amanda Kartos.

Ryan and Amanda discovered when they went to leave the church that someone robbed the room where the bride and her maids had gotten ready.

“My mom’s wallet, my sister’s, several other bridesmaids, one who flew in from Alabama so she didn’t have any of her IDs or credit cards,” said Amanda Kartos.

Madison police have keyed in on a photo from after the wedding in a surveillance video from a Nekoosa Trail Walmart where a bridesmaid’s credit card was used an hour later. The man dressed as if he was at a wedding.

“So we’re hopeful that we’re going to be able to identify at least this person that we have some surveillance video on.  Whether this is the person who took the wallets we really don’t know at this time,” said Despain.

“People after the fact said oh yeah I saw him at the wedding standing outside the bridesmaid room but they just thought he was a family member just hanging out,” said Amanda Kartos.

The couple is hopeful that photo – and one of his vehicle – can bring closure and lift the cloud over a happy day.



“I just want him to be embarrassed and punished and I don’t want it to happen to anyone else,” said Amanda Kartos.

Officials at Saint Bernard say they are very concerned about the incidents and are making some changes.  They have a new card box for funerals that cannot be lifted – donated by the theft victim’s family.  They’ve installed a keypad lock on the church hall downstairs and will also be installing surveillance cameras this fall.

They say they want people to feel safe when they’re there.