Standing in solidarity with Ferguson: Folks in Milwaukee stand up to “police brutality”

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- On the heels of the ongoing unrest and protests surrounding the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, a vigil was held at Dineen Park on Milwaukee’s West Side for victims of police brutality.

18-year-old Brown was unarmed when he was shot and killed by a Ferguson police officer.

In Milwaukee on Thursday, dozens stood together and showed support for grieving families -- standing up to what they’re calling “police brutality.” Folks reflected on the violence happening miles away.

“We know that this happens to black youth. We know that this happens to people of color. And we have to stand up for them. We cannot allow those who are sworn to protect and serve us to take the lives of our young people,” an individual said at Thursday night's event in Milwaukee.

Ferguson, Missouri has become ground zero for unrest in the wake of police shooting and killing an unarmed 18-year-old was shot during a struggle. Police acknowledge they’re still piecing the story together.

The shooting sparked days of demonstrations and has been the catalyst of a violent clash between police and protesters.

Rubber bullets and tear gas filled the streets and people in Ferguson, Missouri, and throughout the nation are looking for answers.

“This is a necessary conversation that we need to have right now,” an individual said at Thursday night's event in Milwaukee.

Demonstrations made their way to Milwaukee on Thursday. A vigil was held in solidarity with demonstrators in Missouri.

In the middle of the Milwaukee vigil, tempers flared, as the message of peace was diluted by a difference of delivery and an argument broke out. But this group is hopeful the message was not lost.

“It’s really about addressing systemic change. What can we demand from our leaders to say -- this is something that we want to change,” Milwaukee County Supervisor David Bowen said.

Those who attended the vigil are staying optimistic and want the momentum to continue – hoping it is an eye-opener.

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  • Silly rabbits

    Nobody will even begin to take this seriously until black people begin to take themselves seriously! THE END!

  • PH

    Yet all the facts are not out about the shooting in Missouri? Apparently the officer was injured…. So what exactly are they protesting?

  • Sheila Moyet

    Young black men are shooting each other every day for no good reason, but I don’t see the outrage and protests for this. Why is it have to become a racial issue before blacks take notice. Will Al Sharpton come speak on this?

  • Petey

    Clearly from the demonstration in the park there is no unity. I mean, COME ON! Call me a racist but black folks can’t even have a ‘peaceful’ rally. Of course the cop shooting the kid was bad but to loot and riot for personal gain? Yeah, we’re doin’ this for Mike Brown. What does that say of the black community?

  • Melissa

    If the black community took charge of their own and stopped looting, shooting, murdering and destroying cities in the name of protesting, then there would be no problems. But they use it as an excuse. There would be no problems if you DIDN’T BREAK THE LAW!

  • Stephen

    what a joke….this part of the community will NEVER take responsibility for its own actions…constant dumb vigils for dead criminals..nothing racist then the lame dems stepping out today proving that this community cant pull itself together and that it is always someone elses fault for all of its woes…the dems nurture this behavior

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