Mugged, smacked and threatened: A photographer’s night in Ferguson, MO

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WAUKESHA/FERGUSON, MO (WITI) -- Nights of unrest, violence in the streets and a call for justice -- all captured with the snap of a camera. Waukesha photographer Abe Van Dyke got to Ferguson on Wednesday, August 13th.  He says Friday August 15th, he was caught in violence that escalated quickly.

"They're just standing up for what they believe in.  The main thing is I need to get the story out to people other than what you're seeing everywhere else," said Van Dyke.

He has documented protesters in the streets, law enforcement blocking roads, and tear gas filling the air.

"I was a good 50 feet away or so I was engulfed in tear gas and let me tell you, that stuff really burns," Van Dyke says.

Friday, Van Dyke was in the middle of a scary night. He was caught up in the escalation.

"It went from good to bad in a short period of time.  I was photographing and a guy came and just bam! Smacked me in the cheek. I got a nice little bump," said Van Dyke.

Minutes later, another man demanded his Kevlar helmet.  Van Dyke ran from the chaos.

"There was a ton of broken glass, still gunshots being fired off into the air, so I actually decided it was a good enough time to leave," said Van Dyke.

Van Dyke says getting the word out about Ferguson is important in order to help bring peace to the area.

"The biggest thing you`re not seeing is that the people are there just to show their support. It's not really the hatred towards cops and it's not a black-white thing either, it's more or less, they just want justice," said Van Dyke.

Van Dyke says he has been traveling around the city with other photographers.  He expects he'll head out of town as early as Sunday, August 17th.




  • opinin8d

    It’s not about justice, it’s just a demonstration of what little morals and the lawlessness they live by on a daily basis. And it’s not ‘a few bad seeds’ either! Driving around with ten people sitting on the car, doors open as driving, people walking in the middle of the street, etc. is not about justice. This was simply an excuse so they can behave like animals.

    • G Man

      Generation after generation of wild animal instinct bread into them. Put a wall or cage around the area and charge admission. That’s what they really want anyway because they love the attention.

  • opinin8d

    Abe should really do a ride along with the police in the inner city. He could really bring out another side of the ‘story’.

  • grunt

    It looks like Abe’s white guilt got the better of him.
    Reality slapped him in the face, and he still doesn’t get it.

  • james

    This is an outrage. It is getting so bad in this country that a black man can’t rob a store and assault the clerk, punch an officer and attempt to take his gun, and then bum rush that officer without being treated like a common criminal. White America is so racist.

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