Your first offense is going to carry a hefty price: Officers are on the look out for drunk drivers

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BROWN DEER (WITI) -- Nearly 400 law enforcement agencies across the state will be out in force to combat drunken driving beginning Friday August 15th. Officers at the Brown Deer Police Department are joining forces with their counterparts around the state to seek out and catch those who decide to drink and drive.

Sergeant Luke Kuehne and his colleagues across Wisconsin are spending the next couple of weeks homing in on drivers who are risking not only their lives, but those of everyone else on the roads.

"Law enforcement is putting officers out on the road to try to combat drunk driving so we're rather than looking for maybe speeders or you know normal routine stops we're particularly targeting drunk drivers," said Sergeant Luke Kuehne from the Brown Deer Police Department.

If you are caught, even your first offense is going to carry a hefty price.

"It's right around 800 dollars and it's six points on your license your license also...get suspended you can get your insurance dropped," said Kuehne.

If you've been caught before and get pulled over again, you'll now be facing either a misdemeanor or a felony.

"We do see quite a few repeat offenders," said Kuehne.

According to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, alcohol-related traffic crashes, injuries and deaths have all dropped in the last several years.

In 2003, 348 people died in alcohol-related crashes.  In 2013, that number fell to 185.

Sergeant Kuehne thinks the numbers are proof that campaigns like "Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over," are working.

"The numbers have gone way down and I think it is a tribute to this campaign," Kuehne says.

The "Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over" started up on Friday August 15th and runs through Labor Day, September 1st.




  • Dale

    I think you mean “honing” in on drunk drivers… I’m not sure what “homing in” would be… Offering them a place to stay, perhaps… Do you have editors there?

  • Deshon10

    Why the hell are their so many typos?? Did a 6 year old type this?? Proofread first before posting the story!

  • Jenna

    I miss the old days when going to the bar meant a night of fun, not paranoia. DWI deaths are down? Ask 1,000 failing tavern owners why.

  • Chris Multerer

    I have a question for big mouth cowboy sheriff David Clark..where are the deputies patrolling or parked on the side of the expressway, specifically I-94, around midnight ?
    I come downtown from Slinger five nights a week, including Friday and Saturday. I never, ever, see a sheriff’s deputy out there. Only time I see them, is when construction is going on, and they are in the work zone. Case in years eve. I see drivers going 80 mph..straddling lanes..cutting people’s ridiculous. But no sheriff. Maybe they are still at Bradford Beach, huh ?

  • Jon Tafford

    You can still have a good time. It’s the responsibility of the bartender to not over serve you. David Clarke is getting the job done. It’s those that he has to try and work with that go against the grain.

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