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Cluster of violence: Man fatally shot, officers then called to another scene just blocks away

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Milwaukee police dealt with a cluster of violence on the city's north side on Monday afternoon, August 18th -- three different incidents, one right after another. The most serious crime involves a young man who was fatally shot and crashed his car near a building.

It's something those who live near 47th and Center say they are seeing way too often. Shots were fired. In Monday's case, witnesses say ten to 11 shots were fired as a car was parked in front of a house.

Dominic Hill

Dominic Hill

Friends and relatives say 20-year-old Dominic Hill was killed. He made it less than a block driving with several bullet wounds before he died in the car as it stopped near a building on Center St.

"An individual going into the neighborhood , a known drug dealer, shot several times by an unknown assailant," said Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn.

Family and friends identify the 20-year-old as Hill, known as Domo. Hill has a daughter turning two on Tuesday. It is Alexis Hill's second brother killed by violence.

"I would like everyone to know how hurt I am about the situation," said Hill.

At the same time Hill was shot, police say another man was shot, but survived at 44th and Center. Police made an arrest in a house farther down on 47th St. They also recovered several guns.

Police Chief Flynn says his officers have good leads on who to arrest in the Hill shooting.


  • Dirk

    Yawn same news different day. Again Black leaders wake up and do something other than trying to screw the government

  • Paul Dean

    So all African Americans are horrible people? Wow this country is headed to hell for sure, because of comments like this. The human race is doomed!

    • dancing in the ruins

      the human race is doomed because of fools like you who won’t acknowledge there is a problem with blacks and crime.

      • nameistaken

        I agree and I am black. Time to stop playing the blame game and take control of the situation and try to solve the problem.

      • Paul Dean

        There’s a problem is when you have to call people fools because their opinion is different from yours! Grow up! Yeah there’s a problem for sure but to blame all black people that’s absurd!

  • smith

    Another day in kilwaukee.we got thugs shooting at people all day long. Come on ghetto thugs just keep the shooting east of sherman. That’s your side of town.

    • Milwaukee mic

      He wasn’t a drug dealer…. How can you people be so simple minded…. Flynn has been telling lies ever since he’s been in office….

  • Courtney

    You know, I’ve heard some pretty disgusting comment from some of you, who’s lives see no adversity because your parents have had the privilege of raising you in a suburb, off of the backs of slavery of millions of African Americans. Let us not forget with, poverty, lower chances for opportunity of survivability & also the felony that follows you forever because you did make a mistake a while ago. Has anyone ever tried to see the chance for opportunity after a 17 year old boy catches a felony. It hinders him from job opportunities, school programs, and even effects where he lives forever!!! If we think we can oust a certain race, by lowering the opportunity, penalize everything to the point of no second chance, then we can expect more negative crime that impacts us all! !!!! Sure lots don’t care, don’t live near and never will, but your love for the human race, humanity, & your children , who will be here when you’re gone. For those that talk as if they are so safe in their lives, let’s remember, Ferguson, MO is a suburb, & that proof that crime will come see you jerks who trash any race. God issues out the punishment that humbles your foul thoughts and hopefully you or your love one is the next statistic, cause you spoke evil and did nothing, a true animal , some can be…. God Bless these United States! !!!!!

    • Mick

      You are too funny… I grew up in Menomonee Falls and my parents and grandparents didn’t own slaves. My parents came from Germany after WW-2… They worked hard and raised us to be the same… We NEVER received food stamps or welfare, nor did we live off the backs of former slaves… As far as young convicted felons goes, they did it to themselves…. Get back to reality and stop drinking the Obama Kool-Aid.

    • smith

      Last I checked slavery was in the south not wi. So my bad that the black community act like thugs and animals in MO the last week. Instead of blaming the police and white people lets blame the reason. Brown who got into a fight with a cop went for the cops gun then got shot in the face. I don’t get why the black community support s a thug.

    • smith

      Watch the news, in milwaukee most to ALL the violent crimes r done by black males east of sherman. Its a fact. No one in thier right mind would move to that side of town, its a war zone.

  • Leno

    Doesn’t matter the rate at which crime is committed the point is that all races commit crime! This shouldn’t be a racial issue

  • neko

    Its life its never gone change the world is violent we all have that day coming. Black white whoever somebody killed or being killed. Crime is committed by all races though blacks just get targeted more. My uncle is a police officer I’ve heard and seen lots of crazy things

  • Mick

    JAYY……. There are NO blacks where we live… So nice dream, besides she’s more racist than I am, so good luck with that.

  • niva

    You people are ignorant it shouldn’t matter what the guy was labelled as it still doesn’t mean he should have died the way he did, no one should die that way. These comments just really shows how much hate we feel for one another people secretly hating black people and trying to hide behind the computes.

  • niva

    Never judge a book by it’s cover. Just because someone sale drugs doesn’t mean their a monster. He was actually the opposite I just hate he’s gone.

  • Milwaukee mic

    All devils, don’t even mind commenting, real humans know what’s going on and the real ones to blame…. Ijs

  • African Queen

    The white race commit the most MALICIOUS crimes and not to mention the animals are evil and devious go eat some more people kill your whole family what flag can you carry you don’t have one this isn’t your country WHITE DEVIL

  • misha

    How ignorant…. His father was NO deadbeat been there since day 1 ppl need to get facts straight before speaking

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