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“Nobody’s promised tomorrow:” Jessie Blodgett’s father focused on sharing his daughter’s legacy

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HARTFORD (WITI) -- One day after a man is convicted of murder his daughter, a Hartford father focuses on sharing her legacy.

Through the sight of her smiles and the sound of her music, Jessie Blodgett's father says his daughter's spirit is still strong.

"I want to share her story, and I want to share her causes, and who she was, and what she stood for, and her legacy," said Dr. Buck Blodgett.

Dr. Blodgett continues to process the fact that 20-year-old Daniel Bartelt, a man described as Jessie's friend, has been convicted of murdering the 19-year-old actress and music teacher. It happened in July 2013 in Blodgett's own bedroom.

"When this, he passed, and this happened to me, I realized, nobody's promised tomorrow," said Dr. Blodgett.

Sitting in his Hartford home, Dr. Blodgett considers the impact Jessie had on him and on those around her -- by sharing her passion for protecting people -- particularly women.

"The worst, horrible tragedy that could possibly happen to a father, or anybody, becomes, a... I still feel strange saying it, it becomes a blessing, in a way. It becomes a way to access a higher power, and share it, and change the world, and that's what the project is about," said Dr. Blodgett.

He is referring to the "Love is Greater Than Hate Project" which involves ending male against female violence, a cause dear to Jessie well before it would take her life.

"It's on the news, and it was on YouTube and Facebook, and it started to have a life and momentum of its own. And I realized, something's going on here and maybe I'm supposed to do something about it. Who else, if not the father of the kid?" said Dr. Blodgett.

To this end, Dr. Blodgett invites others to join his effort as he turns his pain into power.

"My daughter was murdered, and the trial was yesterday, and I'm talking about feeling good. That's crazy, but that's the power of love," said Dr. Blodgett.

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