Go on a safari! Behind the scenes at the Milwaukee County Zoo

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- They are areas off-limits to guests at the Milwaukee County Zoo, but that's changing on Saturday, August 23rd.

"It's a lot of stuff we do behind the scenes that isn't visible on a normal day basis," said Milwaukee County Zoo Winter Quarters Supervisor Danielle Faucett.

Zoo animal sponsors are invited to go on an Animal Safari.

"It's basically a thank you to our animal sponsors. It gives them a little bit more in-depth of what goes on here at the zoo and what their money is going towards," said Zoological Society Sponsor Animal Marketing Assistant Becky Luft.

There are 7 tours that give people a view of the grounds only zoo keepers typically get to see.

"One of them is winter quarters where we are today, another one is the aquatic and reptile center, and also our flamingo quarters," said Luft.

Guests get to go underground in the winter quarters, where warm-climate animals stay when they're not on exhibit.

People will see how zoo keepers feed and care for the animals, along with learning how they use enrichment toys to keep the animals mentally and physically active.

"We like to put their pellets in balls that have holes in them especially the eland he likes throwing them around and that's a nice way to keep them entertained," said Faucett.

Artifacts are on display for people to get an up-close look at the uniqueness of these animals.

"People can see the differences between antlers and horns and different eggs. You have a large ostrich egg and some smaller eggs," said Faucett.

Bringing sponsors closer to the animals they support.

The Animal Safari is from 9am - 3pm on Saturday.

To learn how to become an animal sponsor CLICK HERE.