A sales pitch…or something more sinister? Woman arrested for carrying life-like dolls into hospital

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(CNN) -- A scare at a California hospital, and a woman is under arrest. Police say she carried life-like dolls into Mercy Medical Center in Merced, California.

The hospital has released images of the woman and her husband.

life-like dolls

Tonya Whitney Boehs was being interviewed by a reporter when detectives interrupted and told her she's being accused of trespassing.

Boehs says it is all a misunderstanding, and she never meant to scare anyone.

Boehs says she hasn't left her apartment since Monday, August 18th. That's when Mercy Medical Center released pictures of her and her husband with life-like dolls.

"For the sake of security, I've never even considered taking them up into the hospital like we did, but we were suggested by nurses," Boehs said.

Boehs says her husband was getting treated at the hospital, and they figured why not showcase the dolls? Boehs says creating the dolls is her business, and she takes the dolls with her wherever she goes.

"I take them places with me for advertisement purposes. Obviously they speak for themselves," Boehs said.

Boehs says she and her husband left the hospital after security got involved -- something she says she never intended to happen.

"I'm sorry for the misunderstanding. If I knew that this would happen, I wouldn't have done it. In no way did I feel...I didn't mean to make anybody feel threatened or scared or freaked out," Boehs said.

Boehs says she makes the dolls for women who have lost babies or can't have them, and says they can be theraputic for elderly patients.

"It's just the comfort," Boehs said.

Boehs says she finds solace in the very life-like dolls -- as cervical cancer stole her chance at having more children.

"What matters most to me is the help I can give other people," Boehs said.

Police say the evidence in this case says something else -- and they say they're not buying Boehs' story that this incident was a simple sales pitch.

"We are concerned because she did show up at the ER and attempted to get into the maternity ward not once but twice so that concerns us we're afraid for the potentiality of an abduction," Merced Police Captain Tom Trindad said.

Boehs will be booked into jail and will have to appear in court.

Trespassing at a maternity ward is a misdemeanor offense.

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  • Tamara

    I recall seeing this lifestyle/behavior on a National Geographic (?) show. I sincerely doubt the woman meant any harm. That said, why in the world was this a problem at all? It sounds like it was her desire to market the dolls, and her attention from the reporter that was the real issue.

  • Anita Delgado

    I heard about this woman and her babies a long time ago… The evidence is right on Youtube. and she does take the babies everywhere, she has been seen in stores and everything. She shouldnt be in a maternity ward because this world is so evil that we cant help but think evil things…BUT THIS LADY IS LEGIT.

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