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What got into the vanilla syrup? Trip to DQ for dessert turns dangerous for mother & son

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COLORADO (WITI) — A trip to Dairy Queen for a sweet treat last Thursday evening, August 21st turned dangerous for a mother and her son in Colorado.

The mother and son tasted trouble in their ice cream treats — and then they got sick.

“He tasted something funny, but thought it was off his hand, and he said ‘Mom, this shake tastes disgusting,'” Lisa Chase told FOX6’s sister station, KDVR.

Chase and her son, Riley each ordered vanilla shakes.

“I took a drink of it and tasted something very ‘chemically,’ and then my mouth and throat started burning,” Riley told his mom.

Chase says her encounter with the store’s management after trying the shakes left a bad taste in her mouth.

“He said ‘we don’t give money back.’ I said ‘no, I’m going to take this to the hospital with my son, and you can pay for that.’ He said ‘do whatever you got to do,'” Chase told KDVR.

Eventually, Chase says a district manager called her — and said somehow, a cleaning chemical got into the vanilla syrup.

“He said ‘someone had a cleaning bottle and they didn’t clean it out and they just put vanilla in it,'” Chase said.

Chase says she is shaken up — thinking something bad could have happened to her son.

“Just not knowing what it was, I didn’t know what to do,” Chase said.

The Colorado Health Department is investigating.

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  • Jenna

    Customer service nowadays is just sad. And news reporting isnt much better. I sure hope this mom and son are ok, and DQ should be ashamed

  • Sara

    Same thing happened to my husband a couple of years ago at the Culver’s in Brookfield, on 124th & Capitol. When my husband tried to tell the manager so that it wouldn’t happen to anyone one else and so he would know what to tell the ER what he ingested, the manager just treated him like he was a scam artist. When we went the Elmbrook Memorial, they told us they couldn’t test the remainder of concrete mixer that we brought with us. Thank God he didn’t eat too much !!

  • J.S.

    DQ has franchise stores like many other restaurants. It’s not DQ the corporation that is at fault, it is that store and that manager who would not do anything about the issue that are at fault.

  • wisill

    I just read about an incident similar to this last week, different restaurant. Same issue cleaning agent which contained Sodium Hydroxide (Lye) ended up in a drink. A local restaurant in South Jordan, UT, 67 year old lady in critical condition after drinking her Sweet Tea with the Sodium Hydroxide in it. It probably happens a lot more than people realize, that and worse. That incident was reported on August 14, 2014 so just about a week.

  • Bernice Wilkins

    I’ve worked minimum wage jobs for many years and the wage isn’t what makes people care or not. It’s the type of person you are that makes you care. If you’re raised to care about others and do a good job, you will. If you weren’t, then you won’t.

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