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An effort to prevent sexual assault involves…nail polish?!

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NORTH CAROLINA (WITI) — Can nail polish help to prevent sexual assault?!

Some undergraduate engineering students at North Carolina State University got together to create a new line of nail polish that changes colors when it comes into contact with potential date rape drugs.

If a woman is wearing the polish, all she has to do is dip her finger in her drink and stir it around.

If the drink is laced with drugs like Xanax, Rohypnol or GHB, the polish will immediately change color which is an immediate red flag.

The students are currently looking for funding for their nail polish at

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  • Tabitha

    I think that is AMAZING!!! Have you thought about taking that idea to the show “shark tank”? Just a thought! I would buy this by the case full and always make sure both of my daughters fingers AND TOES were painted!!! :) excellent idea!!!!

  • Katie

    Shark Tank would never fund this… they’really all about profits and a large consumer base. Only women would use it so that cuts the customer base in half. Of those women, they would have to wear nail polish, which cuts out some. And of those who do wear nail polish, it would most likely only be college age women, obviously some younger, and some older who continue with the bar scene after college. There’s not nearly a big enough customer base and therefore not enough profit for the Sharks to get on board.

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