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Mom’s Facebook post gets 4-year-old son expelled

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

CALLAHAN, Fla. — A Florida mom is fuming after her 4-year-old son was kicked out of preschool because of something she posted to her own Facebook page.

Ashley Habat doesn’t think her 4-year-old son should be punished for what she wrote.

Habat said her son, Will, was late for school on picture day at his private Christian preschool.

When they arrived, she told the school that she thought it didn’t give parents enough notice for picture day. The school said a note was sent out in  his folder a week before the picture day.

Habat says she took to Facebook to vent — she never dreamed anyone at the school to see her post.

“Why is it that every single day there is something new I dislike about Will’s School? Are my standards really too high or are people working in the education field really just that ignorant?” the post read.

She says she tagged the school in the post and when she left her son at school the following day, the school told her that her son had to leave — permanently.

“They just felt like we weren’t the right fit of parent relationship with the school and that they didn’t want him as a student anymore,” Habat said. “He had done nothing wrong.”


  • Sue

    It said, “They just felt like we weren’t the right fit of parent relationship with the school’. Of course it had nothing to do with the son. If you are going to post to facebook and tag, you have to be prepared for the consequences. Words matter. It’s too bad children have to pay for their parent’s immaturity.

      • CiCi

        It may have something to do with their state laws on dismissal of teachers. I know it sounds awful to say so, but there is a system the school has to go through to get rid of a teacher. Also, what did the teacher say? If she said she didn’t say it, then you have a “he said, she said” situation and they need to be careful because there could be legal action on the teacher’s part if they wrongfully terminate them. I know it can be frustrating when you know your child isn’t lying, but it is the kids who have lied against teachers who make it a slippery slope to believing every child over the teacher. I have personally witnessed a child lying. A child made an accusation, but said it happened at dismissal time. There was an entire staff of teachers, administrators, and students present to view the situation. At no time did the teacher no what the student said they did. It was a “I am in trouble and I am mad” situation and they tried to make the teacher pay.

  • jen

    Why Make That Comment About A School Ur Child Attend Or Will Attend? That Demeans Their Rep., When Disagreements R Posted. I Would Have Likely, Spoke About My Graps Just Over The Phone To A Friend Or Family Member. Sorry 4 Ur Child N Remember, Theres Other Christian Base Schools.

      • Lauri S

        Amanda, I was wondering the same thing! Lol… I think some people have their computer set to capitalize every word. I know you can do that in the word document programs, but I didn’t know you could do that online.

      • jenniferlynn329

        If You Set THE Caps Lock (for first letter only) On THE Second Word, auto-correct Will Change Each Word to a capital letter.. like above (plus, the replacement of The with THE from a previously saved ALL CAPS MSG). ..from user of Samsung Galaxy s5.

  • J.S.

    What made you think no one at the school would see the post when you tagged the school? No common sense at all.

    • wp

      Absolutely… Conflict should be a private matter. Not for everybody else to get involved and see. I thought it was funny when she said I never dreamed they would see my post and yet she tagged them in the post. Lol!

  • myia wright

    Grow up people, she has a right to speak how she feels. There are schools who sometimes dont give enough notice. My child school gives you a calendar so you know months in advance.

    • opinin8d

      I agree she has a right to speak how she feels, and the PRIVATE school has the right to terminate their relationship. Clearly her comments were not simply about the picture screw up. Probably not a good fight for the school.

    • Kathleen Kemalyan

      Just how are you supposed to have a positive relationship with the school and its educators going forward when you call them ignorant? This is a very stupid woman.

  • Robin Davis

    We all vent our frustrations and not always think that nobody would see my post if they are not in my friend list but she said she tagged the school that is where the mistake is so good lesson for everyone to learn don’t tag business, schools or others if you don’t want to see it. I guess this is a good lesson and time to move on but to be expelled from school is wrong could of given a warning and if it happen again then further action but give the lady a break now this poor boy has no school due to school didn’t like her post she has to every right to vent isn’t that facebook is for? I didn’t see anything wrong with her post just a mom venting her frustrations. So hope she can find her son a new school or hopefully they will reverse there decision. Schools need to have better communication between parents and school staff. One of the reasons my daughter is doing online school due to lack of communication, violence in our schools and etc. I wish you luck and hopefully this can all work out for the best. Good luck! Venting is how us mom’s deal with the daily stress I know it makes me feel better when I vent.

    • jenniferlynn329

      Good comment. Reminds me of a situation on The View earlier this month. Someone complained about airline attendant when boarding plane, and the airline saw it before take-off, so they discharged that passenger! They claimed it to be a security issue… for mentioning name and gate. Yet one of The View’s hosts commented that she had specifically tweeted out good service by named person at the airline, in similar situation. Just that hers was a compliment, not a complaint. …I agree that people should be able to have freedom of speech… And other people will respond accordingly. But it’s a shame when both parties act without taking a deep breath. Cuz actions cannot be taken back.

  • Kim Kollmann

    I suspect there was more going on here then we are hearing…don’t think any school would toss the kid over one incident….. bet there were other issues with this mother before this….

    • John Tremane

      I wondered about that too, but because private schools are not cheap, right? Why would they sacrifice tuition over something so petty? Still, the forgiveness factor should trump any minor issues.

      • Cato Younger

        This “forgiveness” thing is getting old. I don’t think the word means what you think it does. Forgiveness does not take away the consequences of an action.

      • Kathleen Kemalyan

        No, because private schools do not get public funding. Therefore, their reputations are very important. One bad post could cost them dearly. Plus, what teacher could work with this parent regarding her child if she/he knows the parent is openly hostile and thinks they are ‘ignorant’?

    • Cheri

      I’m thinking that too, it seems like there is something missing in this story.. but I could be wrong. Based on just this article I think the school was the one that is immature, because as a business you will get negative reviews, and it is the right of that person constitutionally to voice their opinion as long as it is not making false accusations. In this case she wasn’t making any false accusations, she was just voicing her opinion at being fed up with how the school managed particular things. The school would have been much better off privately addressing her issues than to kick her kid out whom did nothing wrong. Good idea to tag them in it? No. But based on the fact that this school is a “Christian” school they sound like they are not living according to Christian standards and she’s better off taking her kid elsewhere anyways. I hope she sues them.

  • Lorena

    I also agree. If she tagged the school, then she wanted them to see her negative comment.. and everyone else who would have view of their page. Immaturity at its best and I wouldn’t want to have a professional relation to her either. You don’t air a schools’ dirty laundry talk to the Principal if you have a problem.

  • Kevin D Dell

    “He had done nothing wrong.” Absolutely true–but irrelevant. It is the mother who has a relationship with the school, and she is now facing the consequences of her actions. She absolutely has a right to her opinion and the freedom of speech to express it wherever she chooses; however, she does NOT have the right to be immune from any consequences. As a private business, they can choose to stop providing services to her at any time, as long as it does not violate laws against discrimination. This doesn’t, they did, and she needs to keep hearing that it’s her own fault and maybe she’ll start setting a better example (less entitled) for her child.

  • Karen

    She had all negative things to say about the school anyway , so why did she want him there? I think she liked the publicity.

  • JohnTremane

    Id’ be happy to console her, if she has nobody else to do it. The foundation of Christianity is forgiveness.

  • jeremyr

    Sorry but she has all right to post and tag. Facebook gives her that right. If the school didn’t want to be defaced on Facebook it should not be on Facebook. Consequences are: if you are on Facebook… do not have any right to anything that is on Facebook. You do not own nor have any part in owning thru silent partnership. Therefore anything that is posted to or on Facebook becomes the property of Facebook and they can use whatever you post for themselves. The school doesn’t own any part in Facebook nor does she. So therefore the school cannot get mad at any negativity there on Facebook page and has no right to boot the kid outta school. Freedom of speech is bad, but she can sue because of discrimination.

    • Kathleen Kemalyan

      Wrong! There is no discrimination here. She signed a document stating she would not post negative comments on social media and she did it anyway. If anyone has a right to sue, it’s the school.

  • Diana

    The mom said that everyday she found something new to dislike about the school. If so, she should have removed her son herself. If I was the school administrator, I wouldn’t want a whiny trouble-making parent like her around either. Yes, children do get the short-end of the stick sometimes because of their parent’s bad behavior. The kid has to go to a different school because: 1)his mother doesn’t read notices sent by the school 2)she brings him to school late 3) she complains publicly about the school. This is a nightmare parent as far as a school is concerned. Mother’s fault, not the school’s!

    • Cherie Brewer

      You are a piece of work. You probably work for the school or something. Again parents have the right to question and dislike a school that there child is at more or just as much as home. You either don’t have children or you are related to soemne that works there! Even if this mother is a nigtmare parent and the school dislikes her the child still desrves an education. The mother is very small factor in this. If that’s all it took to exspell children from school a nasty comment or bad word. 98% of children wouldn’t be in school! Did the school even consider how the child would feel..So egnorant!

  • Justin Stewart

    You know what bother me most about this? The little boy has to suffer as well, and he did *nothing* wrong.

  • Cherie Brewer

    Lets not forget who gets mistreated in this. The little boy. The mom is absolutely right that her 4 year old should not be punished for her word especially when at 4 the only opinion you have is about the cartoons you want to watch or food you eat. This little boy is being kicked out of a religous school? What happened to god is your only judge? Also Forgive and forget. So hypocritical! This school sounds horrible, unimaginable how they can decide that a 4yr old needs to be kicked out! Disturbing! The mother should have known that by tagging the school in her post they would read it, however she didn’t say anything wrong. She is entitled to her opinion that shoudln’t affect the parent relationship with the school or the school relationship with the child. If anything the school should have been like oh, we have an unhappy parent about pictures what can we do in the future to make this easier on the parents. After all the consumer is always right. Whoever decided that this little boy should be kicked out for this stupidity should be FIRED! I can’t imagine on any level why this reaction to a comment would be appropriate. What if the child said a bad word would you hang him! Close the school down if you can’t handle some criticisisim here and there! So what if the school doesn’t agree with the statements made by the mom or even like the mom which could be the only reason for such harsh consequences for something so minor.The school is to provide a christian education to their students not ob facebook surfing for comments about their school. Sounds like poor time management! Good Luck to the mom who is dealing with this and just remember everything happens for a reason. Maybe that school is meant to be non exsistant in a couple years!

  • Consuelo

    My first reaction to this was ” Can you be more stupid?”, “Why tag the school in the first place”? If anything happens to your childs future blame your self, for the stupid actions you are diong. Grow up and be a mature adult.

  • NoSurprise

    I am no longer surprised at the lack of common sense amongst people these days. Most think that they have to post everything on FB the minute ( or less ) that it happens. Good grief people grow up and look at what social media is doing to our children, sometimes through no fault of their own. Yes I have FB but I pick and choose between social and personal. Praying for the return of common sense in our world.

  • Moogiechan (@Moogiechan9)

    She stated that there were other things she didn’t like about the school. Maybe the school realized they were never going to make her happy, dealing with her would never be worth whatever she’d paid for tuition.

  • Scott

    I don’t think they boy should be expelled for his mother’s stupidity. If anything they should feel sorry for him.

  • Titus Quinctius Cincinnatus

    This woman sounds like a complete idiot. Let’s see…she missed the week’s notice to have her kid ready for picture day, and got her kid to school late on said picture day. It sounds like she doesn’t pay attention, doesn’t take responsibility for herself as a parent, and then wants to get mad and blame someone else when she faces the consequences for her poor decision making. I’m guessing this is not the first time she has caused trouble for the school.

  • SuperTech-IT

    First off – if you TAG someone in a post, it’s no longer PRIVATE to you and your friends – and I bet she made the post PUBLIC to begin with, meaning not only can anyone see it, but anyone of her friends could also share it. The SECOND she tagged the school, the school is going to get an “You were tagged in an article by so-and-so”.
    So on with the explanations of her idiocy and the school’s MORE than appropriate response.
    PS – they didn’t expel the child…it’s a private school, which means they refused service to the mother. Unfortunately, the son is an innocent victim of his mother’s lack of intelligence and social skills.

    I own a computer and electronics repair service. If everyone seems more than happy with the service I provide at the price I provide it for then all is well. If one person seems to write defamatory comments to their facebook every time they have something done, that’s bad enough. Tagging me in the photo is even worse. Not only would I block them on facebook, I would also refuse them service in the future. If you don’t like my service, you don’t have to use it – but don’t keep using it and griping about everything you perceive as not up to your standards. Yes, you have the right to voice your opinion, but I have the right to protect my reputation from what is in my opinion unfair and potentially damaging comments. My business is my livelihood and allowing someone to continue complaining about what I consider to be the highest level of service possible is counter-intuitive. People need to realize that if they are the only one complaining, that THEY might be the problem themselves, and not the ones they are complaining about. It’s one thing to voice an opinion, but if that opinion takes money out of someone’s pockets, they have the right to do whatever they can to at least prevent future attacks. This woman clearly should have voiced her disappointment to the people that were in control of the situation that she was upset about.
    If you have a problem with my service – tell ME. Griping on your facebook won’t resolve it. It only serves to allow your venting at the expense of my business. If however you come to ME with your problem, something can almost always be worked out that leaves us both happy.
    Next time complain to the people that can do something about it and make it right, rather than taking the food off someone’s table. In a worst case scenario, the school would have to close due to lack of enrolment, and all the other people who absolutely loved the place are now out looking for another place to go which may have lower educational standards, be much farther away, much more costly, or a plethora of other incredible inconveniences now imposed upon hundreds of people simply because she wanted to throw a public hissy fit.

  • mike

    if I was a parent I wouldn’t want my child going to a school that would kick them out for something I did. that just shows they are more concerned about there public image then my child. even though the school did give enough of a notice how much of a heads up do you need? 1 week isnt enough time? lay off the jack and pay attention to your kid and maybe you wouldn’t find out that morning that its picture day

  • Gerald

    Way to go Mom….get a weeks notice and it’s still the Schools fault! You tagged them and they SAW it, big surprise there Idiot! Hey at least she didn’t blame Bush!

  • David

    Call your friends and tell them your frustrations the way people used to before Facebook. Some people think “everything” needs to be put out there for everyone to see. To be honest, most people don’t want to hear about your problems, friends and/or friends of friends, and/or acquaintances. Just saying.


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