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Wisconsin faces possible $281 million budget shortfall

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State Capitol, Madison

MADISON (AP) — Wisconsin tax collections are more than $281 million short of estimates, a drop that could require the Legislature to take action to keep the budget in balance.

The state Department of Revenue on Thursday released the figures for the fiscal year that ended in June. Those figures show the state collected $281.2 million less than was anticipated by the nonpartisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau in January.

That is nearly 2 percent less than anticipated.

Gov. Scott Walker’s office had no immediate comment.

The Revenue Department says that the figures are preliminary and won’t be finalized until mid-October. It also notes that additional changes are possible due to outstanding expenses and revenue collections.


  • cynic

    Here we go again with the Walker Derangement Syndrome. So if today is 8/28, and your mortgage payment is due on 9/1, but you don’t get paid until tomorrow, is that not a budget shortfall? Would you blame yourself for fiscal irresponsibility? Or is it a matter of timing of income and outflows? Put it back in your pants liberals.

    • Paula

      When you use stereotypes, you reveal that you make decisions based on your feelings. You look for evidence that satisfies your feelings. Condolences for all the poor decisions you make in your own life.

  • cynic

    Oh ya, and how many TRILLIONS of dollars more debt has Obama racked up in the last 6 years? Why aren’t you saying his house of cards is falling? Why don’t you accuse him of dodging the media and avoiding debate? Again, Walker Derangement Syndrome.

  • bugs

    Can anyone tell me who is to blame for our current budget, local, state, federal shortfalls/overages? Really most of what happens has been in the works for a decade or more. You may see a few current change outcomes but how does that affect the our future?

  • What!

    Better than $3.6 billion right duhoyle. Imagine if the public unions still had all their bargaing rights. it would probably be $1billion shortfall.

  • jerry person

    we have a billion surplus according to Koch`s commercials thanks to S t r e e t walker. what did scooter do with this money. Steal it for Koch like all s t r e e t walkers do?

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