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22.5 doses of pot: Father charged after daughter eats entire marijuana-laced chocolate bar

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

CHIPPEWA FALLS, Wis. (AP) — A Chippewa Falls man whose daughter nearly died after eating a marijuana-laced chocolate bar faces three criminal charges.

38-year-old Jason N. Hetke is charged with felony second-degree reckless endangerment. He’s also charged with two misdemeanors — child neglect and possession of marijuana.

Prosecutors say the girl seemed intoxicated in school after eating an entire marijuana chocolate bar from Colorado. A school official and police officer were barely able to detect a pulse.

They found a wrapper in her pocket that said the bar contained 22½ doses of marijuana. The wrapper said the product was, “Extremely potent. Do not eat all at once.”

She said she found the bar in her father’s dresser drawer.

Online court records didn’t list an attorney for Hetke on Sunday.


  • Above You

    How did she almost die? Sounds like she was just super faded and had to sleep it off. 22 doses of marijuana couldn’t kill a child but 22 shots of liquor would but one of these substances are but liquor is legal and acceptable.

  • Patient Patient

    AP apparently stands for “Axis of Prohibition” or “Ally of Pharmaceutical” industry interests.


  • Scott Batchelor

    Maybe the little chocolate thief nearly choked from gluttony. That will teach her to steal candy from her dad. Other than being dopey, sleepy, or hungry (weren’t those all disney dwarves?) she’s going to be fine. Set and setting were likely a factor in her bad trip since she didn’t know she was eating happy bars, so she felt funny and freaked out. The real loss is that uptight fools still vilify Cannabis, and that kids steal chocolate bars. One of these should not be considered any sort of offense while the other just requires a bit of parental guidance.

  • Extremely patient patient

    Dying from a marijuana overdose….hummm….let us ponder on that for a bit…compared to alcohol and/or cigarettes, while legal, mind you…cause too many deaths, you turn a blind eye to it….why we might ask…simple, it’s a campaign to keep medical marijuana from happening…even though people like me, with nervous system disorders due to chemotherapy, have been waiting and waiting for the compassion that other states have…..This is just media manipulation to make marijuana seem “dangerous”. When we all know that no person on marijuana has gone into a shooting spree, unless I missed it.
    Yes, the father is negligent, but no reason to attack medical marijuana. #DecriminalizationNow

  • Buzzby

    If this child had died of an overdose, she would have been the first person in 5,000 years of recorded marijuana use to do so. 22 doses? No big deal. It’s estimated that it would take between 20,000 and 40,000 doses to prove fatal. It has never happened because it’s physically impossible to consume that much cannabis.

  • Jimmy Limo

    That’s the problem with edibles. While they are NOT toxic and won’t KILL you, it’s easy to eat too much (ask Maureen Dowd). Edibles should be wrapped in INDIVIDUAL DOSES, and labeled for strength and purity. This is just more sensationalist, anti-pot YELLOW JOURNALISM from Fox Noise…er, Faux News….

  • Brad Richgruber

    if what im reading is correct and I understand marijuana/thc dosing, which im not saying that I do just what i’ve read from journals, this young girl consumed the equivalent of 12,500 joints. pretty sure that would make anyone sick, if im right, which im probably not.

    • David

      A typical joint is 1 gram. You’re saying she ate nearly 12 kilograms of pot? I don’t think so. Check your figures and “facts”.

      • Duncan20903

        David, Brad was attempting to use DEA administrative law Judge Francis Young’s calculations of how much THC is required for a fatal overdose to make fun of any of the idiots that actually believe that it’s possible to die of an overdose of THC. You most certainly could smoke enough to die of an overdose of carbon monoxide but that would happen long before you get near the level of THC needed for fatal overdose.

        Anyone who thinks the girl was anywhere in the general vicinity of a fatal overdose of THC has a hollow space in the skull where most people keep their brain, no doubt.

  • Judd Dread

    Shamefull reporting. What lifesaving measures were taken on her that you could even excuse the use of such wording. Was her stomach even pumped? I would guess not, because she was never in any danger. Zero details of how this girl was helped or treated yet you want your readers to believe she almost died. AP is all propaganda I guess, and witi should be ashamed to regurgitate this garbage.

  • Arthur

    There is no lethal dose of cannabis that a human being has the power to consume. Shame on you, Fox6, for propagating a lie.

  • Phoenix Cherub

    I’m from Colorado and the recreational limit on edibles is only 10 doses (100 milligrams) and there is no medical edible that is 215 milligrams (22 1/2 doses). There are ones that are 10 25 40 75 100 150 175 200 250 300 but NO 215. The Police are lying. AND the idea that they would make a candy bar so strong that eating all it at once would you nearly kill you and they would just put this stupid little warning on there to fool young children who are not good at reading into eating it is another absurd police lie. There are ZERO mj candy bars that say that on the wrapper. We have Strict regulations for that in Colorado, and the legislature just passed another round of them a few months back..

  • Miles Monroe

    “nearly died”; what a complete load… This kind of ridiculous, blatant lie from the corporate lickspittle media is why the majority of people, most of whom do not use cannabis themselves, are rejecting prohibition. Tool on, Faux.

  • kellyloomis

    So if a kid breaks into their parents ‘ liquor cabinet, that’s child endangerment too? His candy bar was in his drawer… It’s not like it was sitting on the kitchen counter in easy access to her. If the dads charged with possession, fine. But child endangerment? No. Charge the damned kid with theft and possession too, then.

  • otb stoner

    Hmmm I’m sorry I may only be 16 but Evan I know it is nxt to imposibule to OD on marijuana as it takes 1000+ grams in the spadse of 12 hours so yea that’s impossible right thare

  • Dank Duchess (@dankduchess)

    Journalism is being given a bad name because such bold faced, inappropriate, grossly misinformed brain filth is touted as truth. The writer of this nonsense gets an F for – 1)lack of thorough reporting, 2)not providing sources, 3)outright lying, 4)sensationalism, 5)and ENDANGERING THE PUBLIC for this foolishness.

  • susan

    Why did she take it from her.fathers dresser.drawer? He was … normally you woukd cabinets. ! The he just.needs a better .hiding place.

  • Cristina Rey

    This will happen more and more. Potheads did not consider children when they rammed through these laws. Years ago, parents and society told kids the truth — do not do drugs, they are not good for you. Now, the selfish culture lies and says they are harmless so they can have their pot.

    • dtownpothead

      Pot don’t kill.Idiots calling themselves patriots have killed more than pot will ever.Pick up a book dumb*$$.

      • Leo

        It’s people like you that make American Patriot’s comment ring so true to many people. Stop getting so defensive because someone criticizes your hobby. Besides, with a name like DTownPothead, you really have no room to criticize anyone.

  • Best PI Attorneys

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  • Leo

    So, she almost died because a school official, who likely has no medical training, and a single police officer were barely able to detect a pulse? Now, I don’t claim to know anything about marijuana or the effects of THC, but it seems to me that a faint pulse is not equivalent to “almost dying.”

  • dtownpothead

    Leo its not a hobby its medicine,that you can’t o d. I didn’t make pot illegal it was people calling themselves patriots and up-standing Americans with their fear-mongering tactics and hate for anyone different.kiss my a$$ leo


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