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A failed promise & a missing candidate: With two months until Election Day, both Walker & Burke taking criticism

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- A failed promise? A missing candidate? With just about two months to go until voters head to the polls in the November General Election, both gubernatorial candidates are taking criticism. Republicans want to know where Mary Burke was when President Obama was in Milwaukee on Labor Day. Democrats are using Governor Scott Walker's own jobs promise against him. So what are the candidates saying?

Governor Walker on Monday met President Barack Obama at the airport as Air Force One landed. President Obama delivered a speech at Maier Festival Park during Milwaukee's Laborfest celebration. Democratic candidate for governor Mary Burke wasn't seen next to the President on Monday -- and one day later, she was answering questions about why she chose to meet with him privately.

"I pushed him about having a manufacturing hub right here in southeast Wisconsin. We talked a little football Bears, Packers," Burke said of her meeting with President Obama.

Republicans call the closed-door meeting a political duck, with Governor Walker criticizing Burke on Tuesday.

"They don`t want the connection between Obamacare, which is increasingly unpopular and that particular candidate.  I think it`s a contrast out there," Governor Walker said.

"This is really clear. It was an official White House event -- not a campaign event and there was no role for a campaign candidate to have at that," Burke said.

Governor Walker was also taking criticism Tuesday -- as he announced he will not be making any job promises in this campaign -- after falling short of his goal to create 250,000 jobs in his first term as governor.

"The fact is Governor Walker failed in his first promise. So I guess it's understandable why he's not making another one," Burke said.

Governor Walker says he set his goals high, spending part of his day Tuesday pointing out some of his victories.

"Remember, we took a $3.6 billion deficit and fixed that coming in.  It's something we inherited," Governor Walker said.

With just weeks to go before the final bell, the back-and-forth criticism is expected to intensify.

Burke says she expects she will be seen with President Obama later on during a campaign event.

Voters head to the polls on November 4th.


  • What!

    Snobama was re-elected and didn’t keep any promises. Part of the reason Walker can’t succeed is because of slobamas policies. I check the job sites every day and there’s literally thousands of jobs if anyone wants them but welfare is easier.

    • jerry person

      I must ask are all republicans liars. there are not even jobs for college gradutes LIAR. You must be a cop or a republican trained LIAR

      • jerry person

        t appears Grunt is the village idiot. He has a p I m p named david Koch. I get to choose unlike republicans. they must do as told. I understand you supporting walker. I bet you think the john doe was a witch hunt. It did convict someone for child enticement. the GOP says this is a witch hunt. I know drunks condone drinking, druggies condone drugs. I know why the GOP supports child enticement as norm. Just lok at pretty pretty boy walker you luv

    • sandman54862

      All the other states are doing great under Obama. One reason walker is a failure is his truth in sentencing Law he championed for ALEC. It added 32000 union public sector jobs in Wisconsin and has added 121 billion to the budget since enacted. Walker has cost Wisconsin taxpayers billions and the tax cheats all support him. That is they never pay taxes and say they do. welfare is the only thing walkers backers know.

  • Dirk

    This is like an elementary school ground he said she said BS. Politics has turned into a 3 ring circus and these people are an embarrassment to the human race.

    • Tom Sullivan

      Mary Burke has been telling lie, after lie, her job plan that she said that she put 100 of hours in, was another person job plan that she plagiarized, her attack adds are lies and miss leading the people with false statements. She does not have a brain of her own, How many jobs does she have in China paying less then $2 an hour, with child labor.

  • sandman54862

    If you ever get to America you will realize these are FACTS. Americans remember Walkers truth in sentencing and building 71 new jails and courthouses. if you ever get to America I will show you them. Please post in your mother Russia media Grunt. thanks for confirming ALL republicans are LIARS

    • Dirk

      Keep drinking the Kool-Aid. ALL POLITICIANS are liars as soon as you realize that, that is when real change can happen. They all lie to get into office and keep lying to stay there. You need to wake up and see the writing on the wall.

      • jerry person

        Dirk is on koolaid. He can remember or has not been in Wisconsin. He must be a bunker rat who post for koch

      • Dirk

        Jerry and Sandman typical libertard answers. Like the Democrats never screwed the taxpayers, Doyle raped the state and bailed but you guys don’t say a word about that. Like my comment states ALL POLITICIANS so stop being a hypocrite and just blaming one side.

      • Jerry person

        Dirk Doyle is down about 120 billion in waste and fraud from walker and he was there twice as long. walker like Bush never has had a real job or paid taxes just like you. No taxpayer could or would support walker. Would a hard working American hand money to a billionaire for NOTHING ? I guess if your the village idiot or never paid taxes it is ok. I work for my money so I can not support walker . He waste money like bush a drunk sailor. Russian fred Koch has his boys pushing Stalin /Koch ideals on America. remember when republican could think for them selves david Koch and AL:EC did not make all the laws. This is the same ALEC Koch started in Russia in 1928

      • Dirk

        Jerry did you take off your tin foil hat? Why would a tax payer support a democrat all they want to do is give your money to someone who doesn’t want to work? My original comment if you can read and comprehend was both sides are dirty and if you don’t realize that then you need to WAKE UP and put your tin foil hat back on.

    • sandman54862

      Good if your not a taxpayer. His truth in sentencing has cost Wisconsin taxpayers 3.6 BILLION ANNUALLY since 1997 when walker championed it for KOCH. That is why Koch owes Walker and has paid walkers way all these years. I understand tax cheats and crooks like walker. he is just like them . walker the cross dressing governor who wears high heal shoes because he is a little little pretty pretty boy

  • Jerry person

    Dirk tin foil hats are teabbagers thing. real honest good people know the facts. If you ever leave your bunker and talk to humans you will see. I state FACTS and all you can do is make childish comments like all Koch addicts. they know nothing about nothing or they would support America not Russian kochs cold war ideals. I guess you will always support Koch/ walkers mother Russia . you hate democracy freedom liberty and justice for all, voting rights and the persuit of happiness. It is jealousy because you bunker and dog is not keeping you happy. Please state facts and stay in your bunker . You believe the john doe was a witch hunt . it did convict a child enticement pal of walkers. drunks condone drinking, druggies condone drugs and I understand your condoning child enticement

    • Dirk

      Don’t pretend that you know me or who I am you are just a troll who keeps bring up Koch like you have a secret crush on him. Have fun with your trolling and kissing up to the democrats when you get back on your meds we can have nice debate but until then stop assuming things about random people on the internet.

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