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Demonstrators fill City Hall; Fire and Police Commission meeting ends abruptly

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- A group on Thursday, September 4th planned to present a list of demands to Milwaukee's Fire and Police Commission during its meeting, but that never happened.

The group gathered in Red Arrow Park in downtown Milwaukee late Thursday afternoon -- the park where 31-year-old Dontre Hamilton was shot and killed by a Milwaukee police officer in April.

Police say Hamilton grabbed the officer's baton -- and was shot and killed during a struggle.

Hamilton's family members and others have denied that claim, and have said they want more information released in the case. Hamilton's family members say they want the name of the Milwaukee police officer who shot and killed Dontre Hamilton to be made public, and they want to know the extent of the injuries the officer is said to have suffered on that April day.

After gathering in Red Arrow Park, the group on Thursday made its way to Milwaukee's City Hall. The plan was to present a list of demands in the Hamilton case to the Milwaukee Fire and Police Commission.

Inside City Hall, the Fire and Police Commission meeting was in session -- with the group of demonstrators showing up about 45 minutes into the meeting. Police officers blocked doors -- denying the group's entry into the meeting.

Demonstrators pounded on the walls, and their chants for justice grew louder.

The Fire and Police Commission meeting was abruptly halted, and city leaders were escorted out.

"This is a public building. This is a public meeting and if we’re ever going to get to solutions, we have to talk about what the issues are, instead of pretending there are no issues between the community and police," Alderman Milele Coggs said.

The group was never able to present their list of demands to the Fire and Police Commission Thursday.

"We’re all disappointed that we didn’t get a chance to say what needed to be said and the demands get met," a demonstrator said.

Now, the group has vowed to continue to protest at every meeting until they believe their voices are being heard.

The District Attorney's Office is reviewing the case involving the shooting of Dontre Hamilton. The DA's office will determine whether any charges should be filed in connection with his death.

Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn says the family will have their demands met when the District Attorney's Office makes a decision in the case. There is no timetable as to when that decision could come.

Demonstrators left the building late Thursday night. We're told there will be a press conference at City Hall on Friday afternoon.


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Another hot button issue that was set to be presented at Thursday's Fire and Police Commission meeting involves body cameras for Milwaukee police officers. A community activist was set to present a petition to the commission -- asking that officers be required to wear point-of-view cameras that would record incidents like the Red Arrow Park shooting, and interactions police officers have with citizens. That petition was never presented, due to the chaos involving the demonstrators at City Hall.

Community activist Tracey Dent says his petition has more than 2,300 signatures. He says he's urging the Fire and Police Commission and the Milwaukee Common Council to move this plan forward.

Officers in Whitewater are already using point-of-view cameras. The cameras record incidents and interactions between police officers and members of the public.

"We need to start being proactive instead of reactive -- to start building a trust again between the community and the Milwaukee Police Department," Dent said.

The petition includes comments from signers, such as "a camera will be the most unbiased version of the truth" and "cops need policing -- for our protection and theirs."

Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn says getting cameras on police officer is in the works -- saying bids are out, but Chief Flynn says there are things the public and legislators need to think about and discuss. Should an officer be allowed to turn off a camera as he enters someone's home?

"Lower the temperature and really think through the ramifications of a universally employed technology that's constantly on, never off and monitors your most vulnerable moments," Chief Flynn said.

The high cost of storing the video and the changing technology is also problematic -- but still, the Milwaukee Police Department is working to make these cameras a reality for its officers.

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    • tim

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    • dancing in the ruins

      your MPS 6th grade dropout intelligence is showing again.

      how about this: let’s pull all the cops out of the inner city zoo where these animals live and see how well you all do without the cops there.

    • soulobigdaddy

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      • rich at

        How come they dont protest when they kill eachother? I guess theres no money in suing someone that is poor. Im outraged they are wasting valuable news space on this.


        We truly need more folks like you. It’s not about color anymore. it’s about education. All people should be loved and cared for the same, except for any perps regardless of their color.

    • soulobigdaddy

      That’s funny tim, I do believe there are many white protesters who are outraged about this murder. It’s ok little timmy, I understand you might be a bit slow

      • tim

        its funny soulobigdaddy how the black community can shot and kill each other every night on the north side in the ghetto but you protest about a cop defending himself against a ghetto thug. open your eyes its the ghetto that’s the problem in Milwaukee. every night the north side ghetto black community is on the news for violence against other blacks. but its the blame the police and white people response all you have. again soulobigdaddy and the black community look in the mirror and you will find the racists and the problems in Milwaukee, animals……….

      • grunt

        I’m not sure he was a thug, but I’m pretty sure he was crazy.
        His actions probably were not his fault as a result of this, but the cop’s response to his actions was appropriate.
        It’s too bad his family abandoned him. They sure are speaking up for him now. Do they see dollar signs?

  • enough already

    Hey protesters, we the law abiding public “demand” you go get jobs and start letting the police deal with criminals rather than deal with you out of control loud mouths.

    • My cat's name is Ras

      This was after 5pm. Most, if not all, of these people are employed and came from work. Are you this racist in person too, or only in the safety of your living room?

      • harvester of sorrow

        How exactly is WHAT!’s comment racist? Or is that your knee-jerk response to everyone who has a different opinion than you?

  • Tamara

    Usually, public comments are accepted at the beginning of public government meetings. If they were 45 minutes late they probably missed the public opinion section of the meeting. In addition, pounding on walls and yelling at the top of one’s lungs is pretty aggressive. Seriously…If they had just shown up on time, so much of this drama for media attention could have been avoided.

    • ron

      but that’s the ghetto way. always late, not caring about others, it all about me attitude, and acting like children because they don’t their way.

      • Tamara

        I think that’s rather derogatory. Truthfully, it was probably very strategic. I mean…which gets more press…An ordinary public comment or an aggressive protest that disrupts a meeting?

    • My cat's name is Ras

      The first motion of the meeting was to put the review of SOPs and public comments at the end. You can watch the meeting online.

    • My cat's name is Ras

      These folks were placed in an overflow room away from the meeting and prevented from entering the meeting right from the onset. Why do you insist they were late if you were not there? There were police lining the halls prior to the meeting as well.

  • Mark

    Give it up! He was a thug. He was in the park when he should have been applying for a job or working . Now his family cares about him?…they just see $$$ signs.

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    • Tamara

      I agree that many people are derogatory and rude on this subject. That said…unless you were paying them to be there, there is no way you could know that everyone at a large protest is an employed, tax paying citizen. You can’t fight racism with obvious assumptions. It just fuels the fire. Fight with truth or sit it out.


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  • B

    If it were my kid I would take what is known as responsibility and would not bother society with my failures. I would apologize to the officer that I failed to properly raise and care for my child that he had to shoot him. I would feel something called guilt that I was a poor parent. That my child did not show something called respect to people in authority.

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