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BUSTED: Sheboygan man caught eating leftovers out of fridge

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Ryan Lodygowski

Ryan Lodygowski

SHEBOYGAN (AP) — A 39-year-old Sheboygan man has been charged with three counts of burglary after police say he was caught eating leftovers out of the fridge of a home he broke into.

Ryan Lodygowski faces more than 22 years in prison if convicted. Police say he is also connected to two other recent burglaries.

A criminal complaint says the homeowner called police on Aug. 27 to report the incident. The hungry burglar ran away after he was confronted by the homeowner.

The complaint says police matched Lodygowski to the victim’s description when they spotted him near the home about two hours later.

Police say they found items in Lodygowski’s backpack that had gone missing in a church burglary three days prior.


  • soulobigdaddy

    you sound real dumb. this trash raped a persons right to privacy and feeling of being safe in their own home! Anyone who steals from the church is also super lowlife who doesn’t care much for anyone including himself. And now my tax dollars have to support this piece of filth. Sounds llike maybe you left your brain in the ruins

  • Randy

    He’s half mexican half poll-ock from Chicago. He must think he can get away with this kinda stuff here! He was in my pod in jail and wrote a statement on two different people for drugs.

  • Anthony

    What are people thinking these days? There is a conceal and carry law for a reason! I promise you if that home owner shot and killed him… charges would have been filed. Know that law isn’t just so people can carry their guns around……it’s to use them.

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