“I’m standing with them:” Gwen Moore, others arrested during fast food protest

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WEST MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- A protest involving fast food workers who are demanding a higher minimum wage led to several arrests in West Milwaukee on Thursday afternoon, September 4th. Congresswoman Gwen Moore was among those arrested.

Employees say they want better wages. They are demanding $15/hour minimum wage and the right to form a union.

“Quite frankly, it’s deleterious to our economy for them not to have the minimum wage, so I’m standing with them during this civil disobedience," Rep. Moore said during Thursday's protest.

Fast food workers walked off the job on Thursday -- and Rep. Moore joined them, but she would soon find herself in police custody.

"25 workers and a Congresswoman -- I think that’s the best headline we’ve had yet," Jennifer Epps-Addison, the executive director of Wisconsin Jobs Now said.

Epps-Adson is one of the organizers who led the group of workers and supporters to three different Milwaukee fast food restaurants Thursday morning, eventually making their way to the Burger King on Capitol Drive.

These workers don't just want $15/hour. They also want the ability to form a union without retaliation.

The crowd followed Rep. Moore and others who were arrested to the West Milwaukee Police Department Thursday -- waiting outside until they were released.

“It’s time for us people to make a stand. It’s time that we stop being abused by these corporations and stand up for what’s important and what’s right and stand up for our families and our people," Javon Walker, who was cited for disorderly conduct said.

Each of those cited on Thursday were slapped with a $691 fine.

“I’ll be saving my pennies to pay this $691 fine," Rep. Moore said.

Rep. Moore had this to say about her arrest, as she was released:

“We’ve been arguing. I have been debating this. I’ve put on my suit -- my best suit and my briefcase and debated it and that hasn’t worked, so now I’m prepared to put myself in the way," Rep. Moore said.

Rep. Moore was voted into office in 2004. She represents Wisconsin's 4th Congressional District. She is up for re-election in November.

An organizer of Thursday's demonstration says workers in 14 Wisconsin communities walked off the job on this day. That organizer says they'll be returning to work on Friday.

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  • Dirk

    Jennifer Epps is right it’s hard to raise a family on $30,000 a year. That’s why I went to school and have a strong work ethic so I’m not stuck at a minimum wage job. Raising the minimum wage only increases the cost of goods which increases the final cost of the product to the consumer so now the $5.00 item now cost $10. These minimum wagers still won’t be able to afford to raise a family of 4 anyway. Simple economics but they wouldn’t understand that, hell most democratic politicians don’t understand it.

    • thao

      I’ve been working cnc machining and I only get paid 11.20 per hour so idk why they crying when they get 15 for working fast foods. I’m goin to school and got experience…so the government got nothing tochange for the fast food people.

      • dancing in the ruins

        tara – i guarantee you they broke laws. that’s what they do and then they cry about their rights being violated. you aren’t very bright – shouldn’t you be with them?

      • Wow.

        Well, the article said nothing about why they were arrested. Really, Fox? if you’re going to have a title on an article, at least follow trough with your content. It’s not that difficult.

        From the pictures, I’m guessing some protesters decided to “raise awareness” by sitting in the street. Which is illegal. You can’t block traffic as a way of protesting – people have actual jobs to get to. You know, jobs they went to college for, and worked hard to earn…

    • Tara

      Really dancing in the ruins? I’m not bright? You must be really proud of your internet muscles. The article was poorly written and terse at best. No mention of the arrest reason whatsover. Far be it from me to question the liberties we are given in this country and hope that human beings are being civil and standing up for that they believe. You enjoy your judgment and self-righteousness. I hope that takes you far in life.

  • Diane

    When do senior citizens get to live the ‘American Dream’ they worked so hard for ? Who, but a senior citizen, knows how to live on 12,000.00 $ a year !!!!!!

  • Margie

    Exactly. .Say it again! ! Fast food jobs were not meant or designed for families to live the American Dream. If this passes the hamburger will go from $2 to $15. Which will put fast food out of business then where will they work?

    • vince

      Your 100% right everything will go up no more dollar menu and most likely more places are going to close people should be happy they have a job if one isn’t enough than get two but I feel as a business owner this was uncalled for. Only people to profit off this protest is the police with all the tickets they have out to collect. Looks like the protesters are going to have to dish out some cash for fines so it got them noware.

    • soulobigdaddy

      the cost of burgers keeps rising no matter what. Way faster than what they pay their workers. Value meal my assets

  • James M

    If you don’t think working at a fast food place is a career for some people and that it is only for young people and part time, then you should never rely on their convenience ever again. You take us workers for granted. I am making less than $10 an hour as a shift manager at a pizza place. Yes I could go to school and then what, get into debt and have a hard time finding a job with said college degree? Don’t compare your experiences growing up to the reality now. It’s so easy to stick your nose in the air and say these people basically don’t matter and they should get jobs elsewhere. Don’t you think they tried? But somebody has to do it and the reality of today’s world means that more and more older adults are working these jobs, trying to support families because of companies sending their job oversea or limited work. Now while I think $15 is a little steep(depending on where you live), the fact is that somebody on minimum wage is not earning a living wage. I’m glad you all were privileged enough to not have to rely on a fast food job and be able to go to college and get a job afterwards. But the fact remains that as long as people are ordering fast food, the job will be there. It’s time to appreciate these service jobs and stop looking down on them. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had customers treat me as less than human because I’m serving them food. That doesn’t mean you get to look down on me.

    Those who don’t value these as real jobs, NEVER ORDER FAST FOOD AGAIN.

    • tnique

      The comments on here are disturbing, to say the least. The “get it how I got it” , you don’t deserve it because you flip burgers, and oh yeah get a real career, mentality is sickening. The world we live in geeesh! And for the one that posted/ suggested that these individuals should stop complaining and work 3-4 jobs like you, should quickly go stand in solidarity with those workers because clearly you are delusional to suggest that someone should just sit back and accept what they receive!

      • opinin8d

        @Tnique and James M : Clearly you are both ignorant to basic economics. The arbitrary $15/hr wage for fast food workers has consequences for you. If tomorrow the wage is $15hr, does this mean your skills have improved any or that you’re providing better customer service??? No, you’re doing the same entry level job with little customer service or communication skills. So, what do you think the person who actually has some skills and experience dealing with people, who is making $12.50/hr elsewhere going to do??? They will come in and replace you because they will do a better job and you’ll be without a job.

      • Jason

        Why is it sickening to hear people talk about real life experiences and bettering yourself through hard work. All that is being said is, instead of asking for a hand out make yourself worth $15 an hour. If you feel that you are skilled enough to make that amount of money find a job paying that amount of money. What these people don’t understand as well is if a restaurant is going to pay $15 an hour they are going to find someone qualified to make that amount of money. This would leave many of the people protesting completely out of a job. It’s pretty obvious as well that the vast majority of people are against an increase in the wage so not only is it a waste of time and energy it just makes them all look lazy, uneducated, and begging for a hand out.

      • Laura

        I am aust newly starting a new career in the medical field and I don’t even make $15/ hour yet! I have go eat to college for this and hold a job with immense responsibility and make life changing decisions…and someone who flips burgers should make more money than me?

      • Forever Conservative

        What’s disturbing is that people who have $5/hour skills want $15/hour to use them.

        You are delusional to think that if someone asks for something they should get it simply because they asked. They’ve asked, were told “No”, now demand the government make it where they can get more than they deserve based on the skills required to do a job that’s one step above what a monkey could be trained to do.

        What they should do is stop complaining and understand that when you have little to no skills, you make little pay.

    • Dirk

      Really James maybe your lack of motivation keeps you working at a job that only makes you $10.00. I just went on Craigslist and found 5 adds for jobs starting at $14.00 per hour for entry level but it’s hard work. So stop crying about what you do and do something different, this is America nobodies holding a gun to your head to make a pizza.

    • Anthony Jones

      I also worked at a pizza joint for about 8 years. I was not satisfied with my quality of life and decided to further my education and contacted a university. I enrolled for financial aid, went to school(while working full time) and finished in 2.5 years. So, I really don’t understand your argument. Those 2.5 years were very tough but I knew that it would be worth it. Don’t make excuse in life, because it is too easy. After school, I began in my new profession and yes I pay for a school loan, but I am much happier now. Your mindset of “going into debt” is what scares so many people from becoming educated. Take a risk, put in the work required to get a better job, network with people…This is America, the land of opportunity. You are not forced to work at your current employer, so develop a plan if you are unhappy. Have a strategy and figure out what you have to do! Attitude is first

    • N. G.

      If you want to make more money, you should look into manufacturing. No school required, they promote from within and train on the job. They are always looking for help, usually have full benefits, 401k, pension, etc. It’s something you can make a career out of and not have to go to school for it. I’ve been doing it for 11 yrs now making over $16/hr.

    • TM

      I don’t look down on people. If someone looks down on you that person is a sad case. This reality pill doesn’t taste good, but do things that elevate you. You are too intelligent, skilled, and talented for the money you make, then move. Even people working at then move. You can’t stay at a place that you cannot grow. The opposite of growth is death. Even most people who work at Google will not stay there long because they have ambitions of their own that will keep our country competitive.

  • Milwaukee John

    If you think your worth more then find a different job, thats what most grown ups do….. I didnt know these people were forced to work fast food?

    • Forever Conservative

      You hit the nail on the head. If the job they’re in now isn’t paying what they think they are worth, let them take their skill set and get more . Their problem is they don’t have a skill set worth more. That’s why they demand more pay. No one is forcing them to work in fast food but based on what they have to offer, it’s the type of job they are limited to doing.

  • Dustin

    What a joke. Go to school. Get a real job. If they paid 15/hr. They would have to double all the prices. They over charge already. The hamburger meat is worse than a hot dog.

  • Robert

    You want to earn $15 dollars an hour? Work your way up, put some years into it and not mention not screw up the orders and then we will see.

  • matt

    I worked 3 jobs when I was younger to get ahead one full time job and two part time jobs until I built up resume and learned new skills. I never went to college and I make over 60,000. Im not bragging im just saying you can do what ever you set your mind to. That’s what my mom always taught me.

  • matt

    And to I think James m is right about one thing. Nobody should look down on other people you have no right. There’s only one person better than all of us. And im sure he doesn’t really feel that way but that one person is the one above us all. God

  • Ray Jackson

    Who, with even half a brain, expects to support any family, no matter the size, working at McDonald’s? That would be one of the jobs I worked if I was trying to support a family working a job like that.

  • Lynn

    I agree with the other comments that McDonalds is an entry level job. It’s not meant to be for people to support a family. It’s unfortunate that McDonalds is the job for some people to support a family, but that was the choice you made. What about making sure you can support a family before you have a family. What happened to that idea. If fast food raises their salaries, does that mean all retail jobs need to raise theirs also? Think about that. And if you have to make more money to pay for the new health insurance program, then you can thank your President Obama for that. Don’t vote for that side anymore.

  • Craig Gierach

    If you’re not making enough money with your fast food job, how can you afford to take time off to protest?! Not only that, how can you afford to pay the fines you’ve just incurred?!?!

  • Stupid Flanders

    just a matter of time before one of them assaults a police officer and you can guess what happens next…

  • vent session

    Ever go thru a drive thru at mcdonalds and see females with their hair all done and their nails done with multiple pieces of jewelry on… or the men with a jordon sweater on and jordon shoes… you can afford to look like that but cant afford to live off of it. if you would stop spending all your money on items that are wants and not needs you would be able to live off the money you make.

    Mcdonalds is not a career!! this is a job for high schoolers to get starts and to have something to put on their resume. Get a real job!

    • KW

      I have to agree with you. I see a lot of people in minimum wage jobs wearing expensive clothing, expensive shoes, with professionally done hair and nails, talking on their iPhones, etc…………….. if you are making minimum wage and it’s ‘not enough’ for you, how are you able to buy all those things? Those people would have an easier time with their current wages if they stopped buying things they WANT and focus on what they NEED. There is no shame in buying no-name clothing or shoe brands or getting a cheaper flip phone or an older smart phone. I make more than minimum wage and have a degree (and am earning a second degree), but I could never afford to dress/accessorize myself or buy the things that some of these people insist on having. It’s not just about how much you get paid per hour, it’s about spending it in a SMART way and making sure that things you NEED are paid for first and foremost. If people are going to complain the can’t pay their rent or feed their families cause they don’t make enough maybe they need to sell back their phone or stop buying the newest Jordans, etc. Priorities, people, priorities!!!

  • Paula Bohl

    All this is going to do is make the gap between the rich and the rest of us even bigger. I worked hard to pay my way through college, and to see a fricking fast-food worker make $15/her to flip burgers and text on their phone is ridiculous. Get a real job and a real life. you do not deserve to make more than 8/hr

  • Andre

    Oh goodness.. please vote this woman out. What is this doing for her constituents by protesting?? How about she work to find ways for them to build workforce related skills!??

  • Doug

    Hmmm, I’ve been working since I was 15 and have never been unemployed for longer than a week or two. I’m 57 now. I started out working for my dad, who was not rich by anyone’s standards. I did a tour in the Army, got out and ended up going back in for a career. It was better than the civilian opportunities I had at the time. Right now I make around $90K per year working for a railroad. I got that job without a college education (although I got an AA in General Studies in the military). My point is this: I got to where I am now by working, by seeking out opportunities and responsibilities. Yeah, when times were rough I’ve flipped burgers at Mickey D’s, too. Maybe it’s because my parents were Depression Era kids, but truthfully I was a slow learner and lazy when I was a teen. Reality taught me what I had to do and how to do it. Couple that with faith in God and here I am today. I’m working to keep up, but other than house and car I have no long term debt. You can achieve your goals, but nobody is going to just hand them to you. As for $15/hour for flipping burgers, it sounds nice at first, but there will be consequences. The big corporations might be able to survive, but the mom and pop businesses will suffer. All the political well wishing won’t stop that.

  • Maya

    There is no way in hell these people will ever get $15 an hour. Instead of getting arrested and losing your job, keep working or find something more suitable for your living conditions. People need to get their priorities straight also. So many people say ‘$30,000’ a year cannot support a family. Actually, it can, my mother works making $32,000 a year. She works in the medical field and makes around $18 an hour and she has worked there over 17 years! She can make house payments and credit card payments with no issues. Someone is going to make me a over-sugared and undercooked sandwhich (that you prob. spit in if you don’t like me) for $15 an hour when my mother draws blood and got an actually education? No.
    If you cannot afford heavy college funds go to MATC or another technical college. If you’re so low income as they say you should get your tuition heavily paid for. It’s only around $4800 a year to be a full-time student! You can make great money going two years at MATC, the program I am in will be around $20 entry level and that is only two years of my time! It’s not that hard people.
    The main issue here is that people want everything done for them and that they are

    • wickedwayz

      Maya, do you realize you contradicted yourself. You quoted that most people said they can’t live off $30,000 a year. Then say your mom makes $32,000. That extra $2,000 a year is huge in todays market. For your mom that’s a good amount of food each month for more than a year. Try living off $20,000 a year. My wife, myself & three kids do. We don’t get any “Welfare” either.

  • Renee Card

    At age 16 with no skills I worked at Burger King. It’s an entry level job for people who have never worked before and have no skills. It’s not a $15 an hour job, it’s pretty low skill. I started my career at $21,000 and saved, worked hard and advanced to a decent salary. I weathered job loss in 2009 and minimized time on unemployment to a couple months by taking a temporary job for $8 an hour which required a vastly higher skill set than fast food. Then I found a permanent job significantly better than I had before. The key to success and raising a family isn’t asking more for doing the same thing. It’s looking for growth opportunities and advancing your career. I get that things are tough. I lived it. But if you just sit still and wait for it to be handed to you the advancement and higher income will never come.

  • james

    How about we let them get there raise. Then McDonald’s goes out of business. Less people are fat. (Since 75 percent of our country is. How you can be poor and fat I do not know) and they lose there jobs. I’m ok with this

  • peter

    Funny how these things happen around elections.
    And isn’t failure to report to work a reason to be reprimanded or fired?
    If fast food workers get $15/hr then what about wait staff at real restaurants who rely on tips for wages? They actually provide quality food and table service, yet work at wages far below minimum.
    Fire up the drug tests McDonald’s, those striking workers are easily replaced.

  • Mike

    This Jennifer Epps-Adson person must have been raised on a different version of the American Dream than I was! The American Dream is something that you work hard for. It is not handed to you. The American Dream I was raised on is that you go to school, every day. You pay attention to your teacher and give them the respect they deserve. During high school you get a part time job, say at a fast food restaurant, which allows you to earn some spending money, gain valuable experience in the workplace and have something to put on your resume for future employment opportunities. If you are happy in that field, great! Once you finish high school you start there full-time and work hard to prove that you are management material. You’re making a minimal wage and there are benefits but it’s just you. You don’t have a family to worry about yet and you can still live with your parents. After a while you will get noticed and when that supervisor position opens up you apply, and receive an interview. During this interview you are dressed in the first business suit you’ve ever purchased (probably from Goodwill or a bargain retailer) and you use the grammar skills you learned in high school and the manners/etiquette you’ve learned during your life to that point. You either get the job or you don’t. If you don’t, simply repeat these steps in the future. With enough hard work and determination, eventually you become supervisor. Now you’re making a pretty good wage. You can move out of your parent’s house and get a place of your own. You are now more independent than you have ever been in your life but you are not satisfied so you continue to work hard. You put in 50 hours a week and fill in for any shifts that were left open by the “slackers” that called in because they just happened to be scheduled to work during the Packer game. You were supposed to be off and you were excited to watch the game but those are the sacrifices you have to make. This gets the attention of your General Manager who tells you that there is an Assistant General Manager position opening up and she would like you to apply. So you do. You dawn your same suit for the interview and use the same skills from the last interview plus the skills you’ve acquired over the last few years as a supervisor. You give a great interview, your superb work ethic has made you a stand up employee and now that is all paying off. You got the job! Now, you’re the Assistant General Manager. All is going well. You’re making a great salary. You’re now comfortable that you can support a family so you and your significant other discuss the possibility of children. Before you know it you have a little boy/girl that is the best thing that has ever happened to you. You know that this child will need diapers, formula, a roof over their head, and eventually maybe some swimming lessons, a cell phone and you hope a college education someday. Realizing this, you continue to work hard and strive to be the best you can be. One day you’re at work and the Regional Manager is there and you’re called into a meeting with him and your GM. Both have seen the effort and hard work you have put forth and believe that you are ready to take on your own store! The company is building a new restaurant in town and your GM is moving to the new location and they need someone to fill her shoes. You are now the General Manager of a major fast food restaurant, making a salary you had never dreamed of. With a lot of effort, sacrifice, and hard work you’ve realized the American Dream and it all began as a part-time job making minimum wage in high school!

    Or you could just remain a line worker making minimum wage never striving to improve yourself and protest until you are GIVEN what you DESERVE!

  • sherry kuehl

    Here’s a thought if they don’t get the raise they’re
    Demanding.. When they go back to work what will they do to the. Food..?!

  • teri

    Stand outside the restaurant, hold up signs on the sidewalk, have me sign a petition, give me a address and a person to write too to complain, yell your feelings and issues at that top of your lungs but DONT keep me from getting to work by blocking the road like a bunch of dumb #####! By blocking the road you have lost all my respect and I will not help you in your plight. Get back to work!

  • james

    This is sort of a sore spot. On one hand smaller chains would have an opportunity to compete with large chains as they function under a smaller structure and could handle a wage increase. Many local chains already compete in prices with the big chains and pay their employees more. On the other hand there isn’t a single worker who is making minimum wage that genuinely earns this wage hike. Why don’t you use the programs in place at these large chains to advance yourself as a person and allow the youth to fill these jobs as they are great starter jobs. They were never meant to be careers and should not be structured as such. I worked my butt off to get where I am now and I’m supposed to support the wants of people who have never had to do hard labor a day in there life. Here is thought , stop having kids you can’t pay for and get yourself out on the job scene and find a real job.

    • soulobigdaddy

      excuse me sir… but are u frickin serious? have you ever worked for a fast food place.?I know first hand that unless your a slacker, u work your buns off (pun intended)

  • Kaci Stone

    The Judgement is strong on this page..Y’all don’t know them.. you don’t know the backstory, but yet you assume to make a judgement? Do I think 15$ is fair .. no..Too high. But you do not know everyone’s circumstances. I have a degree yet I work a minimum wage job because I have no choice atm. I make it work. Please get down off your high horses and stop judging others.. You are entitled to your opinion but not at the expense of others dignity.

    • KW

      You make a good point – yes, some people with degrees have to work in minimum wage jobs at times, due to a difficult job market. But I still don’t think that entitles all minimum wage earners to request a wage increase of over 100%. You have a degree so you obviously have skills of some kind in a trade or profession, and eventually I’m sure you will find a job in your field. But some people working in minimum wage jobs are not using these jobs as ways to make ends meet while they search for a job in a better field, they are in them for life ……..because they haven’t bothered to get an education and don’t have the skills to get hired in other fields. People who make the choice not to get an education or obtain skills and training to better themselves and their situations should NOT feel entitled to make as much money as or MORE than people who have worked hard to earn an education and skills to work in a specific field.

  • Unreal

    It’s simple. Your pay should be commensurate with your skill and experience. Fast food is not skilled labor. If the pay scale does not meet your needs, do something different. If you’re not qualified to do something different, it’s up to you to obtain the skills and experience you need. Stay in school, study hard. Get an education. Learn a skilled trade. If you can’t afford to support a family, don’t have one.

  • Adam

    Gwen Moore salary is 174k a year how is she standing for them?? Donate your salary if you arent happy about it. Oh wait didnt you keep your salary during government shut down?

  • liberalmkejudge

    Why do you deserve more? What did you do that makes you twice as valuable as a Walmart employee or a dishwasher?
    And if you ever did get this raise (which you wont) There would be crazy competition for your mindless high paying job. You’d soon find yourself out of work to a more skilled worker.
    Either way youre a bunch of entitled losers. dont reproduce. we dont need any more of you.

  • KW

    As an ex-teacher, I can tell you that if you divided up my annual salary in my first year teaching I was only getting paid $16.67/hour (and yes, I worked far more than 40 hours a week/9 months out of the year – I have taken that into account in my calculation). By the end of my third year I was up to $18.46/hour (but I was also forced to pay 7% of that into a pension with no option to opt-out or invest how much I wanted when and where I wanted). I went to school to get a degree to become a PROFESSIONAL, and I feel I was fairly paid for the work I did and the education I had received. Why should unskilled labor (because that’s what it is – it doesn’t require a diploma, degree, license, credentialing, or accreditation to flip a burger, work a cash register, or handle a drive-thru) get paid almost as much as a professional with a degree? Actually, $15/hour is MORE than a lot of people with degrees make right out of college. I understand that the minimum wage, as it stands now, is not a livable wage – but it’s not supposed to be a long-term option anyway. Minimum wage jobs exist for high school and college students to make some spare cash, or as ways for people with other full time jobs to supplement their income. They aren’t meant as lifelong career choices with which to support families. If you want to get paid $15/hour go out and get an education and really DO something for society to EARN that $15/hour.

  • David

    Since when did employees decide how much they should be paid? If you don’t like your pay, find something that pays more. It is called a free market, not communism!

  • Nicole

    As a white folk I do need to correct you on your statement of blacks being the ONLY people to ever be forced to America as this is not true. Back in the day when our country was colonies we had girls from Europe usually around the age of 15-16 sent over with very little belongings to become wives of settlers. Also people were sent to the Americas as.criminals to pay for their debt and forced to work. So while I appreciate your place, please.be more aware before you state you are the only people that have ever been forced to America. Sadly this country WAS built.on all forms of slavery. And in reference to your education comment. We don’t have scholarship for being white but there are several scholarships available just for being black.

  • Mike

    “It’s time for us people to make a stand. It’s time that we stop being abused by these corporations and stand up for what’s important and what’s right and stand up for our families and our people,” Javon Walker, who was cited for disorderly conduct said. Curious Javon Walker who are “our people”? These people want 15.00 an hour because they can’t support a family on that. IT WAS NEVER INTENDED FOR THAT. If all you have to rely on is minimum wage – THEN DONT HAVE A FAMILY! Seems pretty clear. If you don’t like the wage you are earning from your employer then get a job where they will pay you what you want! Why should a company be forced to pay more than it can or wants? You have the complete freedom to look for another job. What a bunch or cry babies.

  • Mike

    Rep. Moore was voted into office in 2004. She represents Wisconsin’s 4th Congressional District. She is up for re-election in November. November huh. Okay I know why she was there now. Everyone – think about it. When these workers go back to work what do you think they are going to be doing to your food out of spite? I for one am not eating out anymore. Bitter people will be spitting in your Big mack or hocking in your Quarter Pounder – NO THANKS.

  • Tamara

    People are usually paid based on the skill required for a job, in conjunction with the amount of education usually needed to attain the position. If a skill is common, and almost anyone can do it, then the pay is low. If the skill is uncommon (ie: mechanical engineer) and fewer people can do it, the the pay is higher. Almost anyone can work at a fast food place. In fact, much of the work has been so simplified in the last decade that it’s more of a mechanized process with human beings to press buttons and provide customer service. Those that want to be paid more should develop a skill or seek education for jobs that fewer individuals can do.

  • Tamara

    I would love to see a single fast food store apply the philosophy of living wage in its true state. They should pay each employee based on the living wage they need to survive and thrive, rather than on the work they do, etc. The $15/hr wage was based on the amount needed to be above poverty thresholds, which are defined by family size. If a store were truly to enact the philosophy, then they would pay $15/he to a worker with 2 children, but slightly less to a family with one child, and the least to a single person, who wouldn’t “need” as much to survive. Since they were base wages, all wages could be posted. I wonder how workers would feel knowing that some were paid more for doing the same job…simply because someone decided they needed it.

  • 2econd

    “An organizer of Thursday’s demonstration says workers in 14 Wisconsin communities walked off the job on this day. That organizer says they’ll be returning to work on Friday.” I would hope that all the employers affected by these peoples walk off fire these employees.

  • Erin

    I think raising it to $15 is very steep however the sole fact of minimum wage is supposed to be set to cover living costs of one person. That is the problem you have too many people trying to support families on it. If they raise fast food workers pay to $15 why not raise the waitress wage. With tips yeah you make decent money but with the fact that people if your lucky leave a 15% tip now these days. The standard is now 18% if you don’t get it your screwed cause your 2.33 an hour doesn’t pay bills. I have waitressed now for 14years I do it cause I love it I love talking to poeple not for the money but it is also essential to living. I know I can go to another job but I do enjoy what I am doing now and for those of you who are telling people to further you education and so on most of them are. I as well am going to school to earn a degree I am also married raising a child while I work my “hired help” job. I find it so funny when people down talk service jobs but what was it you were doing while going to school? Cause I bet living off mommy and daddy wasn’t an option.

  • Cal

    Err, wrong! It’s already been shown that a higher min wage doesn’t cause rampant unemployment or skyrocketing prices. Seattle anyone?
    You would think min wage workers get health care? ?! I make 15/hr with no health care, and I work in health care! How’s that rub you?
    Wake up to the reality: corporations are doing everything they can to avoid paying taxes, and workers. This is unacceptable, and should not be tolerated.

    • Taxpayer

      Cal your just a liberal stuck in their ways that doesn’t understand economics. Your paid for what skills you have the lower the pay the less quality if skills PERIOD! Learn some other skill and better yourself.

  • Mark

    I can’t wait for McDonald’s to go fully automated. Just like self checkouts, i think we will find it to be an acceptable alternative. And i know the machines won’t spit in my coffee.

  • Janie

    I have no problem with peaceful protests….even if they end in arrest.
    I DO have a problem with Gwen Moore’s disingenuous remarks that she’ll have to “figure out how to pay this fine” and will “have to save my pennies” to do so (an appeal to look like just one of the folks who truly struggle with their low
    Gwen Moore’s base salary is $174,000….NOT including thousands in additional allowances. I don’t agree with the protesters demand for a $15 hourly minimum……but they are at least willing to sacrifice to participant. Moore wants the publicity and the votes (and can easily afford the price)….maybe she could offer to pay all of the protesters fines?

  • mandi

    I think these people need to stop and look at what they are doing honestly you think a 13 14 year old should get $15 an hour I have worked with my company for 6 year and I just past $15 what makes these people think flipping burgers should earn them this amount? This is just ridiculous!

  • Chuck

    I’ve gone to this McDonalds to eat and they should be happy to get 7.25 a hour. The services here is SUPER SLOW and the people that work there are SUPER RUDE. You don’t like minimum wage then go to school and learn a trade or skill that will get you more then minimum wage.

  • Aaron M. Sigcha

    She is just doing it to get more votes. On the other hand, they are all making fools of themselves. First off, we (people who went to school) worked our tails off to get out of a minimum wage job, and get a career. These people should do the same, gain experience and then move on to a better job. That’s how you will succeed, but instead they stay in one job and then get pissed because they want a higher wage. They said they are being mistreated, my bills, my children. no one told you to have kids, no one told you to live like you are living now. It is your responsibility, not ours. You get paid because of your dedication and experience. We should start a group that stops this type of revolts. These companies will be fine, just fire them, they can get high schoolers or people that just work to buy stuff and dont have real responsibilities yet.

    I am sorry for my English, I am a Spanish Speaking person.

  • DB

    Putting a pickle on a bun or asking if you want fries or a drink with that burger is not a job with a skill level high enough for $15. It is a pimple faced teen’s 1st job, a 2nd job, or a job for someone with ZERO skills while they GO TO SCHOOL to learn how to do a REAL JOB. Some TRAINED MACHINISTS don’t make $15 an hour!

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