“I want my mail:” Woman posts video of careless mailman to Facebook, gets results

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KANSAS CITY, MO (WITI) — A Missouri woman frustrated with her US mail service decided to arm herself with a video camera.

According to WDAF, Susan Howard Perry had filed several complaints about her mailman’s carelessness over the years. From destroyed letters, to packages being left by the street, she decided enough was enough.

Knowing she had an expensive book coming in the mail, she decided she would take a video of the drop off. What she found appalled her.

“I thought – I’m gonna see what he does with this book – and sure enough, that’s how the video happened,” she explained.

Narrating from her window, Susan watched the mailman throw her expensive package on the ground. And she felt relief that she finally had proof.

“I thought – if I were to tell somebody this, they’re gonna look at me like, really? Come on, you’re exaggerating. No I’m not, that’s how my mail gets delivered,” she said. “He would put the mail in, and then shove the package in, which would just tear up all the mail.”

Perry said she filed complaint after complaint about her mailman’s carelessness, but never got a resolution. As a result,  she decided to post the video on Facebook.

After she posted the video, the support started pouring in — and the manager of her post office came to see her.

He showed up at my front door, and literally his boss had seen the video on Facebook, and he said, ‘I apologize,’” she said.

Source: WDAF


  • dee andrews

    frustrating no doubt with a home of that value you would think shed also hire someone to cut the grass, grass almost 2 feet high, I guess that’s what happens when you spend all your time trying to nail the postman. Hopefully now she not only got her postman fired she can now have the free time to cut her lawn

    • MrPolarBear

      Wonder how much damage was done to that “EXPENSIVE” book. Come on. He tossed it to the ground. It didn’t hurt the book one bit. I just love how the news media tries to make it sound so terrible. Having said that. It was wrong for the carrier to leave the package on the ground at the box. He should have left it at the door. Sad thing is, the world doesn’t understand the time constraints placed on Carriers. We have barcodes in mailboxes that must be scanned by the carriers scanner. It tracks how long it takes a carrier to get from one point on the route to another. There are around 18 to 20 MSP scan points on every route. If it takes longer than normal to get from one Scan point to another, the carrier gets called into the office to explain why it took him so long. Sometimes, when we have more parcels and items needing signatures between two scan points, it can slow us down. Sometime up to twenty or thirty minutes. Management doesn’t except that and takes disciplinary action against the carrier by giving them a “Letter of warning” that stays in their file. If the carrier gets three or more letters of warning, they could be suspended for two weeks without pay. So to avoid these letters of warnings, carriers take every short cut they can Including throwing or dropping parcels like books that don’t break, to make up time. When a supervisor or manager gets mad at you for any reason, like calling is sick. They look for any reason to write you up. We had a case in our office where a supervisor wrote a carrier up for leaving rubber bands in his truck. Most of these letters of warning are thrown out in the Postal court system. That’s where Management and the Union discuss the issue and see if disciplinary action was necessary. If management and the union don’t agree, it goes into arbitration where a arbitrator decides. Most of the time, Management just gives out letters of warning to harass the carrier knowing that the letter of warning is going to get thrown out. It’s the way managers try to pressure the carrier to run faster. Cutting lunch short, skipping breaks and delivering poorly. It wasn’t always like this. However in 2006 congress pass a bill requiring the Postal to pay a tax to the government of 5.5 billion dollars each year for ten years. They claim this 5.5 billion is for retirement and medical benefits for people the post office might hire in the next 75 years. They aren’t even born yet….and thinking of this. How many business hires someone and has their full retirement and health benefits paid in advance before they worked a single day. It’s crazy. Until you realize the amount of land and building the post office owns. Some members in congress what to bankrupt the Postal Service so they can sell the assets and make billions of dollars of profit. One congressman got caught selling a postal property to his sister for 125 thousand dollars. The sister turned around and sold the same property two months later for 5 million. So….with this bill, Management in the postal service is trying everything in the world to make up this 5.5 billion dollar tax. Including making routes longer and placing pressure on carriers to do the impossible. Therefore, the short cuts are being taken. Packages are being thrown. Harassment is up. Congress wants to privatize. The USPS is doomed. But before you think it might just as well be the best thing to privatize the postal service…..think about this. The Canadian Postal service went private back in 1979. Members of their political parties said it could be done better and cheaper in the private industries. In 1979, you could mail a letter in the USA to anywhere in Canada for the same rate of postage. The USA and Canadian Postage rate was the same. Now…the so called better privatized Canadian Postage is up to a dollar for a one ounce letter. It’s 49 cents in the USA for a two ounce letter. That’s twice the weight at half the price. You see, the Canadian government said the same thing in 1979 just to sell off the Canadian Postal Service assets. Wonder how many Canadian politicians made millions selling the Canadian Postal Service assets. The newly privatized Canadian Postal Service hired most of the Canadian Postal workers because they had the experience. They didn’t get paid as much as first. They they unionized and went on strike. Know you know why the Canadian rate is up to a dollar. The privatized postal workers are making more than when they worked in the government run system. Who knew?

  • Brian

    Is there a problem with maybe installing a larger container on the groud if a persone wants to receive larger boxes that have a value? Just saying.

  • Shannen

    I had a mail carrier that was putting ‘missed delivery slips’ in my mail box without even trying to deliver them. I was home and caught her on the porch and asked her for the package and she didn’t even have it on her truck. She did this with certified mail, too. This happened multiple times so I complained and the USPS was very proactive. They called me back right away. The only thing I didn’t like is that the mail carrier felt the need to confront me. Once I explained the situation to her and she knew she was in the wrong she backed down. I told her I wasn’t trying to get her in trouble, I just wanted my mail. I never had another problem with her.

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