Tedric Sanders pleads not guilty to charges in Innovative Optique case

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Tedric Sanders

MILWAUKEE (WITI) — 20-year-old Tedric Sanders pleaded not guilty on Thursday, September 4th to changes of felony murder and felony bail jumping.

Sanders is the man police say tried to rob Innovative Optique in Fox Point in early August. That robbery ended in a shooting and one man dead — Sanders’ alleged accomplice.

Sanders is charged even though police say he wasn’t the one to fire the gun. Police say an employee at the store exchanged gunfire with 22-year-old Joshua Drake — and Drake later died at the scene.

Under Wisconsin law, those involved in felonies can be charged if someone dies while the crime is being committed.

Sanders has a lengthy criminal history. In fact, at the time of the attempted armed robbery and shooting, police say Sanders was supposed to be in court for a charge related to a high-speed chase.


  • Angel

    Maybe if it was jobs out here for children that’s willing and able to work it wouldn’t be so many armed robbery cases. Y’all quick to talk down on a person but don’t consider the circumstances! It’s Y’all fault!. Everyone don’t got it like others so they get it how they can.

    • Shonnie

      The fact that you are blaming others for him robbing a eye specialists store is simply pathetic.Our generation has so many excuses about why they CAN’T accomplish things when in actuality they don’t even try.I just pulled up indeed.com and over 1000 jobs are listed where you only need a high school diploma.Too many excuses not enough effort being put into making a better life for yourself or the children that are being reproduced.How is it their fault that he keeps committing crimes and terrorizing the community?

    • Ignorance is not bliss!

      Just curios, but how is it my fault, or any other persons fault that this ignorant thug decided that instead of being a productive member of society, he is going to rob people and steal what he is to lazy to earn himself! I am so sick of all the excuses! Take responsibility for your actions, your kids and maybe we will get somewhere!

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