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“There is no law that says I can’t breastfeed and drink:” Mother’s Labor Day outing turns into social media mess!

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CHESAPEAKE, VIRGINIA (WITI) — A Labor Day outing for dinner and drinks at a bar & grill in Chesapeake, Virginia has turned into a social media mess!

FOX6’s sister station, NewsChannel3 in Norfolk, Virginia says customers at “Big Woody’s” bar & grill complained after a mom was seen with a shot and a beer while breastfeeding inside the restaurant.

When a manager confronted the woman — the incident blew up on Facebook, with Big Woody’s being accused of being a business “unfriendly to breastfeeding moms.”

The mother, named Crystal, took to Facebook — claiming Big Woody’s gave her the boot because she bared her breast to feed her baby.

Big Woody’s manager says it was less about the breastfeeding — and more about feeding the baby while also consuming alcohol.

“It’s not easy to go and talk to someone and say you’re breastfeeding but you’re drinking too,” the restaurant’s manager told WTKR.

Crystal admits to having the alcohol — but she says she wasn’t planning on drinking it until after she was done nursing.

“I had a huge water I was downing. I had a beer and a shot of Fireball in front of me but that was for after I was done. And I had one sip of beer and I’m not planning on the rest until after I’m done nursing,” Crystal told WTKR.

WTKR reports most of the posts made to the restaurant’s Facebook page are about the rights of mothers to breastfeed. Not much is mentioned about the objections the patrons made about seeing the mother with alcohol.

“I said there is no law that says I can’t breastfeed and drink. I’m not doing anything wrong, and he then proceeded to say, ‘you know what — it’s also my right to refuse service. I’m going to be cashing you guys out. You can leave,’” Crystal told WTKR.

“I would like to see this be turned around and end up being positive. We’re willing to sit down and talking with them and see if we can turn this around and see if we can make something positive – on educating people on how to breastfeed in public. Because again, we don’t have a problem breastfeeding in public. Women are allowed to breastfeed in here,” the restaurant’s manager told WTKR.

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  • DL

    Of course you can drink and breastfeed in moderation. Ask any pediatrician. As long as you aren’t tipsy. They say the rule is if you can drive a car you can drink. Alcohol enters breast milk in 30-90 minutes and is metabolized quite quickly. Shame on ignorant people forcing their OPINIONS on others. Do your homework

    • barefootandcrazylife

      Exactly. The mother could have had a drink even while breastfeeding & then pump & dump when she got home and the baby would have had zero alcohol. There’s also said to be benifits of having a beer (one) to help milk production.

  • sufferingfromgluten

    I think the law states you cannot serve minors alcohol in any form or fashion and keep your business licence. Obviously 2 drinks isn’t a moderate drinker. One being liquor. If your going to drink why not leave child with sitter? If that doesn’t get you intoxicated are you claiming your a moderate drinker? This is an alcoholic and this baby could be at risk.

  • Jim

    My granddaughter just had a baby her Dr. told her to drink a beer while breast feeding to help her relax so baby gets more milk.

    • Janay

      You’re obviously not educated on breastfeeding. It’s perfectly safe. If you’re ok to drive, you’re OK to nurse. Most pedis actually recommend beer while nursing to relax and help milk supply.

  • Mommygraves

    As far as the bar owner goes, you can refuse service to ANYONE, for any reason.

    As far as the mother goes, who the hell brings a baby to a bar? And a “moderate drinker” does not chase shots with beer in front of her infant child. She claims that she was gonna breastfeed her child and THEN drink? Yeah…what happens if her child is hungry an hour later, or two hours later, when mom is bombed at a bar? Absolutely that alcohol content will get into the milk.

    a dark beer can boost production now and then, but not chasing shots with beer.

    Mother of the year, everyone.

    this coming from a mom of three.

  • Me

    It’s more about this woman getting her 15 minutes of fame… I am so tired of hearing that my “rights” were abused… Can she drink while breastfeeding, yep, does she need to spread it all over the media that she was refused service because of it, nope… She did it just to embarrass the restaurant and the owner… it was an isolated incident and leave it at that… …

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