Police try to deter young people from following footsteps of “Wild Hunnits” gang

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Charges come down against teens accused of a four day crime spree that left a friend dead. Police say Camron Powell was killed after his group tried to rob another. FOX6 News is learning more about his troubled past.

Police say the young people are part of a gang called the Wild Hunnits -- responsible for disturbing criminal activity. Police are doing what they can to stop more kids from joining.

They are two young lives, taken just a week apart. Two individuals police say are criminals, shot and killed by their victims. They are two friends who ran in the same gang, who know share the same fate.

"It's really disheartening to see someone in that age group lose their life over something so ridiculous," Milwaukee Police Department Captain, David Salazar.

August 15th, police say 22-year-old Joshua Drake walked into a Fox Point Optical store, brandishing a gun trying to rob the place. He was shot and killed by a store employee.

"It's only been a couple of weeks since that event happened and now this event happens," Salazar said.

Weeks later, his friend 15-year-old Camron Powell was shot and killed during an attempted robbery near 2nd and National.

Police say both Drake and Powell were members of the Wild Hunnits gang. An organized group of young people, preying on innocents of Milwaukee.

"They're doing this spree activity where they're committing multiple crimes and they're really terrorizing the community," said Salazar.

Investigators believe the gang is responsible for crimes like armed robberies and car thefts. Police are doing what they can to stop more kids from heading down that path.

"Basically explain to them, this is the track your headed down, it either ends up in a small box in a prison or it ends in a pine box in the ground," said Salazar.

Trying to prevent more young lives from being taken by crime.

"The earlier we can intervene in that child's life, the better chance that we have to turning them around," Salazar said.

Police say the key is intervening with the kids when they are still very young. Trying to deter them from a life of crime.


  • a20 havoc

    If they only had jobs they would not have been forced to turn to a life of crime to feed their families. Poor victims of society…

    • MAYA

      Such an Ignorant comment to make blame of “police” and “white people” wasn’t even mentioned those are the ignorant thoughts in your mind…..Plus you can’t judge a struggle you have no relation to keep your ignorance in your own back yard please….let the people with common sense deal with this

    • April

      It has nothing to do with not having a job. It begins with parents and the environment that these kids grow up in.

    • April

      There’s actually some truth to this statement. Some parents dont wanna look at themselves but instead blame society for everything.

    • Justice

      LOL if they had GOTTEN jobs they wouldn’t be out perpetrating crimes. Society is a victim of these punks. I think you’re a troll, so be happy.

  • diane

    Society. It isnt our responsibility it is their parents responsibility…dont birth um…if you cant raise them and provide for them

  • mh

    They got what they deserved! Why is this even in the news? The friends of these losers think they are stars now. The headline should read,
    Worthless bum killed by innocent victim. These bums don’t deserve ANY recognition! AND I AM A BLACK MAN!

  • dancing in the ruins

    what’s a ‘hunnit’? is that another one of those words that blacks can use but others can’t?

    • Justice

      Man, You can barely even write a sentence properly. Were you educated in Milwaukee schools? I can’t even understand your point about assault rifles because it doesn’t make sense? Spread abroad? Are we exporting them to other nations? You are correct about the foolishness of the parents. Your English language skills are TERRIBLE. Learn to write before you post again, or ask someone to read what you’ve written so they can edit your writing. I feel sorry for you.

    • will im not

      DatTruth I understand what you mean..our goverment lets certain things happen in certain areas. It’s called Depouplation. Why should they kill us when they can sit back and watch us do it to each other.

    • DaTruth

      These kids just pretend to be tough when they are really trembling within. That is why they need a group to be around.

      • Felicia

        Completely agree. Strong gangs provide structure when family does not. It’s a religion, with full prayers and belief system, when churches in real life are judgemental.

  • Felicia

    Took only a few minutes, but I found Wild Hunnits or Wild Hunnitz at Bradley Tech, Pulaski, Ronald Reagan, Vincent and more. If you’re a parent or work in a school, I suggest searching “wild hunnits milwaukee facebook” (or with the X instead) to see if any of these kids attend your child’s school.

    • Felicia

      I want to be very clear that I I’d not research this to support any firm of racism, or to ignite hate. I’m just tired of the violence in Milwaukee. Parents need to know if there is a risk in their child’s school. Teachers and support staff should know which students need extra guidance to become more positive, or extra monitoring to ensure safety.

  • Tyler

    thank you felicia….maya your an idiot “.let the people with common sense deal with this”…been doing such a good job so far…LAUGHABLE…

  • Verdant

    The Police need to be out actively hunting down and arresting the “wild hunnits” now. Oh wait, I forgot…this doesn’t happen in the new Detroit (formerly known as Milwaukee).

    • dancing in the ruins

      and yet if a cop would have killed one of these thugs the inner city would be protesting the cops killing another ‘gentle giant’ who ‘wouldn’t harm nobody’…

      • soulobigdaddy

        left your brain in the ruins, you have it all wrong as usual, if the cop was justified in doing so to protect us law abiding citizens, and make it home to his family, we would be thankful that another banger was off the street

  • Felicia

    Sorry it’s not showing, but you can also look up Rapcineceo CO on YouTube, then view his videos called RIP or shark gang to see members. This also strongly highlights the connection between a racine and Milwaukee.

  • grunt

    The police captain says it is “disheartening” that the thug was killed while trying to rob someone.
    It’s not disheartening, it’s justice. The captain’s attitude sheds some light on why crime in Milwaukee is out of control.
    It’s disheartening that it takes private citizens to do the job (confronting violent criminals) that Milwaukee’s police department can’t or won’t do.

  • diane

    Wow..and we aren’t supp owe to be wary of young black males…or their girlfriend’s. …this is truly disturbing….where is the black community outrage…the vigil…yup…only when a officer or peaceful citizen ends up protecting themselves. With deadly force….

  • Ashley Jackson

    But let this would have been a white teen young man who did the same action this young african american man produced. He wouldnt be getting harassed on the news or letting every single thing of his private life get expose. You dont know the young man who was shot & killed over a mistake he decided too make . Your only going off the bakground FOX 6 NEWS & THE POLICE are giving you. This young man couldve been struggling & probably didnt know what his next move was going to be positive or negative you dont know him or.his story & you people are just sitting here lifeless harassing him because of the mistakes he has made. You ignorant individuals only care about your self & not the whole outlook. Its just wrong how you guys are disrespecting the deceased in this matter. Saying he deserves it but look at the mistakes you made before trying to criticize another human on their mistakes . POINT BLANK PERIOD

    • dancing in the ruins

      ok, so then any cop who shot and killed a black thug simply made a mistake too so all is forgiven. there, see how easy that is?

    • Justice

      When you learn how to write come back and make comments. You can’t write English well enough to have any credibility. You are ignorant and uneducated. You are a sad example of the problem in your city. You are trying to make excuses for a young man who made his own choice to violently accost a citizen. This thug died because he was a bully and he picked on the wrong person. He got what he deserved. Did you ever choose to attack, assault, and rob someone? If you did, then you deserved to be shot and killed. Point blank, period. Go back to school and learn to write properly. You will earn respect. Otherwise keep on thuggin, you ignant foo.

    • DaTruth

      It’s all about how you are raised. Everybody is trying to make it and survive. There is no respect for a thief and robber, pulling guns on innocent people. Hell, would you understand if it was you or your family that got victimized? This was organized also, just going around terrorizing the city. No matter what he was going through, its not okay to handle it how he behaved. It’s a game to alot of these youngsters and they act off of one another. It’s all okay….. until they get caught.

  • diane

    The black community should denounce this criminal behavior. …no matter what ethnicity. .right and wrong…isnt hard too understand…if kids are raised correct ly by their parents. …Kids are the responsibility of parents not society. ..I’m not anyway responsible for the lack of parenting of these useless criminals.who have no morals..comments sense
    .or a heart or soul..

  • diane

    By the way Ashley myself. My family. Friends..I dont even know a criminal personsonslly..I was raised s christian..and learned and followed the ten commandments. ..I respected my elders. .worked hard. .respect society authority and love
    . My country…I would never steal…or take what wasn’t mine….and I dont expect anything.for nothing….let some one try and steal my car. .my purse…or hurt me or break into my home..and they will have a TRIP to the hospital…if they are lucky…so glad that law abiding citizen s have the right to “carry”…I will not be a victim and I believe that in order to be safe this is now necessary

  • john gray

    Smh. . I’m sorry for his family but tbh he had it coming. . What goes around comes around.. I’m sure if he was alive hell probably rob you blind.. I hate to say it but it’s true.. yes u can blame it on his parents or his environment but that doesn’t mean nothing. I’m from the hood rised by a single parent but I made it out with nobody help n im only 22.. now I’m n college work 2 jobs n on a straight path.. anybody can do it..

    • DaTruth

      Not all so called black people cause trouble. Trouble makers and the followers of hate do, which exist in all races. It also stemmed from their upbringing. So stay stuck on ignorance. You can learn some sense from someone black.

  • Jennifer Katona

    The notion that there’s anything disheartening, tragic or bad about a reduction in the population of these feral Africans is absurd. Let’s hope many more meet hot lead issued by humans.

    • DaTruth

      @Jennifer Katona, we are all humans on this planet…… You racist. Your not suppose to wish death on no one and your not a perfect person. I’m pretty sure of this. Your government has caused more chaos and taken more lives than any of these lost youth.

    • soulobigdaddy

      and you have a brain problem and a hate problem. You wouldn’t dare call a black person a talking ape to their face you effin coward. It would be so lovely for someone in your family to get with a black person because of how much it would affect you

    • soulobigdaddy

      America has a you problem gunny…you wouldn’t say that bs to any person of color in person…get back in the closet CoWard

  • Dirk

    If you want to see a racist LOOK IN THE MIRROR. You prove every racist comment in this thread with your uneducated rambling.

  • DaTruth

    Y’all might make your own look bad by what you are representing. It’s sad for any black male to be losing their life and especially by your own brother. We are no different, fighting the same struggle. How is it that a person can’t understand robbery and murder? I don’t defend the news but, that explains itself and people work hard for what they get, trying to support their family. Whatever the struggle, their is always other positive options. This stuff is just a joke out here, running with a gang of dudes, trying to bully folks. Just because he didn’t have a Pickett fence, doesn’t mean that a person takes from someone else that grew up with a Pickett fence. We all affect one another. People who were once cool kill each other over nonsense. So easy to embrace death over life. Civilized people will never understand, uncivilized disruptions entering their lives.

  • Felicia

    Hey, kiddo…listen, the racism displayed on here isn’t ok. But you need to see that ypur comment is just as incorrect. I am truly sorry that your friend died, I am. If you knew him well, there is a chance you know many of the same people, etc. If so, I hope you use this tragedy as an example of what can happen when someone makes negative choices. Im not saying that to be rude, just to be straightforward with you. When a person chooses to rob another person, they immediately put themselves at risk. That said, you also need to know that (1) being white does not mean you are financially stable with a good childhood, & (2) having those things is not what prevents negative choices. Most of my fellow white people had trouble in their lives, too. If I were to count the number of whitw people I know who have been beaten, abused, sexually assaulted, etc…I wouldnt have enough fingers and toes to count them all. The truth is…negative decision making is a matter of character, not wealth. Look at all the homivides that have been committed by qgite people who had a “good family and childhood”. Slenderman, Dahmer, Columbine, etc, etc, etc. People who do not make these choices do so because they have deveoped strong values, and have made a commitment to doing right by others according to those values. Its that simple. Racism and poverty exist yes….but when it all boils down…its really about character. Thats what our community needs to workon.

    • soulobigdaddy

      Felicia…that is the best comment and advice I’ve ever seen on these message boards. You are very wise and have a good heart obviously…God Bless You

  • Mark Robles

    The law is not going to do anything to stop them. It is up to the average citizen to stop these punks dead in their tracks. Maybe if a few of these parasites are killed committing these robberies, it would make the prospect of engaging in such acts less appealing to potential members.

  • one zero six

    r.i.p cam n phat tha hunnits aint a gang we a family you got alotta ppl doing positive just like we got ppl that dont make wise decisions but at tha end of tha day dont nobody deserve deaf i dont care what they did

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