Three Milwaukee-area Pick ‘n Save stores closing; more than 200 losing jobs

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) — The Milwaukee Business Journal says Roundy’s Inc. will be closing three Milwaukee-area Pick ‘n Save stores, laying off more than 200 employees.

Locations at 8120 W. Brown Deer Road in Milwaukee, 11111 W. Greenfield Ave. in West Allis, and a store in Saukville will close November 5th.

Milwaukee-based operator Roundy’s has struggled in recent years, and took a hit in its latest quarter, reporting a net loss of $13.5 million

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  • World Crime Prevention

    We hope that that all go bankrupt. They sell nasty moldy food at many locations, we have hundreds of pictures & videos to prove it from undercover surveillance at several locations including the West Allis location on 67th & Greenfield / National and the 43rd location in West Milwaukee.

  • Jen

    Meanwhile, Woodman’s prices go up a little more, and a little more, and a little more… and pretty soon, they too will be just as expensive as all the rest- just like Pick n Save was… back in the day.

    • milhouse

      When they opened the one in the Falls about 4-5 years ago everyone was raving about how much cheaper they were than PnS. Funny how they aren’t much (if any) cheaper than PnS today.

      So I buy what I can at Aldi.

  • What!

    The Saukville Pick ‘n Save store will be taken over by Piggly Wiggly, which will move its Saukville store there from its existing location keeping it’s existing employees and adding 40 more jobs.. The employees at the Milwaukee and West Allis stores are represented by United Food and Commercial Workers Union Local 1473. See how much unions help now days. Almost everything has been rising significantly the last 5-6 years except jobs. Keep voting demoncrat, fools.

  • Former pick n save worker

    Wow I remember being part of the first group to ever work at pick n save at 8120 w brown deer rd! Everything was new the registers had never been used. It’s only been open since dec. 2004. I met some pretty awesome people at that place! My first job fresh out of high school. It’s a shame it’s closing already. There’s some fun memories that lye in that store

  • fpns

    Pick n save has the worst sales ads.
    Walmart has everyday prices that makes pns ads look stupid.
    Bankruptcy here we come again pns.
    You can only blame Chairman Bob
    and all his shortcummings no pun intended.

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