Drew Carey reaches out to teen with autism involved in Ice Bucket Challenge prank

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BAY VILLAGE, Ohio (AP) — Comedian Drew Carey is offering to help police find those involved in dumping a bucket of urine and feces on a special-needs teen in Ohio who was reportedly told the prank was part of the “Ice Bucket Challenge.”

The Cleveland native posted on his Twitter account Saturday that he’s willing to donate $10,000 if police in suburban Bay Village want to start a reward fund.

The 14-year-old boy’s mother found a cellphone video of teenagers dumping the bucket on her autistic son.

Bay Village High School organized a vigil for the teen before a football game on Friday and school officials have condemned the prank.

Carey is the host of the popular game show “The Price is Right” and starred in the comedy “The Drew Carey Show.”


  • Dmarie

    I am so proud of Drew Carey for stepping forward!!!! These horrible teens must be outed!!! There should be a zero tolerance on this type of behavior!!! I hope that sports figures & other celebrities step forward & join Drew with a reward!

  • lisa

    i wish i knew who his name, i did the ice bucket challenge and would love do it the right way in this boys honor. i have a neweph who has austim we would both love to do it again in your name and give money to the austim awareness in your name.

  • Bonnie LaPee

    Thank you Drew! This story broke my heart and shredded my faith in humanity. You restored that faith with your kindness. I don’t think you realise how many kids on the spectrum love you. My son has no friends. You and Rachel ( who he has the biggest crush in world on, and has for years, lol, scoundrel!),Spongebob and Dora are his friends. Your show lets me have a brief connection with my son. A moment when he steps enough into our world that he “hears” me. It made my heart swell when I heard that his bestie, his hero is a hero! We love you even more now Drew!

  • Marc

    This is horrible. To bad the kids that did this are underage, therefor won’t get in any way the punishment they deserve just a slap on the wrist. Than in a couple weeks this will happen again and they will catch the kids that did again, slap them on the wrist again. Than it will happen again and so on and so on.

  • Regina

    I sure hope the parents of these kids feel stupid. Why are they taught that this behavior is ok or funny? Someone taught them that. Wake up parents. Stop allowing your kids to be useless members of society.

  • Diane

    It is a hate crime and should be handled accordingly…also think this could go legal…bullying and or hate crime?

    i hope the Autistic young man did not get sick from all the……………..in that bucket?

  • Christiaan L Killingbeck

    Unfortunately these kids won’t get what they really deserve. What happened to treating others the way that you would want to be treated. This act speaks to how they would want to be treated. Let the punishment fit the crime. Maybe they should have vile things poured on them and have it video taped with there phones. I have ASD and this is really upsetting to me.

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