CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Three people violently attacked by large group of teenagers; video is going viral

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WARNING: The video below may be disturbing to some. Viewer discretion is advised.

MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE (WITI) — It’s video that’s going viral. At least three people were violently attacked on Saturday night, September 6th in the parking lot of a Kroger grocery store.

It happened around 9:15 p.m., according to FOX6’s sister station, WREG in Memphis.

An employee of the Kroger store caught the incident on camera.

According to WREG, a 25-year-old man says he was attacked by the group of teens as he walked to his car. WREG says two Kroger employees (ages 17 and 18) ran to help the man. They were apparently repeatedly hit in the head and face.

The Kroger employees say pumpkins in excess of 20 pounds were thrown at their heads while they were on the ground. That can be seen in the video.

WREG says both of the Kroger employees lost consciousness as a result of the attack.

Eventually, a security guard stepped in.

Kroger has confirmed to WREG that two of its employees were attacked in the parking lot. Kroger says they were taken to the hospital, treated, and released to their parents.

Video of the attack is now spreading on Facebook and other social media sites.

CLICK HERE for more on this story via WREG.


  • A. Wyatt Mann

    Those rascally teens, “youths” as they’re called by the larger MSM, it’s because they’re so disadvantaged by systemic…teen-ism, otherwise they wouldn’t have to violently chimp out and beat up the white…I mean, non-teen youth.

    The only solution may be to start communities which are entirely comprised of non-“teens”, where we can be safe from their savagery.

  • A. Wyatt Mann

    Precisely. Commentators like Chaim Shekelstein, Travonoquiqaninianiona Koolayd, and Jamal Detrayquan are out of line. They would never say those things in a room full of white people, so why is it alright to blame the white man on the Internet? Have some decency.

  • harvester of sorrow

    Aww, you poor little entitlement baby! Don’t be mad at the white cops – they were just ‘having fun’ when they shoot black criminal thugs – just like ‘your boys’ in the video are just having fun. Now stop playing on the internet and go join your $15/hour fast food protesters – they need you to help disrupt traffic!

  • James Smith

    A fair number of them are definitely older than 18, head the headline states them as “teens”
    The truth is, that is because most blacks don’t mentally age past the age of 15.
    I know this because I was one that did while all the others surrounding me did not.

  • A. Wyatt Mann

    Jamal we’ve paid you reparations (or as you teens like to call it, “repair stations”) many times over with government benefits. Case closed. Also, I don’t remember ever being paid for the free boat ride you got.

  • Kat

    I think all these teenagers doing this should be charged with attempted manslaughter maybe if more end up in jail or prison and charged as adults less would be likely to do it!

  • The Real Truth

    That’s why Jamal and the others toting the same lines are trolls wanting to stir things up and get people to come out of their character! Very exaggerated and inflammatory! Don’t be so easily moved by those wanting to make the pot boil and bubble more by stirring up your emotions to get you down to their level! They probably aren’t even really African American anyway, just trying to pull some chains and promote the stereotypes!

  • chief keef

    This is why cops kill blacks why take the chance of your life this generation makes the rest of African Americans look like fools too many raised on Gucci mane

  • A. Wyatt Mann

    That’s because “teens” make up a huge percentage of the criminals in the U.S. For only 12% of the population, they make up 40% of the violent crime statistics, as reported by the victims themselves!

  • Joshua Cohen Dentonstein

    Absolutely appalling. It’s only a matter of time before the rampant racism and anti-semitism in the African-American community turns into organized violence and we have another Holocaust on our hands.

    I thought we had said “never again” to the mass gassings and genocides, but I guess the lives of another 30 million Jews aren’t worth saving if it means you have to be ‘politically incorrect’.

    What a shame.

    • Justin

      Where do you get your facts Emma? 800,000 to a million died in the Rwandan Genocide. Do a look up on the Jews that were killed. Over 6 Million!! Also what are the Jews doing to Palestinians? Protecting and defending themselves from over a thousand rockets being fired on them. Maybe the Palestinians should have voted for someone beside Hamas. Keep watching what ever it is your watching. But before you post something have FACTS not facts based on your personal feelings.

    • danny

      thank you Justin for posting that. It makes me so angry when people like this girl Emma post these things. you sound like a complete idiot and you post things that are untrue

  • Kelly Ezelle

    Is there a way we can thank the employees for stepping up and helping the man. I find them heros and am so sorry for their pain and the mans. I’d like to send him a get well card. God bless all hurt and may these young men be caught and held responsible for their actions.

  • Simon Legree

    Shonnie, you know that that is absolute tripe. I’ve NEVER ONCE heard of a large group of white teens ganging up on a few blacks and beating them senseless in the past twenty years or so, and you have the whole mainstream media on your side. Black people make up around 13% of the population and commit 52% of all homicides. It’s time for you people (Yes, YOU PEOPLE) to stop avoiding the mirror and take a good long look at your degenerate race. Black people are the worst thing ever to happen to America, and we white people did it to ourselves. I wish I could go back in time and kick each and every slaver in the face for ruining this country with your overwhelmingly deleterious race. What a mistake you people are!

  • Carrie

    Why no “blacks” in the title? If this was a white mob attacking blacks you’d have mentioned that FOR SURE. Why???

  • Daniel

    How angry would the world be if this was a group of whites attacking a black person?

    Let me tell you what the title of the video would be named: Three blacks violently attacked by group of white teenagers. I am stick to death of seeing these reports every week. Something needs to be done.

  • diane

    What…group of normal humans runs in a mob and acts like the young victims were part of a hate crime….yes..if the mob was white and the victims black. ..thats what would be the cry from the black community. …but these poor poor kids right…society as a whole is getting fed up….

  • Loqutus Borg

    Subhuman parasites. No sign of Al, Jesse, Eric or Barry. Looks like the Obungler Administration has given neegrow youfs the green light to attack white humans without fear of reprisals.

  • mh

    Concealed Carry and start sending them home in body bags! I have NO SYMPATHY for SCUM that preys on the innocent! AND I AM A BLACK MAN!

  • American Patriot

    This is why the concealed carry laws are being passed in many states. Those filthy subhuman animals need to be stopped. I am sure their muthers will claim they were good boys just getting their life back together. The truth is they should be exterminated like the vermin they really are. Al Sharptounge as nothing to say about this??? Of course not, it is only wrong when a white guy kills a melatonin rich thug.

  • Contendah

    Too bad the video was so scrambled and off center so much of the time, but it is obvious that we have in this incident a collection of sub-human scumbag no-goods who need to be removed from decent society.

  • Jay

    I would like to see if the Black authority will bring any of these animals to justice! somehow I get the feeling they won’t even find them!

  • hazak

    Americans, black and white, are obsessed with race. This country is finished. So glad I don’t belong to either one of your irrational races. The semitic peoples gave you our religious/judicial laws that have made you great….but you have reverted to your heathen ways.

  • Audrey Grossman

    wow – most of the comments here are shocking in their bigotry and ignorance. I am white and live in the memphis area – and I am horrified at this violent attack. But the obsession over the race of the attackers and the victims is just wrong. violence is horrible no matter what the race or background of the people involved.

    • Janie Batt

      Walk down to where a bunch of black people are at night and see what happens. It’s easy to judge when you have not experienced a black on white attack and you actually hear the thugs curse at you using phrases such as “you white mother F#%*er.”

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  • human

    Some really tag you by color and race but we are all humans and each & everyone of us make decisions that have consequences , some humans dont see it that way they have a hate and no heart to look at life as a precious gift be thankful to see someone other than your own race walk around you live around and spend life time hours and minutes while you still are alive if you dont recognize or give any valor to life your a monster and you definitely need god in your life

  • dwained paradize

    “Violence against women is a manifestation of historically unequal power relations between men and women, which have led to
    domination over and discrimination against women by men and to the prevention of the full advancement of women…”

  • Bailey Nix

    Racist thugs need to get whats coming to them..Across the country these kinds of people need to get a beat down themselves..All thugs need beat downs whatever their color is.

  • Jay Christson

    If this had been whites attacking blacks you would have heard the government launching on investigation and apologizing to minorities. Since it was the other way around it did not make much news outside the Internet. Why?. You tell me. Racism goes both ways and those who say only whites are racists need their head checked. This white man could have been killed by those many animals who attacked him without mercy. Remember the Jena 6? and also those black girls attacking a white female in the NY City subway just 2 years ago?. That is just the tip of the iceberg. This happens way more often than they report it. Shame indeed.

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