Wisconsin budget shortfall projected at $1.8 billion

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MADISON (AP) — The Legislature’s nonpartisan Fiscal Bureau says the projected shortfall for the next two-year state budget ending in mid-2017 stands at nearly $1.8 billion.

The Fiscal Bureau released the latest estimate on Monday. The projected shortfall, or structural deficit, is nearly triple what was forecast in May.

That shortfall is on top of the projected deficit in the current two-year budget, which is expected to hit nearly $116 million by the middle of next year.

All of the estimates are subject to further revision depending on exactly how much the state spends in coming months and how closely future tax collections come in relative to estimates used to building the budget.

The Legislature will write the next two year budget next year.


  • MKEforever

    Wow, after all that bragging that Walker erased the state’s deficit. Did all that money go into his super PAC as well?

  • sandman54862

    Kansas is also a Koch owned state. It did everything Koch demanded and iis now totally bankrupt. We know walker has bankrupted wisconsin and the worst is yet to come. koch hopes ared to ebd schools and put all are youth in detention camps just like fred koch and joseph stalin diud back in russia . Ever idea kocH has his daddy did in Russia vOTER SUPPRESSUION, PRISON STATE, NO HEATHCARE ARREST EVERYONE FOR NOTHING AND PRETEND HE IS AN aMERICAN NOT A TRUE rUSSIAN. kOCHS TEABAGGERS ARE RIGHT OUT OF SIBERIA ALL ILLEGAL IMAGRANTS AND AMERICAN FAILURES,LIKE DRUNKS AND CHILD ENTICERS. WALKER JOHN DOWE WAS A WITCH HUNT TO REPUBLICANS It did convict child enticers from enticing boys. I guess drunks condone drinking druggies condone drugs and republicans condone child enticement

  • Nate B

    Wow, nearly the exact same wording as an article written by the Star Tribune 30 minutes earlier last night. Great reporting fox news.

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