13-year-old Racine boy charged as an adult, accused of stabbing girl with a pocket knife

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RACINE COUNTY (WITI) -- A 13-year-old Racine boy has been charged with attempted first degree intentional homicide -- accused of stabbing an 11-year-old girl as she was walking home from school.

Police on Monday, September 8th were dispatched to Wheaton Franciscan Medical Center for a report of a juvenile stabbing victim.

Jamal Williams

Jamal Williams

There, they made contact with an 11-year-old girl, who said she was walking home from school with three friends when two black males approached the group from behind.

The criminal complaint filed against Jamal Williams says the girl told police Williams began "picking at her" -- before coming in front of her, saying "you messing with my girlfriend?" before apparently punching the girl several times in her left side.

The complaint says it was then that the girl realized Williams had a pocket knife in his hand, and that she had been stabbed.

The complaint says the girl struck Williams several times -- and he began to flee the scene.

The girl's mother transported her to the hospital, where the complaint says she had to have stitches to close wounds to her upper arm, her left forearm, and her upper left chest cavity.

Police interviewed Williams, who said he didn't know the girl or her friends. Williams told police he walked part of the way home from school with a friend.

The complaint says that friend told police while walking home with Williams, the two came across the 11-year-old girl with a group of friends.

The complaint says Williams' friend told police Williams and the girl began arguing -- before agreeing to fight.

It was then that Williams' friend told police Williams pulled out some sort of knife and stabbed the 11-year-old girl three times.

Williams' friend told police the girl was able to fight Williams off, and that's when he and Williams took off running, according to the complaint.

The complaint says police spoke with a friend of the 11-year-old girl, who corroborated Williams' friend's story. Both of these friends identified Williams as the individual who had stabbed the 11-year-old girl.

The complaint says the 11-year-old girl told police she has been a victim of bullying at school last year and this year, and that she believes the stabbing is related.

If he is convicted of the attempted first degree intentional homicide charge, Williams could face up to 60 years in prison.

The Racine Unified School District says at the middle school level, it has a bully prevention program, and a coordinator at each school.

RUSD has issued this statement to FOX6 News:

"We are working with police as well as the family of the student who was injured. Though this incident occurred off of school property, we will do everything we can to ensure our students continue to feel safe both in and out of school."

While his mug shot shows his youth, in the court of law, Williams is being treated as an adult.

"An 11 year old girl was walking home from school with some friends and he was picking with her, and asked her if she had a problem with his girlfriend," said Racine Police Department Sergeant Jessie Metoyer.

On Monday, Racine Police Sergeant Jessie Metoyer says an argument between two teens turned physical.

"What she thought was him punching her in the side, and then she realized he has a knife in his hand," said Metoyer.

Investigators say the girl fought Williams off, called her mom, and was rushed to the hospital.

"I don't know the depth, but one was in her left chest cavity which is obviously very serious," said Metoyer.

The girl received stitches on three of her wounds.

Williams is now charged with attempted 1st degree intentional homicide. A charge that has landed him in adult court.

The suspect, and victim are both students at the middle school. Police say the victim says she's been bullied for more than year.

In Wisconsin, anyone over the age of 10 charged with 1st degree intentional homicide, the DA only has the option of charging suspects as adults, so their hands are tied unless the charges change, which many times does happen.


  • Carrie

    Glad the young lady is ok….
    Wow..what kind of enviorment is this 13 yr old growing up in, that has him so angry and violent at 13?
    This isn’t “normal” 13 year old behavior. Hope the state looks into his home/family life and please get this young man some counseling.

  • Courtney

    I disagree with the statement that RUSD has a “bully prevention program”. My daughter was bullied for over a year at an RUSD school. She wouldn’t talk about it and the principal wasn’t aware of it. Sure. She was suicidal and needed therapy in 5th grade. I noticed something different and got her help right away. I wanted to file a lawsuit but no one would take my case. Parents get arrested for child neglect… why can’t teachers?? Bullying is at a whole new level! Kids dont have the kind of parents I had growing up. Kids are abused.. so they abuse others to feel in control. Theyre neglected so they don’t care what happens to them. Parents…please talk to your children because chances are they won’t come to you until it’s too late!!

    • Mark

      There are hundreds of students in those schools. If your daughter didn’t report it, then there is a good chance they didn’t know about it or didn’t realize the severity. It sounds like you, her parent, didn’t even know, so how wpuld you expect a teacher who sees her for 55 to 90 minutes daily to see it?

  • Preacher

    Start holding the parents responsible. Something is evidently wrong in the family structure. Too many “timeouts” ?

  • smh

    I know what he did was very wrong but come on now he got family 60years he only 13 he didn’t make the right choice but at the same time I feel like now N society kid mess with each other all the time so I will never believe he was the only one who started messing with her and if she was getting bullied so much why didn’t she reported to the councler I mean I’m not trying to stick up for him I know he made a horrible mistake But she was messing with him back and he messed with her he just wayy too far 😡smh That’s crazy tho and I’m glad the young lady is OK but he need to see what he did wrong

    • nosense

      These schools do nothing about bullying! Bullies are very good at what they do as well! We truly need to be instilling respect and get these kids out of these fightz! They look at these adults acting so ignorant in they lives and kids lots of times are products of they environments! So unfortunate! Justice must be served. Too bad kids are not having better leaders in they household and schools that dont tolorate bullying. Sorry but they all say they have anti bully programs but reality is they dont all support the policy. Teachers are not trained to handle either! My child was a victim n even when reported no cooperation from school parents or administration!

    • Maria

      I tried to read your comment, but it was completely unreadable. If you had a point, I was not able to understand it. Punctuation…it’s a good thing.

    • soulobigdaddy

      that’s funny robt. I didnt see you being fed up with the white girls in the slenderman case or any other fox six story about whites behaving like animals. I’ve had it with one-sided, nedreck, racist poS’s like you

    • deannamaria

      First of all, no one can read this. Second he didn’t just bully someone. He stabbed them. Period. He could’ve killed her. I don’t care if she’s white or black he walked up to a person ,pulled out a knife he owned previously, and stabbed her three times. And to this guy that keeps saying everything is racist: sometimes yeah it is. This isn’t. You seem obsessed with slenderman. I would say the same to those girls premeditation they should go to prison.

  • The Savory Sage

    Two girls trying to offer a sacrifice to a fictional deity is exactly the same as this guy who stabbed someone for messing with his girlfriend. Your name suits you.

    • NotSoClever

      Either way it goes both stabbings were premeditated and senseless. How much more ridiculous is it for a person to offer a sacrifice to a fictional deity than it is for someone supposedly sticking up for a girlfriend? Your ignorance serves you well.

    • William

      Yes, sacrificing a human to a fictional deity fits the description of “insanity”, but stabbing someone- especially a younger, weaker female- for making you angry is not insanity. It’s the typical violent criminal behavior that results in 12% of America’s population providing over 50% of our prison population. This sort of thing happens all the time in Somalia, Congo, Liberia, Haiti, and other majority black populations, and thanks to political correctness and white guilt it’s happening in America now.

  • Don

    This reminds me of the case with the two girls in Waukesha. You cant continue to blame kids environment or blame the parents. If that’s the case you should be judging those girls the same way and placing the blame on their parents also.

    • liapete

      Yes you can place blame on the parents. It doesn’t matter if its the other case or this case. If parents would actually start parenting their kids instead of leaving it to schools, teachers and others then perhaps these types of things would stop happening. It seems that trouble is starting with these kids at a younger and younger age. How about parents start using discipline, know where their kids are at and pay attention to what they are doing not to mention who their friends are. And at 13 he’s too dang young to have a girlfriend to begin with!

      Kids this age need to be focused on more important things like education, sports, etc. not who is interfering with “relationships”, who’s wearing what, who’s doing what or who’s bullying who. Perhaps if parents would take the responsibility for their own kids not to mention show a good example maybe the bullying would lesson or even stop between the kids and teachers can go back to what they were hired to do, TEACH!

  • Felicia

    In response to the aggressive statments made to me when I pointed out that the boy and girl agreed to fight…I have already stated that I do not think that what the boy did was acceptable all. However, if you enter into a risky behavior, then yoy should not expect safety. Its the same thing we’ve been saying all month about the kids who were shot attempting to rob others. If its true for them, its true for this girl too. In addition, if yoy read the story, “Richard Cranium”, then you will note that TWO eyewitnesses (one friend of his and one friend of hers) were the ones who stated that they agreed tofight. Both the boy and girl involved in the fight lied to the police about what haappened. Their stories didn’t match, but the two eyewitnesses, who had no reason to agree, corroborated each other.

  • Sara

    The problem is (and I have witnessed this first hand) teachers, principles, people through out the schools that we as parents have trust in, do nothing at all. Authorities in the schools watch kids fight, listen to the vulgar language, witness all of it and don’t intervene unless a parent causes a commotion. Then most of the time they still fail to intervene. If I could I would stay with my kids all day watching over them because schools are no longer the safety zone they were when I was a child. And, don’t get me started on the other parents…smh some people just should not be allowed to reproduce….

  • bderk.

    whether white or black they need to be charged. Just would like to know where the parents are? did the mom know she was being bullied? Did she step up for her daughter?This kid who did the stabbing needs to be locked up and counseled. where did he get the knife from? I pray she recovers!

  • Peacebestill

    It’s sad for all the hate on this feed. Can’t we all just look at the bigger picture!!! Regardless this is someone’s son and daughter. What would you say if this was your children???

  • Open your mind, open your heart

    I am so sorry that you and your friends have to endure this Eurocentric behavior. Is there anything that I can do to help?

  • lowgenius

    “Williams is now charged with attempted 1st degree intentional homicide.”

    This can’t be right. Nobody’s dead, ergo there can be no homicide intentional or otherwise. I’m fairly certain the police and district attorney know this. Please have someone fact-check your reporter.

  • Jethro

    Jamal was framed. He is a good kid who collects knives & other kids lunch money. A conviction on his record could cost him his dream of becoming an astronaut!

  • Robt

    Jamal was framed. He is a good kid who collects knives & other kids lunch money. A conviction on his record could cost him his dream of becoming an astronaut!

  • DisgustedQuen

    but you guys are forgeting about the two 12 years old girls who stabbed their”friend” 19 TIMES and are gonna be le go as “mentally insane” can you tell me what the difference in this case is? HONESTLY?? GTFOH he better get the same treatment and if you ask me all these parents ned to spend more time with thir kids!!!

  • DisgustedQuen

    CAn someone tell me that the difference between this 13 year old and the 2 12 yr old girls who stabbed thier “friend” 19 TIMES!!?? Those girls were insane right? they dont have to accept their responsibility they literally said ” nothings gonna happen to me, im not worried about going to jail for a long time” and they were RIGHT now the world wants to rave about this little boy? WHY? why cant he be insane as well ?? Same state Wisconsin All of these kids need help and the parents need to show more love and attention at home..smh im just disgusted at the comments and u ppl.

    • William

      Yes, sacrificing a human to a fictional deity fits the description of “insanity”, but stabbing someone- especially a younger, weaker female- for making you angry is not insanity. It’s the typical violent criminal behavior that results in 12% of America’s population providing over 50% of our prison population. This sort of thing happens all the time in Somalia, Congo, Liberia, Haiti, and other majority black populations, and thanks to political correctness and white guilt it’s happening in America now.

  • William

    maybe he had a very good reason to stab her 3 times. Maybe she beez disprespekkin him, in which case he clearly had no choice than to stab her 3 times. Besides some white girls also stabbed a girl in another case at some point in history so that means we shouldn’t care that our cities are being overrun by violent primitive savages that we pay to house, feed, and care for.

    Cases like this are EXACTLY why I spend my life’s savings and use my excellent credit score to live in a gated white community and send my kids to a white private school. The government can force me to pay for these feral thugs to have free housing, food, and obamacare but they can’t force to live near them. Yet.

  • Laurence Lee Pinney

    The issue of an attempted lesser-included offense to homicide has been well decide quite some time ago, so there’s no need to argue the absurdity of these charges, as some of you mentioned. The anent jurisprudence to any attempt to kill someone will apply as if the act was successful and thus, the circumstances attending to the act is unchanged. In other words, if the victim died and a jury would have found grounds for manslaughter, then attempting the act would likewise be attempted manslaughter.

    I otherwise can’t fathom how a thirteen-year-old could have thought this was a good idea, or how he could possibly think life would go on as it normally would after doing such a thing.

    Some of the comments here have strong racial over-tones. I’m not touching that one, but will say that there is no reason to say such a thing; race-blaming/baiting will only cause some to align themselves with the suspect and start bringing up instances of whites doing something worse. Being candid on race having anything to do with why this happened will cause those in abeyance of racial bearing to immediately close themselves to the notion at all; this is no place to win anyone to your cause.

  • star

    that kid needs help stabbing that 11 year old. Parent’s were are you??? Are you teaching your child??? look at his picture he looks angry.

  • Jon Jones

    What kind of culture can produce a worthless thug 13 year old murdering animal, a democratic run welfare nanny state that says we need more money for these people.

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