ARRESTED: Five taken into custody; believed responsible for at least 12 armed robberies

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) — Milwaukee police arrested five suspects who are believed to be responsible for several armed robberies across the city.

According to authorities, officers from District 7 saw a car matching the description of a stolen car near N. 72nd Street and W. Hampton Avenue at 8:45 p.m. on September 10th.

This car was stolen earlier in the day from an outside jurisdiction.

Officers tried to stop the vehicle but it fled.

A pursuit was initiated and about ten minutes later, the five suspects inside the car fled on foot in the 3900 block of N. 23rd Street and were taken into custody.

The male suspects are two 16-year-olds, one 17-year-old, and two 18-year-olds, all from Milwaukee.

Officers recovered a semi-automatic gun and three sets of car keys.

It’s believed at this time that this group of suspects could be responsible for at least 12 armed robberies over the past few days in Milwaukee.

This includes some of the armed robberies committed on Milwaukee’s East Side in the late evening and early morning hours of September 9-10.

This is a very active investigation that will be presented to the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office in the coming days.


  • opinin8d

    I can’t imagine how frightened these teen boys must have been when the police chasing them and all. Was this really necessary?? If there were just minding their own business driving (everyone right you know), why should they be harrassed? I’m outraged! I’m sure the milateristic police probably yelled at them and had weapons drawn while chasing these young boys. -said the liberal

  • Liberals who read

    LOL, The liberal used his education to read the part where it said the car matched the description of a car stolen eariler in the day.

  • geo

    Everybodies laughing until it happens to u. Just think these silly kids could’ve killed you or one of your family members trying to get away. Then who would be laughing

  • Carrie

    Hope it was worth the felony boys! Your life just got alot harder and you don’t even realize it day you will care about living a good life and staying out of trouble, but you ruined it while you were young and before it even started..congrats to you and welcome to your new life’s struggle from hell….going to be harder to find a job, you will be watched more my law enforcement, forget about voting unless your off paper and when you do find a cheesy job underpaid job..don’t expect them to trust you either. You have now willing placed yourself at the bottom of the barrel…really hope it was worth what you did…

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